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Lions, Tigers, and Convicted Murderers, Oh My!

Written by PETA | June 3, 2008

We frequently catch wind of some insightful satire from the folks over at The Onion, as their talent for drawing attention to ridiculous practices and pastimes deservedly focuses on animal issues from time to time.In this very clever piece, the San Diego Zoo reportedly merges with the San Diego prison to boost tourism and cut costs (which is a common theme in animal industries). It’s worth noting that they refer to the new facility as a zoo-prison, which is not exactly a new concept—”zoological park” is really just a kid-friendly way of saying zoological prison. The only difference between the medium-security inmates and the big cats, after all, is the inmates’ right to a day in court before a life of imprisonment. The last quote in the article really says it all:

“To see all those poor souls forced to live in confined living quarters, with little to no sunlight, and no hope of freedom, it’s just so inhumane,” San Diego housewife Carol Wurster said. “Those otters deserve better.”

—SeanPosted by Sean Conner, Laboratory Investigations Special Projects Coordinator

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  • lynda downie says:

    Also I wonder if like some of the inmates some of the animals were begging to be transferred out!

  • lynda downie says:

    That was good. I liked the description of the ‘authentic natural environment with thick bulletproof glass’. Very funny!

  • FloD says:

    Please read the Onion today. There is an article about Yum BrandsKFC titled” “Wearable feedbags let Americans eat more move less”. It is a great and funny commentary about our ” food supply” and what it does to us.