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Warmhearted Bear Speaks Up for Cold Dogs

Written by PETA | December 14, 2010

As temperatures across the nation start to plummet, we’re releasing our new “Cold Dog” public service announcement (PSA) starring Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs and his very dapper canine friend, 99.

There’s no question that dogs who are stuck on chains or in backyard pens suffer from isolation, boredom, and loneliness year-round, but winter’s snow, ice, and frigid temperatures pile even more anguish onto their bleak existences—and put them in danger as well.

Why is Lance inspired to draw attention to the plight of neglected dogs? In PETA’s exclusive interview, he says, “One of the responsibilities, I believe, for not only football players but celebrities alike is to be able to give back … to not only to where you come from but to those that you love, you know, and animals are a big part of that.”

Can the animals count on you to give back too? Honor the animals who have given you so much love by asking your local television station to air PETA’s new ad—it might very well inspire others in your area to rescue dogs from the bitter cold. And be sure to check out Lance’s print ad and share his new “Cold Dog” PSA with your friends and neighbors.

Comment below by December 30 and tell us how you’re going to be a dog’s biggest defender and win a synthetic football autographed by Lance. Winner will be chosen January 3. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. Good luck!

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Donna Fleener says:

    My two dogs are mostly indoor dogs.  They have their own dog beds and sleep in my room at night, but they love to be outside during the winter.  They love to play in the snow, so I make sure that I get outside and play with them.  I have a large doghouse on the inside of the garage, so my dogs can go in there if they get cold, but I always make sure to bring them inside when the weather gets frigid.  My dogs are more than just pets to me, they are my family.  

  • lisa johnson says:

    oops….i kinda went off on a tangent with my last comments…..i included all animals….when in fact you said ‘dogs’ specifically…..soooo…..I always have my eyes and ears open for dogs in bad situations….in fact, i’m obsessed and happily so…..because I know that they know when they smell my scent, they have a friend who is there to help them and if a dog knows there is a human who actually has empathy and can sympathize with their plight.. they hold on to their ‘hope’ and just maybe that ‘hope’ can keep them alive until they are saved. I will continue and push even harder to rescue my fellow earthlings and make sure that our laws our changed and that those who inflict pain and hardship on them will be prosecuted to the fullest…

  • lisa johnson says:

    as i get older and have become more aware of the atrocities that are occurring world wide inflicted upon our fellow earthlings, i realize I need to help in every way i can to make people aware and to do my part as a voice for the voiceless…i have always loved animals, but until i came across Peta on the internet and other humane organizations dedicated to animal welfare, i had no idea to what extent the inhumanities are being carried through…..sooooo…i began fb before i knew….and posted my usual latida postings and comments, but as of lately am drawn to posting every abuse i come across…..i have developed an uncontrollable urge to make it my mission to make people stop and LOOK and THINK about what is really going on…..not only in our own backyards…in our own communities, but nationwide…worldwide….I have found my purpose and my passion over the past year and have lost a few friends, beleive it or not, because they say they don’t like what i post and it doesnt interest them, so they have deleted me!!! there are people who don’t like to face the truth….the truth hurts, but i am a firm believer that in one way we can stand w/our fellow animals, wild and domesticated, through their abuse to show that we empathize w/them, sympathize and stand with them ……we know what they are going through…they are not forgotten and somehow will find them and their abusers and find justice to not only punish their owners and abusers/neglectors, but also to actively join every group, organization, club, cause that promotes animal activism and seek out every backyard, home, woods, farm factory, puppy mill, slaughter house, fur trade, designer, cosmetic companies, etc.etc. to reveal their activities and save the beautiful creatures that they exploit and destroy……i live in a small community whose laws desperately need changing….i live where ‘hunting’ is the norm and where chaining, tethering,and penning dogs is considered ‘okay’!!! I won’t forget the helpless and hopefully will gather fellow advocates along the way……if i could reach all animals who are going through a ‘hell on earth’ and speak to them in some way, I would say….you are not alone… are loved and will be saved……there are fellow earthlings who feel your pain and want to help.. so hang on and know that we are on the way….we feel your cold, we feel your anguish, we feel your lonliness and we feel your desperateness…..we will never stop our quest until you have your freedom to live a decent life on this earth as you were intended.

  • Shaun Cochran says:

    I have a dog and his name is Bear, of course. When the temps drop around the northwest, people are not as aware in this area because it doesnt get as cold here during the winter months as often. What ive done in the past and will continue to do is to make sure any neighbors I have know to bring the pets inside during the times when the temps drop down too low for even the furry friends to be comfortable. Ive helped spread the word in the past at a local dog park as well. Ive printed some of the Briggs signs and will be posting them there for others to see and take notice. It has been a cold winter here so far and looks like no end in sight, hopefully the posters will do some good! :))) GO ANIMALS!! GO BEARS!!

  • peaceofsalome says:

    I am going to be a dog’s biggest defender by volunteering at the local animal shelter more often. There are lots of dogs (and other animals) there that desperately need attention and exercise. However, last time I checked, they weren’t allowing any more volunteers since they already had so many! Personally, I have always wanted a dog, but since I can’t get one right now, why not spend as much time as possible walking and taking care of homeless dogs that crave love?

  • Saucy says:

    PS What a very cool name for a dog……….99. Like it!

  • Saucy says:

    Dear God, do these people have any idea the positive impact they have on people. I guess they do. Anyway, if you ain’t the Eagles, I am routing for YOU. GO BEARS………..

  • sdg45 says:

    Thanks, Carla and Lance. The world needs more people like you.

  • Carla* says:

    I will be a dogs biggest defender by going around my neighborhood and checking out peoples back yards for chained dogs. I already saved one from the bitter cold and extreme loneliness. Up here in Canada we have very cold temperatures sometimes dropping down to -40 degrees at night and for a little dog whose fur in mere millimeters from his skin it could be a death sentence. I was walking my dog the other day after work (took a different route) when I notice a little Jack Russel type dog sitting in a corner of the yard closer to the garage. I only noticed him cause my own dog started barking. There were no lights in the house so I went around the front to see if anybody was home. To my surprise a little old lady answered the door. I asked her about the dog and she told me that he belong to her grandson and he’s now living with his mother. She said if I knew anybody who would want him, take him but she’d have to check first with the grandson. Boy was I delighted, it’s not everyday you get a response like that. Turned out the mother did not like dogs. Taz in now in a loving home living with people that are crazy about dogs… my mom and dad. They recently had to put down their own dog so this was a great gift. You never know what you could encounter on your little walks around the block. Taz has inspired me to continue doing just that rescuing dogs in need of help. Taz can always use a companion or two. xoxo