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Lettuce Ladies Conquer the World!

Written by PETA | October 29, 2008

Those zany kids at PETA Asia-Pacific are never content to rest on their … um, laurels—and thank goodness for that! Not satisfied to raise awareness about animals in China, Australia, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Taiwan, and the Philippines (among other countries), they’re now moving into new territory: Mongolia.

In a new pro-vegetarian ad proclaiming, “Turn Over a New Leaf, Try Vegetarianism,” Mongolian singer-songwriter Nominjin wears a spectacular full-length gown made of fresh lettuce leaves. This will be the first PETA Asia-Pacific ad to appear in Mongolia.

“Kicking the meat habit is one of the most rewarding actions I’ve ever taken in my life,” Nominjin said. “The best thing that anyone can do for animals, the Earth, and their own health is to go vegetarian.”

You can’t just grab a lettuce-leaf dress at the nearest department store, of course. It involves a trip to the market—and then a whole lot of work to assemble, as you can see in these pictures from the shoot:


BTW, that’s PETA Asia-Pacific Director Jason Baker stringing together the peppers—proving that there’s nothing he won’t do to help animals!

Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • suryakant says:

    it is so good but i dont know here is all women are naked. why.

  • SASHA says:

    BLESS THEIR HEARTS! What a great job they have done! What a cute dress! GO TEAM PETAASIAPACIFIC! WE LOVE YOU OVER HERE IN THE U.S.A!

  • Judith Adeimy says:

    I have never written anything to you guys before but I have been vegetarian for several years now. I love animals and I refuse to eat anything that has to suffer for my benefit. I am very angry about tonight’s episode of Gray’s Anatomy previously one of my favorite TV shows. I will never watch it again!!! Why did the writers do that?????? What can we do???

  • Saucy says:

    That is a stunningly beautiful dress. Just look how the white and the green blend together so perfectly. God is the Greatest Artist of All. And you know what they say “Never Mess with the Master Artist” If you are fortunate enough to be invited into the Masters House and are offered a leaf nuts wine and berries. You better learn how to get satisfied with what is given you. Someone else may invite you into their house and give you something that you think you want but it is forbidden. You eat it and the house burns down.

  • Tom says:

    Jason Baker has a wicked hair cut. I like him. Go PETA Asia Pacific!