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Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress

Written by PETA | September 13, 2010

Last night, Lady Gaga tried once again to shock the world, this time by wearing a “meat dress” during her acceptance of the Video of the Year award at MTV’s Video Music Awards. Lately, Lady Gaga has been having a hard time keeping her act “over the top.” Wearing a dress made out of cuts of dead cows is offensive enough to bring comment, but someone should whisper in her ear that there are more people who are upset by butchery than who are impressed by it—and that means a lot of young people will not be buying her records if she keeps this stuff up. On the other hand, maybe it was fake and she’ll talk about that later. If not, what’s next: the family cat made into a hat? Meat is the decomposing flesh of a tormented animal who didn’t want to die, and after a few hours under the TV lights, it would smell like the rotting flesh it is and likely be crawling in maggots—not too attractive, really. The stunt is bringing lots of people to to download a copy of our vegetarian/vegan starter kit, so I guess we should be glad.

A wonderful side note to mention, Ellen DeGeneres (who is vegan herself), presented Gaga with a veggie bikini and suggested she try that next time she wants to make a statement. Thanks, Ellen!

Written by Ingrid E. Newkirk

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  • dlkj says:

    It IS supposed to be disturbing! That’s her message!!!!

  • asdf;lkj says:

    I would just like to give everyone my two cents. I am 100% sure that Lady GaGa did not to this to offend or impress anyone. What she says/does/wears is a statement of her aesthetic appreciation. it’s provocative and she wore it to make a statement on her opinion. She has the right as an American to make any statement she pleases. We don’t make huge blog arguments when someone consumes a hamburger, so why do we need to judge her for expresses her art? It’s her right. P.S. I have not eaten red meat in 3 years and I am strongly against eating another red meat mammal.

  • angelofthewest says:

    The first thing I think is, truthfully, WTF??? Then I think, oh right it’s lady gaga. Please step off your pathetic money raking pedestal and get a life.

  • KarenD says:

    This wearing of cow flesh is beyond horrible. She came up with a really LOW idea this time. This is totally unnecessary and a beyond cruel display.

  • GD says:

    Myself along with many other Monsters I’m sure, see how this is disturbing to vegans/animal lovers/etc. but the famed meat dress has a deeper, quite valuable message. Which Gaga has went in depth on. Just bc you don’t see something her way and she doesn’t see something your way, it made a statement, vegans have chosen to interpret it differently than Gaga intended, but each to their own. My advice, don’t judge before you look into somebody’s true meaning.

  • ocean17 says:

    say what you will about lady gaga, the words uncompassionate and shallow almost immediately come to mind…but notice the smooth blend of child-like ignorance and consumerist zeal all packaged as a talent/no talent “personality” in the domain of the vast wasteland of cosumermist apathy and willfull ignorance. and 2 second soundbites. yeah, obviously she is lacking in the talent department, or else can’t see beyond herself and her hopeless materialism. that was an offensive, hopelessly cruel and totally barbaric stunt. there is no provocative message underneath.

  • Squee says:

    To my surprise this was an actual Meat dress… WTH GAGA. Does anyone want to know what happened to the dress? here’s the link It’s turned into JERKY!

  • Ayka says:

    I’ve never liked her anyway but this is really too much! It’s pathetic! Her music is not music but a terrible noise she does not sing but yell and her style has never been the style though this now is a crime. She better get a good doc to help her solve emotional and psychical issues!

  • Felipe Kohon says:

    It is Pathetic. Gaga is becoming really Gaga and lack of sensitivy of course and common sense. Completely GAGA.

  • Mede says:

    Even if the dress is fake the symbolism is pretty offensive. It shows she just reached the highest point of futility when she shows herself with a dress resembling meat and blood. She is just saying she has no respect for life. She is using a “dead animal” for something so vain and shallow. I bought her music and i used to have some respect for her. Now i want my money back !

  • estefaniap says:

    the reason for the meat dress was to send a message to put out there for young people. That is to fight for what we believe to fight for our rights or pretty soon we will have as much rights as the meat on our bones. Its about freedom as Americans it may have been extreme but looking at the way our government is doing young people need to change the government to make it right again. Those rights also include freedom of speech. So people stop judging really.

  • Bethany says:

    Seriously she isn’t dumb! Lady Gaga wouldn’t be wearing a dress made out of REAL meat! Seriously! As the article said it would stink. Would she really butcher a cow for that to happen? I think not. If you want to kill a cow you’ve got to make a burger. Meaning if you are to kill an animal don’t waste it. And in case you didn’t know this is a Lady Gaga quote.

  • Tracy says:

    Wow you guys are hilarious. It’s just MEAT people. Not hundreds of dead cats strapped on to her belt. I find it quite clever as well personally.

  • Ralph says:

    Go wrote I am thankful that she did this for two reasons. The first Ingrid already pointed out this will generate alot of interest in organizations like PETA. The second this is in my opinion the beginning of the end of Lady Gaga. There is shock factor and then there is desperation. And she is showing alot of desperation to maintain her image. People will now start to see her for what she is a desperate try hard with little in the way of substance and intelligence. It hasn’t stopped PETA’s successesrecognition yet. They do the same thing just with lettuce bikinis.

  • anna says:

    Lady Gaga’s outfit of choice is truly appalling… though as a vegan outfits made of leather and fur are just as grotesque to me. For some reason however this meatflesh outfit seems to be appalling to the masses herbivores and omnivores alike. Is there really a difference aside from the fact that this outfit will rot between the two? I find it somewhat intriguing… the response to this by meateaters.

  • sweatereyes says:

    Seeing as Lady Gaga does maintain control over her image maybe the discussion should be on why she would choose to wear this? For meateaters there is a huge disconnect between animals raw meat and what they eat. I’m sure that the dress is disgusting to them too. Not to mention the natural decay and smell the dress would have right from the beginning to those around her. She would have thought about this people would have talked to her about this so it was clearly intentional. Although I do not agree with the dress I do think she wore it to make a point and it does make people think about what they’re putting in their mouths.

  • d says:

    I really don’t know why people react to this in such disgusted way. Everyone has their own personality opinion creativity or disability. But we’re all human and not perfect. Why can’t we just accept everyone for what they are. If you’re an artist and really good at what you do shouldn’t that be enough? She’s a great singer PERIOD. Now if you don’t like her song then don’t buy her CDs. But if you refuse to buy them out of spite because of what she wore then you’re no different from her if you call her ignorant. since the beginning of time we have eaten meat. almost everyone who’s religious irregardless to what denomination have eaten meat. they were put in this world for us to partake as a part of the circle of life. WE MEATLOVERS do not discriminate the vegetarians so why do you that to us. LIVE LET LIVE as humans are supposed to do.

  • joseph Stopps says:

    I am a life time vegetarian and I think this GaGa stunt is phenomenal. It will make people think it will make people disgusted it will make people vegetarian. Go GAGA !!

  • Toby says:

    Yes harddrug addicts do disgusting things Ms. Germanotta may be on harddrugs against her will mind you. If people her concerts are vaporizing methamphetamine in restrooms that drug gets spread throughout the building via air ventilation systems… plus hotel sheets can easily be contaminated with meth the drug transfers more easily than authorities understand. Maybe Stefani was trying to be ironic she has spoken against fur before so maybe she was trying to make social commentary against meat in a rather naive way. The person who told me the truth about factory farms thus lead me to veganism was doing an art project in which she used a real piece of muscle from an abused cow to bring up the immorality of abuse… it’s really ironic for better or worse. Everyone should be vegan.

  • Rachel Songer says:

    This is what our future generation has to look up to? Pathetic!

  • Martin says:

    I really hope she did it just to make a strong statement! A statement about not to wear fur cos the way I see it her dress is fur.. Turned inside out!

  • Jeri says:

    lady? GAGGAG is repulsive didn’t mind her much before she pulled this meat stunt but unfortunately it’s her outrageousness that has gotten her to where she is today her musical talent alone would not have cut it…. speaking of cutting it maybe she will cut her throat for her next stunt let the blood squirt out…. that should def get some serious attention

  • Chloe says:

    I can’t believe she’d do such an awful thing like that. How stupid and uncaring can she be? Apparently very uncaring and dumb. No wonder she got worsed dressed.

  • Suz says:

    I honestly think she’s just trying to make a point… a weird point but a point nonetheless. Maybe she wanted to further drive home the point of how disgusting the meat industry really is. Hopefully the outfit is fake meat and an explanation will be forthcoming. Don’t get me wrong I still think she’s a whackadoo but knowing her stance on animal cruelty I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt… for now.

  • JS2OBVS says:

    People who want to seem smart complain about the most recent issue if you want seem as if you have any idea what you are talking about you need to check the facts Gaga did this for us animal lovers! don’t you think she made the point she was trying to get across? She wanted you to think “ew! that is super nasty…” because it is raw meat. wearing meat is disgusting and if you only can see to the extent of “thats nasty” then perhaps you are not as clever as you would like to be precieved.

  • Sue says:

    Which ever way you choose to look at it…it’s disrespectful to animals. To wear someone elses flesh in vain then throw it away is the most disrepectful thing to do. I suppose her purpose has been served though. She wants to create attention through controversy and she has done that!

  • Neil from Spain says:

    Saying “No disrespect to vegetarians or vegans” is like wearing a Nazi uniform with a Jewskin lampshade on your head and saying “No disrespect to Jews”

  • Mazz says:

    So apparently the meat isn’t real? Even if it was that cow was dead before she even designed the dress it’s not like she killed it to make the dress. Totally different to the whole fur thing. I think she meant well by it judging by her statement on Ellen. Stop overreacting.

  • Dean says:

    It’s not shocking or outrageous just kind of sad. It’s kind of like another Kanye West style’that didn’t turn out the way I wanted’ incident. I really liked gaga as the first really credible pop star for a long time but she just seems a bit of a dingleberry now.Similar things have been done before.The death metal band carcass had the most repulsive cover art evera collage of pictures of human autopsiesthat really was shocking in the late 80’sbut they had a point to make still and were veggies even. Gaga ooh la last years starbring on the next one.

  • mayra says:

    Lady Gaga has a lot of power because if you look at her songs on the internet one has over 5 million hits that said this is the only thing I feel proud of because reason 1People will be more aware if they really need to spend money on ‘LEATHER’ with another option WHY PAY THOSE OUTRAGES PRICES FOR LEATHER PURSES AND JACKETSwhen other non leather options are just as good. 2the meat on her dress looks disgusting do you really want that in your stomach? This will bring more vegetarian as the new way to go. 3there are subliminals in her music and people are manipulated towards more violence and sex unconsciously people will start to get angry at how they are manipulated through media and advertising.

  • Michael says:

    Okay. To all the people who are accusing her of being cruel to an animal I think you should do some further investigation before you point the finger. She simply wore the dress DESIGNED by another person. It’s not like she went into some random field and killed a cow and made the dress. For all you know it is probably fake meat. Nobody would be hugging her if it were real. And surely if it were real meat there would be signs such as it sticking to her hair and skin as she walks. I think as well to all the people who criticize her for wearing an outrageous dress and say you cannot believe why people still admire her? It’s the sheer fact that she makes such dramatic influences in peoples lives. To all those who wish to argue their point I’ll stand by mine and I am still proud to call myself a Gaga fan. Little Monster until I die.

  • Barbara says:

    If this is what she resorts to after only a few years in the business what will she do in 5 years’ time ? Sounds like she’s already very desperate. She says she wants to celebrate the freedom to be “strange” but who is she fooling? Abuse is abuse is abuse. And wearing meat is the lowest of the low. She’ll pay for that. She’s losing credibility everyday.

  • Charlee says:

    Dude I mean I like her music and all but after seeing Lady Gaga work this outfit I not only lost my appetite but I became a vegan.

  • Rebekkah says:

    This is absolutely just too repulsive disgusting and downgrading even for her. Cruel heartless individual.

  • loveanimalsdon'teathem says:

    disgusting cruel offensive hardhearted insensitive. how much did the meat industry pay her to where it? it’s promotion of wholesale slaughter torture violence of innocent beings! no one should give this moron another cent or thought!!!

  • Bella Williams says:

    I think that Lady Gaga turning up to her interview with Ellen Degeneres wearing that hideous meat dress was the most ignorant unthinking DISRESPECTFUL thing she could possibly do. Gaga claims that she idolizes Ellen that Ellen is one of her favorite people then surely if that was really true she’d know Ellen was a vegan and take on board what that means! How uncomfortable must that have made Ellen feel! I don’t care how famous you are it’s all just showyshocktactics of some untalented person trying to hide behind their costumes to me!

  • Lauren says:

    PETA again misses a perfect opportunity to make a real statement and goes for the ‘outrage’. What if instead of feigning outrage over a fake meat dress you compared it to wearing leather and fur and asked people what the difference was? Nobody is going to go out and wear meat clothing for real but plenty of people wear leather without thinking twice. Poor decision PETA. Again.

  • michelle says:

    Even though I love Lady Gaga I really think this is ontastefull.. Sorry Gaga but this is a big mistake of you…

  • Amanda Rees says:

    I didn’t like the woman before…Google her wearing a meat bikini it’s just as bad.

  • Aaron says:

    I like Gaga and her music. I think you guys gotta take a step back and chill out. Besides aged meat tastes great!

  • Justice says:

    if we dont stand up for what we believe in and if we dont fight for our rights pretty soon were going to have as much rights as the meat on our own bones. And I am not a piece of meat. Quoted from Lady Gaga from the same interview that Ingrid quoted from Ellen…Hmm way to leave out the opposing argument Ingrid. Very fair. Almost as fair as the world is to animals I would suppose. Before you call it disgusting look at both sides of the story and read the interviews with the designer and her. Get over yourself and learn something about being fair.

  • Kiki The Shrimp says:

    I just don’t understand why you are so upset about all this. When Lady Gaga performed about Paparazzi and was covered with blood this was all part of an act. She’s trying to make a statement. As I understand it you wouldn’t normally wear meat so why are people wearing fur? it’s a way to show how disgusting both things are.

  • lindsay says:

    Animals should not have to be put through such torture for any kind of pleasure what so ever. I don’t the ignorant people who don’t share the same “ethical issues” to understand why this upsets meothers so much. An innocent animal should not have to die just for her to make a statement or show any sort of symbolism. She lost a lot of fans that are vegetarianvegan and I thought her fans were of somewhat great importance to her. She should have respected that some of them are vegetarianveganHUMANE and this would upset them very much! And besides upsetting not only vegetariansvegans she has probably made some people upset with the fact that there are starving people everywhere in this world and how much could that have fed them?

  • Anastasios Drolias says:

    its not about disrespect to anyone that is vegan but it is disrespect about life itself.

  • Josh says:

    As someone who eats meat I only have a problem with the fact that she’s wearing an animal. It could have been meat given to some homeless family to feed. Knowing that there are tons of hungry people in the world who are malnourished..

  • Gabeh says:

    I feel that as repugnant as her dress may of been it did make a point. I don’t feel her aim was to perpetuate animal abuse in any way and she has stated to being anti fur in the past so there’s no fear of her starting a new meatware trend. Like most things done to make a point it was successful in that it got people talking whether they liked it or not. I think Lady Gaga is one of the more knowledgeable stars out there at the moment concerning social issues such as the “Don’t ask don’t tell policy”. Her gown as she stated was regarding that. I feel that its important she did bring attention to this issue at the award show because how are we expected as a society to ever treat animals with dignity and respect when we still do not accept our fellow man for who they are with dignity and respect.

  • Jan says:

    Shame on Ellen having Ga Ga on her show last week wearing that dress. I thought Ellen was for animals. Ga Ga is a creep!!!! She’s no lady!!

  • Nick W. says:

    “After a few hours it would be crawling in maggots”? Uh no! Decaying meat does NOT spontaneously generate maggots. Maggots are the larval stage of flies. In other words flies have to lay eggs which then hatch into maggots. This entire process takes a MINIMUM of 24 hours.

  • Diggi says:

    Anon i’ve bought her music in the past but after this i think she has gone too far. Im not buying her records and im promoting a boycott page on facebook.

  • Don Lieber says:

    Ingrid I also think we all should tell the designer of the carcassdress FRANC FERNANDEZ what we think about his “creation”. A celebrity boycott of his clothes perhaps? Cheers Don Lieber