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Little Kids Cut a Big Check for Dogs!

Written by PETA | December 24, 2008

My favorite part about the holidays (actually … maybe my second favorite—next to feasting on my mom’s famous Cashew Nut Roast) is how people come together to help those in need. While we’re all toasty indoors, dreaming and hoping for a “White Winter,” countless “backyard dogs” will not do so well in the ice and snow, struggling just to keep alive on freezing winter nights. To help these dogs, PETA staffers spend every winter weekend helping ease the pain in their joints by delivering sturdy dog houses and straw to man’s best friend.

After learning about all this, a class of third-grade students at Samuel Staples Elementary School in Connecticut and their teacher Ms. Ellen Linker raised over $800 for the dogs—for the second year in a row. Wow!

Well, this class definitely gives me that fuzzy feeling deep inside. To show the students how much we appreciate their dedication to animals, we’ll be sending along a holiday package filled with comic books, stickers, a copy of Ingrid Newkirk’s book 50 Awesome Ways Kids Can Help Animals, and a card signed by PETA staff members. Please post a comment below to join us in thanking these students who gave up their lunch money and allowances to help animals in need.

Country superstar Emmylou Harris delivers a dog house with PETA

I hope the actions of these generous students inspire you to be an “angel” for a freezing, lonely backyard dog this winter. Do you think your school, office, family, or friends would want to pool funds to purchase a doghouse? That would be perfect! Together, we can make sure that dogs who would have shivered through long, cold nights have a dry place to curl up in and try to be warm.

And please remember to tell everyone—maybe put up a flyer?—that animal companions should always be a part of the family. This holiday season (and all year long), please take your dogs inside.

Written by Liz Graffeo

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  • MH says:

    I would never chain a dog outside in the cold. Why have a dog outside anyway? If it’s outside it isn’t laying by the fireplace and being cute and pettable.

  • Paws says:

    You guys RULE! Although we don’t getsnow that often down here in oz we still bring our Australian shepard inside but when she wants to go back out well she just sits at the door. A year or so ago we had a massive hailstorm which cloacked the ground like snow when it finally stopped we took her out side and while we played she ate and attacked it! Sooo funny nice work guys!

  • Laurel anderson says:

    This is a wonderful idea. I don’t see dogs left outside very often where I am from but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen in other cities. This is a great way for kids to learn about how to care for animals. What makes me even more sad though is all the homeless kitties who don’t have big fluffy coats to stay warm…

  • yesenia says:

    Good Job!Hopefully we can all provide a nice warm home for dogs

  • lynda downie says:

    Very well put kelly!

  • Alyshia says:

    Good Job ! you should all be very proud !

  • kelly says:

    Rex’s Mom I think Peta would agree with you! The problem is that in these communities there are NO LAWS that force people to bring their dogs in. Peta is at least providing these dogs with warmth and protection until better laws get passed

  • Rex's Mom says:

    I am sorry but a dog house does not take the place of a warm comfortable couch in the livingroom for a dog to lie on. My dog is part husky and although he loves the snow and cold weather when he has had enough he scratches on the back door to be let back in. He is never left outside if no one is home.

  • June Black says:

    What wonderful children I hope their parents are proud. I also wish my kids had their great teacher for organizing this!!

  • Canaduck says:

    Woo! Go kids go! You are awesome! Keep up the love for animals!

  • kelly says:

    And these are the kinds of people who oppose antichaining laws in your community. Let’s expose these people and get dogs off the chains!

  • kelly says:

    It’s not just the weather problem Dogs are social creatures and they GO INSANE when forced to live chained or penned up. There is no point to having a dog if the dog is treated like a lawn ornament We need to get laws passed limiting chaining and tethering. Many areas already have these laws.

  • Blu says:

    Thank You children. Although this act of kindness was not childish so I shall call you ladies and gents. When I was younger I had a dog that stayed outside and even though he was half saint bernard and people would tell me all the time that he wouldn’t be cold I always brought him inside on cold nights or days. Seeing as he weighed 160lbs and was just as big as me I knew I was freezing outside even with layers of clothes on it was hard for me to imagine him being warm. Having a doghouse can cut down the windchill factor and create a space for the dog to gather it’s own body heat and warm itself up. It’s something EVERY outside dog should have regardless. So thank you thank you for providing these dogs with shelter for the winter. You all truely have the spirit of the holidays within you!

  • Niranjan says:

    Thank you kids for supporting PETA helping these poor dogs! I’m sure God will shower your kids with blessings! Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

  • Cate says:

    What a great group of kids! I have three dogs and they all live inside with us. Yes we have dog hair issues and sometimes we’ll be relaxing reading a book when a german shepherd will leap OVER us but we wouldn’t have it any other way!