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Lettuce Lady Meets the Police in Jordan

Written by PETA | July 28, 2010

Proper permits in hand, PETA Asia conducted a vegetarian awareness demonstration in Amman, Jordan, on Sunday. Braving the searing heat and the crowds of onlookers, PETA Asia Lettuce Lady Amina Tariq proved that she was truly a hero for animals—the event lasted only a few minutes before police officers dragged the lovely lady of leafy greens into a police car and detained her at police headquarters for more than three hours.



The Quran states that animals are communities and nations unto themselves; they are more than just resources for us to use. But on factory farms, animals are treated as nothing but machines. They are confined to tiny spaces and are routinely debeaked, dehorned, castrated, and branded—all without painkillers. During slaughter, many animals are still kicking and crying out as their throats are cut. “Halal” should be synonymous with “humane,” but an investigation of a Halal slaughterhouse in India found that animals have been skinned and have had their limbs hacked off while they were still alive—methods that would clearly make the meat taken from these animals haram (forbidden).

Inspired by Amina? Do the right thing for your health, your spirit, and animals by taking our pledge to adopt a vegan diet.

Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • sambooka says:

    It is a shame not only that she is speaking out about harsh animal treatment but also what happened is a big violation to the civil rights. I think that the issue is now much boarder than just animal protection but human rights and protection also. She was accused of not authorizing the walk so it seems that all Jordanians must inform the authorities if they need to walk in the street!

  • Luna says:

    Right on Reema! Racist attacks against Arab and Muslim cultures has got no place in the animal rights struggle. I think the paragraphy under the picture is quite wellworded. Bravo to Amina for her bravery wit and charm. Those ruby red slippers are adorable!

  • Melissa says:

    Reema! Beautifully said. Much more articulate than the angry comment I left that wasn’t posted

  • Reema says:

    It is great to see PETA branching out into other parts of the world to disseminate information on animal cruelty and what we can all do to change that horrible reality for our fellow living creatures. As for previous comments about Amina and her inability “to make a stand” I’d like to point out that this is actually NOT an issue of women’s rights and any lack thereof but rather the fact that a right to protest publicly and the right to civil disobedience are not legal in most of these Americanbacked Middle Eastern governments. They are not democracies they are kingdoms or default dictatorships. For a country such as the US which professes the need to spread democracy and freedoms around the world supporting these regimes and the restrictions they apply to their people is what’s REALLY “disgusting.” These people might otherwise have the same rights we are so fortunate to have in the US except that any attempts to change governments are thwarted by the millions of dollars in funding that goes to keeping these puppet governments in place. Instead of attacking the cultures in these countries let’s educate ourselves and understand the true roots of injustices.

  • SOLAM says:

    THIS IS third world dnt worry pretty lady…u r our lettuce lady

  • e.e. mccoy says:

    She is AMAZING! Being arrested in Jordan isn’t like being arrested in the US forget about rights! Amina Tariq is incredibly brave. I’m blown away by her bravery!

  • Ralph says:

    Amber Rachel you have to remember that Jordan is a Muslim country and has stricter rules than we do in America. It’s not fair to judge their life based on our standards. That’s why I went with the analytical response.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Amina is an inspiration. In an area of the world where women have almost no rights she chose to take a risk and stand up for something she believed in. She didn’t use the excuse that she could not wear a lettuce bikini…she simply covered herself head to foot and got out there! Not to mention what possibly would have earned her a mere violation ticket in the United States could have cost Amina her life in the middle east and yet there she was. Amina you are an ispiration and I salute you!

  • Rachel A says:

    DISGUSTING on so many fronts she is a human being and has the right to speak out about matters important not only to her but to the whole of creation. Sad that she has been denied her rights in this way.

  • Ralph says:

    Even totally covered up she is very lucky to still be alive. This is something that in Jordan is frowned upon a woman making any stand and therefore she could’ve been treated a lot worse.