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Lady Gaga’s Posh ‘Faux’lar Bear

Written by PETA | December 4, 2009

Gaga’s fashion-driven stunts are a feast for the imagination. The avant-garde, synth-pop superstar left me reeling after her spectacularly maniacal, glass-shattering AMA performance and the light-up get-up she rocked during it. I’ve had her new album on repeat ever since, and with the news that the polar bear coat Lady Gaga sets fire to in her epically trippy video for “Bad Romance” is cruelty-free (I was a bit concerned!), her tracks will forever dominate my shuffle. Fabulously faux, the coat was made by fur-free fashion designer Benjamin Cho in 2004 and was revamped specially for Gaga’s video.


Haven’t seen the video? Scroll to minute 4:30.


From her Kermit-crazy anti-fur commentary to the humane hotness of her “Bad Romance” video, Gaga’s kooky couture makes the chart-topper a style genius and a kind role model, which is why we’ve asked her to take it all off to educate people about animals killed on fur farms. We’re still waiting for her response, but we’ve already got some awesome ideas. Post-apocalyptic disco dreamscape, anyone?

Written by Logan Scherer

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