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Lettuce Ladies Tour the Fattest Cities in U.S.

Written by PETA | June 25, 2009

PETA’s bikinied beauties are on a mission to help residents of the fattest cities in America shed some weight. First stop: San Jose.

What better way to encourage locals to adopt a vegetarian diet than to give them a sampling of delicious, nutritious vegetarian cuisine? Though our beauties may be decked out in nothing but lettuce leaves, vegetarian means more than just salad. So, behold! The veggie hot dog:


Phew, talk about putting the “hot” in hot dog.
Lettuce Ladies
One veggie-dog virgin was so impressed with the taste that he double-checked with our Lettuce Ladies to make sure that his meal was meat-free.
Lettuce Ladies
Whether they were served up plain or with all the fixin’s, our veggie hot dogs proved irresistible to passersby. San Jose locals scarfed down more than 400 of them!
Lettuce Ladies


Meat consumption has been directly linked to obesity, but adult vegans are, on average, 10 to 20 pounds lighter than adult meat-eaters. If that isn’t enough to make even the most die-hard carnivore go vegetarian, maybe knowing that ditching meat will also help fight heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and certain types of cancer will.

Written by Liz Graffeo

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  • Jewell A Pentagram says:

    “Saucy” If God wants to damn me for eating what my parents put in front of me he isn’t the type I’d like to worship. As a recovered anorexic I need to eat anything they give me and can’t go around setting dietary guidelines for myself. It is often said in my church that one who knows the Bible well can use a verse to end an argument but one who knows the Book better can find a verse to the contrary. The bible was written by humans and. like all terrestrial creatures we a imperfect and flawed. The Bible consists of opinions and legends which give us a glimpse of what the ancients believed He was like but as for who God is we have to decide for ourselves. That clear anything up?!?!?

  • mel says:

    Um Old Soul I didn’t mention the Bible in my post. However to answer your question read Leviticus 11 in its entirety. In it you’ll find animals that are considered “clean” and animals that are considered “unclean” for food. Yes it lists animals that were seen as detestible to eat in the eyes of the Lord note at the time but it also lists animals that people CAN eat. Now my question is can YOU give me the book chapter and verses that show evidence to the contrary.

  • Brenna says:

    The Bible might say “we have the right to take that which shall sustain us” but in this day and age there are plenty of alternatives to sustaining ourselves other than eating animals! And right ON Elaine!!! I completely agree. I can’t believe Mel would say something so completely ignorant!!!

  • sparkle says:

    it’s been proved in medicine too that eating meat especially red meat egbeef is a big risk factor for diseases like ulcerative colitis which in turn increases risk for colon cancer. So why not go vegan and keep these harmful diseases at bay!!

  • Derek, MD says:

    Obtaining dietary guidelines from the bible makes about as much sense as attempting to learn magic from the Harry Potter series…I think the real debate is which one of those two is the greatest STORY ever told.

  • Bob Bob says:

    In Genesis is where the Bible says its okay to eat meat. God makes us stewards over all the earth and declares that we have the right to take that which shall sustain us from the animals. Later when dietary guidelines are created think koshermany animals are deemed fit to eat.

  • Shawna Flavell says:

    Jewell A Pentagram Thanks for your comment. We will be responding to it via email shortly.

  • Shawna Flavell says:

    Peter Thanks for your comment. We will be responding to it via email shortly.

  • ellie says:

    Alright I do eat meat and PETA you’re doing your job because i feel bad now for eating it. Espeacially when you go all “meat eaters are murders”. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE animals. And as far as the debate on weather or not God put animals on the planet for our consumption i agree with leah. saying that were superior is stupid ’cause we’re not.

  • Michelle says:

    When I say that it is the same in Auburndale I am reffering to that town Billings Montana that Rev. Meg Schramm reffered to.

  • Michelle says:

    The same exact thing happens here in a tiny little huntingfishingdog chainingmeat eating redneck town called Auburndale Florida. I would really like it if the lettuce ladies came here but they might get shot by the citizens so I’m kind of worried.

  • Saucy says:

    Hi Mike my name is Saucy not really but to spare myself the condemnation of the butchers of NYC I choose to conceal my identity on this page. That is a profound misconception a lie really that God put animals on the earth for us to eat. In the very first chapter of the first book of the Bible Genesis 129. It tells us what “God” gave us to eat. The Kingdom of God is Vegan. Stay tuned there is alot of discussion on that subject here.

  • Klio :) says:

    Old soul I was just wondering here but um where in the Bible does it say that? I know for fact animals were put here on this earth to live and enjoy life as God’s creatures. But i was just wondering where that was because if you know the book and chapter i’d like to show it to some people who think animals were put here for us to use and dominate. Which obviously they arent but yea. So Please Cmnt me Back on this!

  • old soul says:

    Mel where in the Bible does it say that God put animals on the earth for human consumption? are you familar with the area in the bible where God says not to eat meat? i think you need to check your facts before you go posting on websites.

  • leah says:

    ummmmmm….. no. God most certainly DID NOT put animals on this earth for our consumption. That’s insane! It’s 2009! We have plenty of evidence of evolution. We are animals too! We may be more intelligent but we are NOT SUPERIOR!!!!!

  • Elaine Vigneault says:

    When are you coming to Vegas? We want to meet you!

  • Mrs. Lauren Kelly says:

    Yummy! I would LOVE a veggie dog about now. Especially a free one! Even if all vegans aren’t lighter than meat eaters as one comment noted at least if done right and you include lots of veggies and fruit like me and my vegan friends you will be more regular and probably have lower blood pressure than a person who eats a lot of meat. I think the health benefits are a great added bonus for those of us who do it for ethical reasons. Seriously I want one of those veg dogs!

  • Jacob says:

    You know being a vegetarian doesn’t necessarily ensure that you won’t be fat. You still need to exercise and there are plenty of meat eaters who exercise regularly and are physically fit. The only real problem with meat these days is how it’s prepared. Everything an animal eats has some effect on its meat therefore stuff like pesticides and other stuff has an effect on the meat making it unhealthy.

  • mike says:

    Hi my name is Michael and i have a question about PETA. God put animals on earth for human consumption so why is it so bad for humans to consume animals. However i do understand the concern for animal cruelty in the world and realize that it is a horrible crime.

  • Mel says:

    You do realize that the hot dog bun contains enough carbs and such to still gain weight? Even an all vegan diet will NOT make you lose all the weight in the world if you do not know how to handle it properly. This means you nix the salad dressings even the so called “fat free” are not “calorie free” That said thank you however for saying “on average” instead of for a fact that they’re lighter than a nonmeat eater because a. that isn’t always true and more importantly b. it doesn’t cause people to over do it and have health problems. And again thank you for saying “will also help fight heart disease diabetes arthritis and certain types of cancer will.” This at least acknowledges it doesn’t always happen.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Fat vegetarians are cool too if they support animal rights!

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Be sure and have these beauties stop in Billings Montana. My husband and I were there in 2001 and discovered the only place in the country where a steak is cheaper than a plate of vegetables this is because the main source of food seems to outnumber the human population. There are literally ranches and cattle everywhere. I still don’t know how people can chow down on beef when the victim’s friends and family are staring at them through the restraunt window from the field across the street or stopping traffic at cattle crossings cattle have the right of way in Billings.