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“Leather on Furniture May Offend Vegetarians”

Written by PETA | April 29, 2007

Ever hear of the town of Totnes, England? It’s a small town in southwest England known for being a pretty progressive place to live. How progressive, you ask? Well, yes, it has the art shops, coffee houses, used bookstores, street markets, musicians and other tell-tale signs typically associated with places like Boulder, CO, and Eugene, OR, but check this out: the city government is actually considering re-covering its furniture in pleather instead of leather to keep from “offending vegetarians.” Even in a place like Totnes, this is amazing and is hopefully a sign of things to come. Boulder and Eugene, you listening?


Ahhh, tis stories like this that make me miss the motherland . . .

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  • Devon says:

    What does PETA feel about fake leather?

  • Matt says:

    Seems like a lot of taxpayer dollars for not many results… I imagine that most of the leathercovered furniture is old and was purchased before animal rights awareness was as common as it was today. Wouldn’t it be better to do something that would ACTUALLY save animal’s lives and put in place a ban on the purchase of NEW furniture that use animal byproducts? Recovering all that furniture seems like a waste of money and a waste of time both of which could be put to better use.

  • KathyF says:

    Nope that’s a castleone more reason to visit Totnes! Lots of castles here no need to build fake ones!

  • Ryan Thompson says:

    What a cute town! I thought that might be a castle on the left but I think it may actually be a water tower made to look like one.

  • Sarah says:

    Um… I’m moving there.

  • KathyF says:

    Well I hadn’t heard of it but now I’m eager to visit “Devon’s answer to Glostonbury”! Thanks for sharing!

  • Eunice Gentry says:

    Hats off to Totnes England!

  • drew says:

    Wow! That’s awesome. Eating meat offends me. Do you think they’ll make all federal employees eating veggie burgers? A boy can dream…