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Lettuce Meets Weed at HempCon

Written by PETA | August 29, 2011

At this weekend’s HempCon medical marijuana convention in L.A., PETA’s Lettuce Ladies toke took the opportunity to urge attendees to break their addiction—to meat.

The gals in green were such a huge hit that they quickly gave away their entire stock of vegan munchies—chocolate-chip cookies and faux-beef jerky—and vegetarian/vegan starter kits.

Compared to meat-eaters, vegetarians have a 40 percent lower risk of cancer, the disease that medical marijuana is often prescribed for. So eating plants now may help prevent the need to smoke them down the road.

Ready to quit leafing your health to chance? Get your vegetarian/vegan starter kit today and start enjoying the natural high you get from protecting animals, your health, and the planet


Written by Michelle Sherrow

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