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Let’s Weigh Popular Weight-Loss Plans

Written by PETA | April 28, 2010

With so many “miracle” weight-loss plans out there and everyone sipping diet drinks, why are there so many overweight people in America? After all, losing weight really isn’t that difficult. If you want to slim down—and save animals—try going vegan: The results can be astonishing. Most plant-based foods are naturally low in fat and calories and high in fiber. They raise your metabolism and are more filling, so they cause you to crave fewer calories. And research shows that vegans are at least nine times less likely to be chunky than meat-eaters are! If you’re trying to slim down, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine suggests a three-week vegan eating plan that’s low in fat but will still fill you up.

We recently graded the most popular diet programs in America on how vegan-friendly they were. Continue reading to see how they measured up.

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  • Annoula says:

    Check out for a vegetarianbased diet plan that can also accommodate vegans. Recipes are included in the book. A portion of sales will be donated to animal causes.

  • Christina Barber says:

    Well you could always go your own way via Not only is it FREE as opposed to the mega bucksquid the other diets charge for the same advice you can do your own kind of diet + exercise and still lose weight.

  • Sarah says:

    You know I think a vegan diet is the best moral choice I could make but I hate the idea that is perpetuated it makes you automatically thin. Tofu sour cream chips etc… can all be vegan and still make you fat. A calorie is a calorie is a calorie. Even people who eat some meat and lots of fresh food can be thinner than the healthiest vegan. Don’t cheapen a moral choice by selling it as a weightloss fad.

  • Meshka says:

    How about rating the Fat Belly diet?

  • Carrie says:

    Hi Lizzie. Check it out. Meatless meals httpwww.jennycraig.comprogramsfoodandmenus

  • Christine says:

    Jenny Craig DOES NOT HAVE a veratarian or vegan plan…inquired last week and they informed me that they don’t have anything like that!

  • Lizzie says:

    I attend SlimmingWorld meetings in the UK and while I don’t technically follow the plan I found I basically don’t need to turning vegan had the weight simply dropping off! my consultant has been very supportive of my decision and provided me with recipes etc. D

  • Snow says:

    Im sorry but some vegetarians like myself dont want to eat vegan. We are vegetarian and not vegan for a reason. I agree that these diet plans should offer vegan plans but I don’t think they should change their vegetarian plans to vegan plans. They should offer both.

  • heather says:

    did you guys see the new all vegan meal delivery service called gobble green?! you can find it here

  • Amanda says:

    I am recently new to not eating meat or dairy. I did not eat much of it in the first place but now trying to go full on. This was a great read even though I was never on any of those diets. I just eat pretty healthy and have always maintained my weight. I would like to hear about more sites that offer recipes for vegetarianvegan. Thanks for the info.

  • Mike says:

    Weight Watchers is teaming up with McDonald’s??? That seems very counter intuitive.

  • Denise says:

    Ok here’s my question about SlimFast what if you drank it with Rice or Almond milk?? re the powder not the bars. I know that some SlimFast products have Gelatin so make sure you read the ingredients. Gelatin is 100 NOT vegan.