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A Landmark Day for Animals From Coast to Coast!

Written by PETA | November 5, 2008
PETA took these pig displays to grocery stores around California to get the word out about Prop 2

We are so pleased to report that—thanks to your hard work—two important ballot initiatives passed yesterday, making history for animals. California voters approved Proposition 2 by a large majority, which will ban some of the worst cruelty to animals who are raised for food in that state: keeping egg-laying chickens in battery cages so small that they can’t spread their wings, keeping veal calves in crates for their entire miserable short lives, and keeping pregnant pigs in crates that are so small that they can’t take a step forward or backward or turn around. Animals on farms in California will be given these basic necessities by 2015, but we will continue to spread the message that the best thing that people can do to help animals is stop eating them altogether.

On the other side of the country, Question 3 passed, which will ban greyhound racing in the state of Massachusetts by 2010. Dogs who are used for racing typically spend 20 hours per day confined to cages measuring only 32 in. by 42 in. by 34 in. Many of the dogs can’t even stand completely upright. The animals are also highly susceptible to injuries, including fractures, dislocations, lacerations, and amputations. And because they’re no longer of use to the industry after they are injured, injured dogs are often simply killed.

The impact of both of these important initiatives is tremendous for the millions of animals whose lives will be affected by them. Our heartfelt thanks go out to each and every one of you who worked toward their passage. We really are making a difference.

Written by Joel Bartlett

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  • reynolds says:

    You guys need to get educated on livestock and conditions they live in and maybe leave the little townapartment you live in and go out and spend a day at a farm and get educated bout animals. this prop 2 is not helping anyone or making the animals that have “hurt feelings” feel anybetter!

  • susan says:

    the whole world should follow suit..NOW!

  • j gedridge says:

    Thank you PETA for all that you do for our precious animals.

  • jturbo says:

    Kayla I do not care the CEO of the U.S. National Pork Producers Council spoke on behalf of that Council.They are all liars.Of course they are going to say the animals are treated well.I wish that truly was the case.There wouldn’t be any need for animal protection groups wasting their precious resources fighting huge corporations. There are to many bad apples who abuse their animals for it to be just a “small minority”. Every single time a “farm” gets caught abusing the animalsthey ALWAYS say it is an isolated case.I know it is easier on the mind to be in denial of the atrocious barbaric unimaginable treatment going on inside those warehouse walls.Video does not lie.People do.

  • jturbo says:

    Jo Beth I read your comment. I do pig rescue and my uncle owns a true small farm where the animals get to do their natural behaviors. I will tell you pigs only fight when under extreme stressjust like any other species. Sows are put in gestation crates not for the pigs own good but for the multi billion dollar greed’s bottom line and for nothing else. Jo Bethwe don’t have get our meat imported for it to be low qualityit already ishere in the U.S. Here in the U.S. the meat already comes from a terrorized animal and already comes from an industrialized corporate factory farm that treats the animals in a cruel sadistic manner and no “protocols and standards”like you say.Have a wonderful day now!

  • giovanna says:

    This is beautiful more beautiful! Italia Giovanna Gramignano

  • Kayla says:

    Paul Sundberg a veterinarian and vicepresident of the U.S. National Pork Producers Council told The Washington Post “Farmers treat their animals well because that’s just good business. The key to sow welfare isn’t whether they are kept in individual crates or group housing but whether the system used is well managed.” Sundberg said “Science tells us that she a sow doesn’t even seem to know that she can’t turn … She wants to eat and feel safe and she can do that very well in individual stalls.”5 The Washington Post reports that researchers have not found sows in gestation crates to have elevated levels of stress hormones. The author writes that this suggests their overall health is not compromised. What you’re doing is punishing 100 of the farmers when it’s only a small minority that’s not well managed. Focus on THOSE farms not the majority that do things right and feed Americans good healthy pork.

  • Jo Beth says:

    Gestation crates are used so that the sows do not fight. Fighting causes injuries. Injuries hurt. Gestation crates enable the pigs to not get hurt. And getting off the subject…by doing silly things such as this do you realize that if you shut down the animalmeat production industry which God forbid never happens you’ll be costing thousands of Americans their jobs? That will have a HUGE negative economic impact in the country. PLUS you’ll be forcing Americans to start importing an outrageous amount of food to feed the US. We’re already importing more than we’re exporting which is backwards. We should be feeding the world not vice versa. We will still import our meat but it will be of low quality and produced in farms that are cruel to animals and have no protocols or standards on how animals should be treated. That’s just some food for thought. Have a fabulous day.

  • jturbo says:

    Kayla You falsely believe that because pregnant pigs wont be in gestation crates in California anymore2015they will smother and roll over on to their baby piglets. Here is the fact. Right before giving birtha sow is moved from the gestation crate into a farrowing cratea metal stall designed to separate the mother pig from her nursing piglets.So ask yourself this.If gestation crates where so great at preventing the mother pig from rolling onto her piglets why would the mother pig need to be moved to the farrowing crate to give birth.The answer is obvious.This is because gestation crates are not the safe crates the meat industry wants you to believe. Thank you CaliforniaArizonaColorado among other statesfor banning these cruel severe confining factory farming devices!

  • lynda downie says:

    Yes Kayla we do know what gestation crates are for that’s why we oppose them. We also know what sows and piglets are what kind of idiots do you take us for?! LOL

  • Kayla says:

    Do you really know what pig crates are for with the pregnant pigs? Have you ever SEEN a pregnant pig? They can’t move period! Crates are designed to keep the sow that’s the mother pig from rolling over and smotheringsquishing her piglets those are the babies. Eliminating crates is just stupid and will end up causing more deaths in the piglets thus less pigs. I see a slight problem here.

  • Daylight says:

    Greed is not our creed! The Meat Milk Industry is loaded with funds and could IMMEDIATELY if they so choose LOWER THE PRICE of milk eggs and meat. They cry poverty and scream higher prices because they need to use fear tactics to convince voters to vote against Prop 2 in Ca. and continue cruel cheap poisonous ways of imprisoning farm creatures and negligently poisoning the countryside with animal feces filled with antibiotics. Cows and their innocent loving calves sows and their bouncy pink piglets and chickens with their fluffy yellow chicks are cruelly separated from each other and imprisoned for their life. These are god’s good creatures put on this earth to enhance our lives not to be inhumanely imprisoned doped up hideously treated throughout their sad and painful lives which culminate with the hoisting by machine to confirm their deepest fear of hanging upside down with hooks in their neck or back or chest listening in terror to the anguish of the thousands of family members being butchered like this every day of every month of every year for the easy profit of the cruel and thieving scum known as the Meat Milk Industry. Hanging upside down while alive to await the electroshock is the cruelest of deaths. This also creates a hormonal effect flooding the animal with negative fear and pain hormones. This ruins the meat but that is not the main point The public is unaware of these practices and the Factory “prisons” don’t speak of the Unspeakable but I ran a bioorganic sheep farm for 10 years and know the hideousness of the Meat Industry.Their pretty pictures of happy cows is something that ended 60 years ago except on smaller organic and family farms. This is nauseating and must be stopped in the name of ethics morals and human benevolence and understanding. Greed is not our creed! Prop 2 will take affect in 2015 so HOW THE $$ can the factory prisons claim higher prices. They are fearmongers who want to keep their Cadillacs at the expense of humane treatment of god’s beautiful gifts to humanity. What price corruption. Let me remind you that these practices are ILLEGAL in Europe and have been for as long as I have been in this industry. May FacPrison owners come back as pregnant sows on their hideous torture factories. I am a BioOrganic Sheep Ranch Farmer who made a fine living caring for her “products” as nature intended.

  • Miriam Braschi says:

    Estoy muy contenta de que algo est sucediendo en favor de los animales en las Factory Farmings es realmente cruel el tratamiento dado a los infelices animales que son vctima del sadismo de sus torturadores humanos. Lo mismo en la industria de pieles hasta los conejitos que no emiten sonidos habitualmente gritan al ser desollados vivos. Las personas no quieren escuchar estas historias y les parece “agresivo” el hecho de se comentar esta realidad terrible. Felicitaciones por el avanzo en California y quiera Dios que continue el camino de la conpasin de aqui para adelante.

  • David says:

    Congratulations to all of the voters in CA and MA who voted to pass these propositions! Well done! The same is true for those who labored diligently to lend these measures support regardless of where they live.

  • tiziana says:

    I am happy for this good news so I want that life for all animals and with less pain fear sopprusi … Tiziana

  • Lorenza Feitosa says:

    FROM BRAZIL. I keep myself updated with the news and with greay joy I see that the world is changing the way animals are treatedlaws that protect animals are being voted here too and I keep praying for that in the future all cruelty against animals to be seen as a crime in all countrys arround the world. God bless Peta for its wonrderfull job.

  • Jesse says:

    It’s really amazing that finally this is down in law at least somewhere in the world. But what always gets on my nerves is that Governments say they’ll do something…in seven years. That’s seven more years of animals confined to these horrible conditions. Surely it takes less time to give animals the basics they deserve.

  • Alicia says:

    Im proud to say that I was a part of three important victories this month! 1. Signing a petition for the cruelty to pigs 2. Signing a petition for the greyhounds. 3. Voting in one of the most important elections in our worlds history! Peta is phenomenal! Keep up the great work! However Icing on the cake would be to see an animal control created to help animals in Jersey City NJ.

  • alan says:

    Thats great news but the pressure still needs to be put on heavier than ever to make changes like these world wide. But its a great step foward. Its a pity the laws are not enforced immediately…Why Not?

  • Chris Gruber says:

    Hi! Good job but 2015 !!?? I want it to happen tomorrow!! Let fight for it!! Together we stand!! We should write Governor Arnold every day a letter! He can make it happen tomorrow. Chris

  • Carol R Hill says:

    This is way past due even in Panama Central America they don’t have chickens in cages. I know that first hand because my Uncle wa a chicken farmer there. I know it took way to long to do the same here. Thank God we are finally waking up an smelling the roses. All of these animals are God’s creations and we should give them the respect they deserve and that is a fact. THANK GOD FOR ALL THE CARING PEOPLE IN THE UNITED STATES NOW AND FOREVER AS I AM SURE HE WILL!!!

  • Liane from Brazil says:

    That’s absolutely WONDERFUL! It should be taken as an example for the rest of the world. Yes our world IS changing! I’m so happy I can see this change.

  • Diane Smelser says:

    Does anyone know WHY the farmers have such a long time to comply with the new law? They have until the year 2015 to implement the new standards for confining animals. 2015! That is 7 years of continued torture and suffering. It would be like saying “OK. DUI is a crime and you have 7 years to quit drinking and driving.” OR… “OK. Murder is a crime and you have 7 years to quit murdering people.” Would we stand for that? This is crime against animals the silent souls who need usand we are joyous over winning the proposition after decades of torture and cruelty. Why do we have to wait 7 more years??? Because it is a business? A torture business that might lose money if we rush it? I was happy at first and now I am upset again at the cavalier attitude the lawmakers and the courts take. I want the cruelty to stop NOW not 7 years from now.

  • lynda downie says:

    Yes a great victory for animals in Ca and Mass!!! I understand and have myself wrestled with the dilemma that these factory farm measures may encourage more animal use because the animals are treated more ‘humanely’. But I can’t see any other way to liberation than through small steps. People have accused me of ‘forcing veganism on them’ just by my eating soybeans without saying a word to them. And look at the posters here who are outraged by the cruelty in the videos but still proudly claim to be meat eaters? And most importantly animal persons will have some relief from the strangling confinement they now endure. And for that I’m so grateful to the California voters who said YES to Prop 2! And Question 3 in Massachusetts!

  • emily saienni says:

    2015…?? So they have to suffer 8 more years…there must be something more that can be done.

  • sarah says:

    Its about time somethings done about the cruel environment that animals must live in for people. I wish the Midwest would do something about their factory farms. But none the less this is great news.

  • shannon saunders says:

    Animals are alot like people. they have emotionsfeel pain and have individual personalities. Animals need to be respected and left in there natural habitat. PETA and all our members are Angels for animals. Lets keep going.

  • Ania says:

    I am in Canada so I was not able to contribute by voting but I am so thrilled that Proposition 2 passed. Now if only we can stop factory farming altogether.

  • Theresa Huskey says:

    Iam so glad that bill passed i dont live in california however i am hoping the rest of the country follows suit. AMEN

  • Darci says:

    This is an advance but no animal should live the way these sensitive animals live. We must do more to stop the cruelty! However I am very happy that we have gotten one step up the long ladder!

  • lisa Diana says:

    Hi. This is great news first Obama and now this…. I live in Nova Scotia Canada and was soooooo happy to hear the news concerning the phase out of dog racing and other animal cruelties on factory farms. I live in an area where alot of people adopt grey hounds in order to stop them from being abandoned or just plain left to die. They are beautiful natured dogs and deserve to live amongst us as our friends and not to be exploided for financial gain. Giving up meat is not hard to do either and if I can do it coming from a meat eating farmingfishing family…anyone can do it. Congradulations on the double victory!!! All the best Lisa

  • Sebastian says:

    Although I support the ethical treatment of animals I think a lot of people are forgetting that it takes years to make these kinds of changes. Everyone needs to realize that new facilities will need to be built and that cannot happen over night. I also question whether many of the voters have the educational background of livestock production to truly justify what Prop 2 will mean to not only PETA or the livestock but also the farmer. The truth is there are a GREAT deal of farmers out there treating their animals ethically. However this is overshadowed by the fact that some of them don’t. Please do not make the assumption that all farmers confine their animals OR that they beat animals. To make assumptions like that is extremely inaccurate. Also remember that farmers feed the world! Our hats should go off to them! After all how many PETA members grow their own groceries or have the slightest clue about farming? Most Californians are quite uneducated when it comes to agriculture! And to all who are hung up on organic food if you knew very much at all about organics you’d know that its extremely inefficientimpractical on a large scale. To make it “standard” as one writer of this forum said is completely impractical! PLEASE get an education before blindly supporting ANY cause.

  • Louise brady says:

    I’m so so pleased at last people are taking notice and we are spreading the word! I was crying after seeing pictures of the poor pigs being abused and sprayed on the factory farm recently……we have to stop this abuse!…now.

  • Darlene says:

    This has made me so happy words cannot express my delight I just wish this law would go into effect sooner but some things take baby steps. Go PETA!

  • janna harriss says:

    I’m from California and I voted for Prop 2. I’m thrilled it passed. Thanks to all the good people out there who voted with their conscience!

  • jessica Weizmann says:

    2015 seems so far away!?!? It’s refreshing to get good news from time to time on these issues. But the best news will come when factory farming is completely eliminated.

  • Karl Sander says:

    Great news! Those that are not already vegan please remember to do so! This news is wonderful but veganism is the path within ourselves that we all must take to help animals with every meal!!

  • Jackie says:

    This is really awesome!!!!! Just wish it could happen a little sooner

  • Valerie says:

    Kait After reading your comment from November 5th I could not help but wonder something.Are you sure you are not affiliated with a greyhound dog racing track?? The dogs ARE ALWAYS kept in their small kennels for 20 hours a day except when forced to race.This is standard in all Greyhound tracks. There IS regular abuse being done to these poor animalsespecially if they don’t win. OF COURSE the dogs aren’t going to cross the finish line with their tails between their legs.Haven’t you known of the many dogs found after an experiment the next morning found with their tails wagging while their guts and intestines are on the dirty cage floor in animal laboratories because they were carelessly sewn up?? As far as what will happen to the Greyhounds.There are several local organizations in Massachusetts working really closely to when the track shuts down in 2010.I am involved with one.Some of them may get euthenized by a veterinarian.It is not what we want but…it is better to leave this earth in a peaceful way. There are plans for the Greyhounds to go to rescue groupsfoster homes in state and some out of state. KaitI say this with respect.Please get to know a situation a bit more before you firmly say something as if it’s correct. Greyhound racing should NEVER have been in the very first place.Here in Massachusetts we are working for a better tomorrow for them.It is all done with small steps.

  • Bunnylove says:

    With Prop 2 being passed it will have a positive domino effect.This is GREAT!!!! It seems like more and more people are becoming aware of the unspeakable things animals are forced to go through.It’s obvious that people want change to happen for animals too! This is so GREAT!!!! Thank you California and Massachusetts!

  • Kastine says:

    This is great news…i needed a bit of positivity today…and this is perfect…lets never give up on earths precious animals…without them…life isn’t worth living!

  • Courtney Taylor Eckel says:

    what a wonderful victory congratulations to all who worked so hard. Lets pray for a better day when animals are NEVER slaughtered for ANY reason.

  • Christina says:

    This is great!

  • rosiee says:

    Im Glad that MA Banned Dog Races. Even though alot of people are angry about it because they lost their jobs etc. Im happy that the greyhounds are no longer going to be mistreated. I leave near one of the dog racing places when i would drive by .. all i heard was the dogs crying in the inside.

  • Marjan says:

    AMAZING NEWS! Let’s work together on freeing animals from cruelty throughout the country and give them all a better life.

  • Christine says:

    i live in CA and i petitioned for the proposition to be on the ballot.. i spread the word for everyone to vote YES on prop 2 and i am soooooooo ecstatic that this proposition passed by 63 it is a great feeling!!!

  • Deann says:

    Horray to Mass. for caring enough to put an end to the brutality so many Greyhounds have to suffer on torturous racetracks!!! As a proud owner of two former racers I salute Mass.!!!!

  • liz says:

    Thanks from the animals to all the people whose committment to animals often consumes their lives while the people who cannot feel for the animals consume the animals lives without any acknowledgement of the suffering the animals go through so that they can consme A step forward for animals and a more humane world to live in. liz