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Lifesaving Message on Playground Equipment

Written by PETA | July 17, 2009

To the thieves who helped themselves to a “clubhouse climber” that was in the yard of a small day-care center in Syracuse, New York, we’d like to say, “Thanks!”

Sure, it was deplorable for them to steal from a day-care center—but because they did, PETA now has an opportunity to save the lives of countless animals and children. We’ve offered to replace the stolen item with a jungle gym that features ads that make the connection between skyrocketing childhood obesity rates and meaty meals—and encourage healthier vegetarian fare.


Playground Equipment


In our letter to the day-care center operator, Mary Jarvis, PETA’s Tracy Reiman points out that eating meat and other animal products feeds the childhood obesity epidemic and contributes to the rise of type 2 diabetes and early signs of heart disease in children.

We think our proposal is a real win-win for the day-care center. What do you think?

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Rachel P says:

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned the issue of the apparent lack of security at this playground. Someone can just wander in and steal an entire playset??? How about adding more security measures to the place where you send your CHILDREN.

  • jade says:

    Meg just a few more points though I respect your opinion 1. While the costs may be high for a day care center to buy a new playground my point was that people are not so stingy as to not help out their fellow man. And yes I feel that the poorer one is the more generous one is. I’ve seen people hit by Ike and have nothing help others sharing what they could among other generosities. Hell I’m considered poor and I make sure to do one treat for someone when I can last time it was a pack of cards for a child whose mom doesn’t make much and was counting to see if she had enough to do both the toy and the cards for her child she didn’t. PETA I feel thinks that people are and hopes that the day care will accept this playground with the signs so they can tout their views. 2. Some but not all day cares do not allow parents to see the playgrounds. And though I do not know how long you have been removed from day care work today’s society has changed and parents might not be allowed to go to playgrounds due to safety issues. Now as mentioned above it’s possible that they would like a playground like this however from what I’ve seen it’s not determined. Plus I’ve seen some really good and much more secure playgrounds for young kids. Hence I feel it rather silly to give something to a group that will possibly be stolen again.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    For many years I worked in day care centers for both animals and children and I can tell you it does not matter if the daycare center is Headstart an in home center or a franchise such as Childtime money is a major concern and all donations are welcome. And for some daycare centers those “inexpensive” climbers are out of reach unless they are purchased at garage sales or from centers that are going out of business. And parents did get to see the playground their children used because at the centers I worked for they were invited to come and visit at anytime and play with their children. Usually the parents had to pick up their children from the playground area. They see the playgrounds. By the way some of the daycare centers that were in the most need were in wealthy areas the parents could well afford both the tuition they sent the kids there because the tuition was cheaper than other centers and to give a donation if asked but asking for money from those parents was like getting blood from a boulder. I have seen parents driving BMW’s refuse to contribute 5.00 so the kids could have a special pizza lunch or field trip so you can imagine what their response to contributing to playground equipment was.

  • Abby says:

    I have to agree that the play set pictures does not look like an expensive or sturdy one. Something harder to steal would be more appropriate. But if this one is similar to the one that was taken then maybe this is what the daycare wants. I wouldn’t be surprised if they just painted over the ad because if it’s a gift then they can do what they wish with it.

  • Kurt K says:

    Nope. I’m still here!

  • Jade says:

    Elphaba all I was doing is correcting Meg’s inaccurate statement regarding the climbers. I personally have seen many of them and frankly the Little Tykes ones such as the one above are not as expensive as claimed. And honestly why give them something that can easily be stolen again? That’s not bitching and moaning that’s reasonable thought and basic logic. People are also more generous than I feel PETA would like to think and hope. They tend to give from the heart and don’t demand anything be put on said donated item. If the recipient chooses to that’s their perrogative but most people I know who give do so because they want to see it benefit the kids. To me this donation offer from PETA is insincere for that reason. And let’s look at this logically day care kids are usually too young to understand those ads at least the ages that Little Tykes toys are made for ages 13 mostly. Parents won’t read them because they usually are only allowed in the pick updrop off point which is mostly away from the playgrounds. If PETA wishes to donate the playground fine but don’t be surprised and complain if they say choose to remove the signs. Once a gift is given the recipient can do whatever they want to with it.

  • Elphaba says:

    Have you changed your name to Jade Kurt K? And I thought we were going to get a reprive from the bitching and moaning.

  • Jade says:

    Actually no one like that is not that expensive. Besides people probably are going to be more generous by giving them a better and hopefully more secure i.e. put in the ground playground and won’t require ads on it unlike yours. Plus your ad on kids will have a backward effect they’d probably get hungry seeing a kid eat kids that age don’t read well usually. Parents? honestly don’t think they’ll get to see this playground.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    These climbers are expensive so the day care operator would be crazy not to accept PETA’s offer. This is similar to the type of climber used at Doggietown USA a daycare center for dogs where I used to work.