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Less Meat Is More Muslim

Written by PETA | August 30, 2010


There is not an animal (that lives) on the earth, nor a being that flies on its wings, but (forms part of) communities like you. Nothing have We omitted from the Book, and they (all) shall be gathered to their Lord in the end.
Sura 6:38

According to an article in The Guardian, many Muslims are choosing to break their daily fast during this month of Ramadan with meaty meals.

Nothing could be more contrary to Islamic teachings, which call on all Muslims to respect animals, the environment, and human health, than today’s cruel and toxic factory farms and the hazardous foods that they produce. With controversy raging over the planned Islamic community center near Manhattan’s Ground Zero, The Guardian offers a useful reminder that for people of all faiths (or of no faith), an effective way to incorporate peace into daily practice is to adopt a nonviolent diet.

Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • Whatever says:

    Is this some sort of joke article? I mean, are you kidding me? “Less meat is more Muslim” … What does that mean? What does that imply? Is being “more Muslim” something to strive for? I wonder if beheading people is an halal act? This article and it’s apparent implication make me ill.

  • c la vie says:

    jUst accept mY comment dude

  • James says:

    For those of you who believe all halal slaughter is humane please take time to search YouTube and view this video “Meet Your Meat The Barbarity of Halal Slaugter” The death of ignorance is the birth of change.

  • gök says:

    eating any meat that has been cut in a nonislamic way is forbidden in islam. before cutting the animal for instance a cow the owner of it has to take care of it very well so it wont get sick etc. he has to behave it humanely. because in islam every single creature arrives from the Allah himself and treating a creature badly is equal to treating Allah badly himself.. one has to blindfold the animal so the animal wont get frightened its legs are tied together and it is cut with the less painful way with a very sharpened knife while necessary prayings are uttered. it is totally the most respectful and painless way for an animal to be cut.. eating halal meat is supporting the humane way my friends! avoid other inhmuane ways and toturing to the animals!

  • Ratan says:

    Bigotry has no place in animal rights. Human beings sin no matter where they are or what religion and act out of ignorance or misconception. I am a Catholic and forget Muslim countries try looking at the horrors of my native Spain from corridas to spearing octopus alive to throwing goats out of chapel windows to celebrate our religion. Calmer heads prevailed on some of this but not after great suffering.

  • No Dhimwit says:

    That’s nice. And few places on Earth are as virulent animal abusers as Muslim nations. No amount of makeup on that pig is going to make it pretty.

  • Fatma says:

    Islam does say to respect the planet not eat too much meat treat animals like they’re equal don’t do them any harm and I am actually sure about this if you keep an animal in a cage you go to hell you can’t keep cats or dogs or any kind of animal in a cage and you can’t mistreat them. Actually the prophet peace be upon him let a cat give birth on his lap on his clothe and then he wrapped the kittens and their mum in it and put them in a asfe place and I guess took care of them. Islam is all about giving animals their rights and treating them well.

  • Kathleen brown says:

    However this thought may be congenial and praiseworthy of the absolute truth that we do need to create peace upon the very foundation which has united all religions from the very beginning to the very end is the earth we live upon. I do not think though that it having been said that with high hopes we could unite with this perhaps with extended grace of having such philosophies of euphamoric scripture verses which also have had great potential to unite us in peace along such as the golden rule throughout history of our disention while they have swiped many opportunities to destroy us. With this said I personally find it mist necessary to continue forward in an innocent of guilt persons maintaining freedom religion aside until evidence is the verdict for restraining through due process of the law however… Separating church and state and allowing the consequences of freedom to homeland security benefits of residing should in my strictest opinion be reserved with competition of space and property implementing a character of dedication to a proven track record of safety considerations for all people. At this time I personally do not believe they have upheld thier end of the peace treaty to deserve space that would best be fitting for a community organic garden by which would supply food training and employment by which the laws of non discrimination would best be favored by all who pose no broad terms of harm to others… And … Let there be peace within the realms of this vegan state of the art peace treaty garden. Finally I am curious of open to any safenpersons who choose a diet of veganism how might peace treaties respond to a religion of vegan earth centered despite the religios non discriminatory relationship being grounded to the earth’s resources much like the Bahai but including every walk of life with it’s basis strictly on vegan and strategizing to save the earth a very Puritan group? How many signatures would this require to claim this as a religion and the same question to claim rights as a minority until grown to maturity of population? Peace to the earth and to All those who is it’s friend. And by the way I will promise to not try to erect a 109 floor tower in that same space that doesn’t suit the general population in a desperate time of resourceful safekeeping of sustainance either though it could be suitable to my religion or to my financial status. I am just being fair and wise.

  • Chii says:

    I really agree with this.. I am a muslim and I am a vegetarian.. I do not want to be cruel to animals.. D

  • Sarah says:

    Actually most of our food isnt meaty. It is perhaps a cultural suibjectivity on what foods are prepared to break fasts during Ramadan. I cant speak for where your information came from but thats not consistent with every Muslim. For my family in particular staples that are prepared everyday include spring rolls fruit salad chick peas and lentil dumplings in yogurt.

  • shifa says:

    i think every in every religion eatin meat is allowed.steak house and many other restaurant like kfc and mcdonalds which originates from non muslim countries are also to be blamed.islam doesnt support electronic slaughter but rather a unique technique that has been been perfectioned since 1400 years ago.i dont support the cruel animal slaughter but islam has prohibited eating meat that has been electronically slaughtered and when i say prohibitedi mean forbidden