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Landmark U.K. Law Would Ensure Equality for Vegans

Written by PETA | March 11, 2010

British Flag

While vegans are busy fighting for animal equality, members of the U.K. Parliament have been pushing for vegan equality. Under a proposed landmark law that has been passed by the House of Commons and is currently under consideration in the House of Lords, U.K. vegans would officially be granted the same freedom of expression that the government currently gives religious groups. The Equality Bill—drafted by Harriet Harman, the leader of the House of Commons and the minister for women and equality—would require public institutions such as schools to actively consider how their policies affect people whose beliefs affect their day-to-day choices.

With this push to end discrimination, the next logical step for British citizens is clear: Join PETA U.K. and help put an end to every brand of prejudice.

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • Annette says:

    Equal rights for vegans and about time too. Vegans should be protected by law otherwise we are forced to eat bits and pieces of corpses at least 3 days oldand how barbaric and disgusting is that

  • Sarah says:

    I’m a vegan but even I can acknowledge that this is ridiculous vegans shouldn’t be included in the same equality laws as ethnic minority groups religious groups disabled people or LGBT people simply because we don’t face the persecution often inflicted on such groups. I’ve never been beaten up or killed for being vegan. I’ve never been ‘randomly’ selected for additional security searches at an airport for being vegan. Omnivores have never declared war against vegans. I’ve never been unable to access a building because there was no vegan access available. To include someone’s dietary choices in an equality bill is an insult to the people who face actual struggles as a result of whatever ‘minority’ group they fall into and to say that I deserve as much legal protection as them because I don’t eat cheese is completely deluded entirely unnecessary and really rather pathetic.

  • Hannah says:

    This is brilliant! So many places don’t even think about having a Vegan option and act as if it’s a problem if you ask for otherwise!

  • Colette says:

    That’s fantastic news Harriet Harman is a very strong and pro active lady she regularly contacts me with petitions to sign. One day vegans might rule the world !!

  • Shannen says:

    I truly hope that this bill gets passed. It would be great for all people living in the U.K. especially its vegans.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Great news for iconic Uk icons. Benjamin Zephaniah Thom Yorke Chrissie Hynde Heather Small Leona Lewis James Paul McCartney

  • moo.lennon. says:

    oh this is amazing!proud to wannabeabrittain.anyways were’s another brittish invasion?the beatles!

  • Andre Inglis says:

    This bill would be amazing! It would potentially allow people in all schools to have vegan choices. Even in prison there would need to be vegan choices! A person could be protected from be ‘forced’ to eat animal products which is great! We could definately use this in North America!

  • Aneliese says:

    I had no clue about this thank you for posting! Every kind of discrimination should be ended.