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Lindsay Lohan Cut From ‘Worst Dressed List’

Written by PETA | November 18, 2006
lindsay lohan.jpg
Lindsay’s Faux-Fur Coat and a ‘No-Fur’ Button

So check this out. We were just in the final stages of drafting this year’s “Worst Dressed” list this week, when one of the contenders, Lindsay Lohan, was photographed wearing a faux-fur coat with a “no-fur” button pinned onto it. PETA’s VP Dan Mathews—who has this uncanny ability to be everywhere at once—ran into her later that night at the World Music Awards, and she told him she had picked up the button (and a whole new outlook on fur) during a shopping spree at Topshop, which, as I mentioned earlier, has this whole huge anti-fur display in its window. Lindsay told Dan that she’s “trying to weed the real fur from [her] wardrobe.” Given that it’s not exactly rocket science to figure out how to not wear fur, it seems like something she should be able to do pretty easily.

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