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Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress

Written by PETA | September 13, 2010

Last night, Lady Gaga tried once again to shock the world, this time by wearing a “meat dress” during her acceptance of the Video of the Year award at MTV’s Video Music Awards. Lately, Lady Gaga has been having a hard time keeping her act “over the top.” Wearing a dress made out of cuts of dead cows is offensive enough to bring comment, but someone should whisper in her ear that there are more people who are upset by butchery than who are impressed by it—and that means a lot of young people will not be buying her records if she keeps this stuff up. On the other hand, maybe it was fake and she’ll talk about that later. If not, what’s next: the family cat made into a hat? Meat is the decomposing flesh of a tormented animal who didn’t want to die, and after a few hours under the TV lights, it would smell like the rotting flesh it is and likely be crawling in maggots—not too attractive, really. The stunt is bringing lots of people to to download a copy of our vegetarian/vegan starter kit, so I guess we should be glad.

A wonderful side note to mention, Ellen DeGeneres (who is vegan herself), presented Gaga with a veggie bikini and suggested she try that next time she wants to make a statement. Thanks, Ellen!

Written by Ingrid E. Newkirk

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  • Michael Mendoza says:

    And jfyi the designer who made this dress got the meat from his family butcher… so it’s probably not done badly

  • Michael Mendoza says:

    Peta this article sounds biased and that makes you guys seem not credible at all. You said people are going to stop buying her CD’s because of this? Are you kidding me? Not like this meat dress stopped her from winning EIGHT AWARDS… clearly her music does NOT suck.

  • Steve says:

    Tortured? Who said the animal that this meat came from was tortured? I very much doubt that the record buying public will hold on to this for long and boycott next year’s album. It’s just another reason for people to talk about her and that has to help her record sales.

  • Angie says:

    Hello despite the bad choice of meat bikini i want to say that i as a meat eater loved the idea of also make a statement for those of us who like meat of course youll find it offensive so do i but that wont make me stop from eating meat its the circle oflife that my choice and my freedom of speech..thanks

  • Deborah Kay Steinken says:


  • Geoff says:

    I’d like to see her wear that dress into Cesar Millan’s pack of dogs. I bet they would be fans of her new dress! Seriously though she is expressing her right to be controversial the same way that you are expressing your right to be disgusted by it.

  • Marisa Cordoba says:

    IT’S FAKE. LORD get your FACTS together PEOPLE! FAKE meat dress made out of a very interesting synthetic material. You know how in almost 1000 different ways wearing a real meat dress would not be allowed by celebrities gaga the people that own the auditorium ect ect ect LORD I could go on…? PULease get your facts straight and don’t get all huffy about something you don’t know. You people sound so…dumb when you talk out of your bums like this.

  • richard says:

    Yes the dress is quite confronting but it seems not many are really ready to confront what it really means. It’s hilarious how meat eaters are so freaked out about this saying how disgusting it is. Yet they are quite happy to put this “disgusting” stuff in their mouths chew it and swallow it without giving it another thought. I can only hope that the effect will be on an unconscious level and that perhaps Gaga might have done a great service to animals whether she was aware of it or not. But I suspect she is well aware of it.

  • Jaso says:

    How this is not making difference from that when people buy “food” from grocery or wearing a fur? I really don’t think that people who doesn’t buy the records after this does any effect her record selling. Even if the dress is disgusting I don’t think Lady Gaga tried to disturb by that the vegetarians more like everyone by the fact the meat is most of peoples food? I really would like to heard her reason for the dress.

  • Courtney says:

    I totally agree with how gross and unsanitary this is but I would just like to say that because of what kind of meat it was it would have dried out instead of rot. I am a vegetarian and was planning on being lady gaga for halloween and now and definatly second guessing that.

  • Sophie says:

    To be completely honest yes there are a lot of people who will be revolted by the dress and a good portion of her audience is. But truthfully by the time her next album comes out no one is going to take that into account. She will again go on to sell out international tours and shatter album records. Unfortunately agreeing with some comments made before PETA is making a mockery of itself in the way its attempt to reach the general public.

  • Heather says:

    Lady gaga is awsome! the meat dress is awsome. It was symbolic! Shut ur mouth PETA. No matter what you do ppl will love meat and fur. Sorry

  • Zeus says:

    Ohh boo hoo. You guys need to stop I’m a vegetarian and I didn’t get all butt hurt about her wearing it. She is an artist expressing how she feels about the don’t ask don’t tell policy but I bet you assholes didn’t know that. Suck it up you guys get over yourselves. I bet your parents eat meat just as mine do but I don’t n bother them about it the difference is she’s just wearing it not eating so. So pick you egos up and find something worth while to pick on like cover girl or popeyes chicken. Lady gaga is still going to sell million and I bet people posting on the site are going to be jamming out to them just as I am when it comes out. Grow up

  • Sandra says:

    I have been a vegetarian for six years and I FULLY support Lady Gaga’s dress. Like a comment posted earlier states “it is no different than wearing fur or leather shoes.” I’m sure the majority of people out there who preach ethical treatment for animals own something leather. Sorry to burst your bubble. I am also all for treating animals right not wearing them and not eating them. I’m not however going to bad talk Lady Gaga’s dress just because of the ‘fabric’ of choice. The designer did come out and say the fabric was fake how’s that for disgusting? Lady Gaga wore the dress for the dress for a deeper meaning. She wore it for her buddy who got kicked out of the Military for the don’t ask don’t tell policy. She wore the dress to stand up for something not to keep herself looking ‘fresh’. Granted she forced her views in a way that doesn’t exactly impress many people but she did it in completely unique way. Her dress is also a huge advancement in both the science and fashion industry. The material is new to science they’re still working on it and Lady Gaga wearing it only helps the perfection process. Fashion is an art there’s no denying it. Fashion is a huge representative of our culture as well. In wearing the dress Lady Gaga shows how people have become just a piece of meat. Not many people stand for what they believe in anymore. Surely she thought of the risk she was taking before showing up to the VMA’s there’s no way she couldn’t. Lady Gaga is smart not ignorant. Still even with the risk of losing fans and displeasing many people she showed up standing up for what she believes in and making a statement. And Peta going as far as to say the family cat will be made into a hat? Hmm Peta I distinctly remember your support for Lady Gaga when she wore the Kermit the Frog dress now somehow you’re so against her? Think of the support Lady Gaga is bringing to Vegetarianism. Many people view the dress as repulsive and you even said it they’re going vegetarian. So let’s see… Lady Gaga wore a dress that didn’t harm a single animal stood up for gay rights encouraged people to become vegetarian made an advancement in both fashion and science and made a statement and did it all in a unique way. Way to go Lady Gaga you have my praise.

  • mick says:

    its not real meat you dum dums. do you really think she would wear real meat to an awards show? you guys are so gullible

  • Aaron says:

    First off for those who wish to call her nick names to simply make fun of her such as people doing this “lady” gaga lady gaggag etc. Posted by Jacqueline September 13 2010 1048 AM Posted by Gina September 13 2010 1002 AM coughcough Oh and one more thing calling her lady gay gay isn’t offensive to her so try again. She likes that nickname. Now I have been a PETA member for a long time and I am very disappointed in the hypocrisy. First off why would PETA request Lady Gaga to shoot in a magazine naked because she doesn’t wear fur but then now they decide to basically backstab her and state how horrible of a person she is? Way to maintain professionalism… Also I just can’t at the people who claim they arewere fans and refuse to buy any of her CD’s ever again. First off do you even know the symbolism of her outfit? Way to call yourself fans and then jump on the bandwagon of becoming antigaga. “Lately Lady Gaga has been having a hard time keeping her act “over the top.” Is that so? Is that why she is the 4th ranked in Forbes Magazine has 7 consecutive top 10 singles in America and Universally? Is that why her albums are selling consistently every week while others are having a hard time selling their albums in their first week? How about winning 8 VMAS in ONE NIGHT. That is more than any current artist and more than Madonna in one night. Right.. I see the downfall of her. Vegan for years and not one ounce offended.

  • Cal says:

    This look does not make me “goo goo for gaga” this look makes me want to vomit. Anyone that can wear their dinner is disgusting. I feel like PETA should have been there to boycott this dress I mean MESS of meat. MEAT shouldn’t go into your body let alone around your it. If nothing else this look gets a huge thumbs down for being unsanitary !

  • jo says:

    Yuck! Although yuck is all I can think I sort of took this another way. I thought it was kind of a good way to maybe make people think about wearing leather. I mean really it’s the same so maybe it will change some people’s minds about what they eat and wear.

  • Annemarie says:

    I don’t even like Lady Gaga but seriously give it up. She wore it it’s all over with. Don’t drag it on and on and on. She’s got an odd style but leave her alone. Worry more about what you guys do with the animals you save instead of the ones you can’t.

  • Ben says:

    This supports my theory that Lady Gaga is more than one person. One woman who plays her favours animal rights and another doesn’t care for them.

  • Aneliese says:

    Go Ellen!

  • Brittany says:

    OMG You people are taking this WAY overboard. Lady GaGa didn’t wear this ensemble to deliberately shock fans it has a meaning to it. The meaning being that if America keeps going in the direction its going then we’re going to have the same amount of rights as the meat on our bones. Lady GaGa is awesome and for one will still be buying all of her albums.

  • Beth says:

    Oh barf! Like many of her past acts and stunts this was just one more way for her to grab SOMEONE’s attention. I’m sure she’s raving about how she’s captured PETA’s attention on the matter. I say next time we ignore her and stop giving her what she wants. I just hope it wasn’t real because that is just repulsive and disgusting. Did anyone see her raw meat bikini on the front cover of Vogue Hommes Japan? Uh….

  • mariana says:

    Thats INSULTING! how can she wear a dead animal? i dont freaking care if its fake or not this is just nonsence.

  • pam tocci says:

    She is a fricken nut job. Whether it was real or fake it accomplished the same thing….disgust. I wouldn’t spend a penny on her “music’ before last night and obviously wouldn’t now. There is such a thing as tact and she hasn’t learned it yet. Shame on her.

  • Laura says:

    I thought it was funny

  • Arleise says:

    Lucy wordsworthHAHAHAHA That was a GOOD ONE!!!! D

  • Cheer Bear says:

    SO did you read why she wore it? Or are you just reading what peta had to say about it? I am vegetarian and hated it at first but I changed my mind when I heard her purpose for wearing it. Here it is… Well its certainly no disrespect to anyone thats vegan or vegetarian.I as you know am the most judgmentfree human being on Earth. However it has many interpretations but for me this evening its that if we dont stand up for what we believe in if we dont fight for our rights pretty soon were gonna have as much rights as the meat on our bones. I am not a piece of meat.

  • Rainey says:

    I have a whole new respect for Ellen she loves animals and thankfully she has the voice to help them. Lady Gaga is disgusting. Wearing that as clothes is gross and then changing for every award was too much. and those shoes OMG WTF?!?!?!

  • Bob says:

    she is expressing herself. Yeah it may be disgusting or absurd but she should be allowed to express herself any way she likes. And people are going to continue to eat meat are you going to harass a lion in africa because he ate an antelope last night? No so layoff everyone’s back and open your mind a little. If any one is small minded in this world it is people like you who aren’t open to what other people do. And if you really think no one will not buy her CDs after this dress you are out of your mind people will still flock to her concerts in larger numbers than ever because she is a great performer.

  • krysia says:

    This has been done before by a vegan singer as a protest in the 70’sso I’m confused as to which message Ga Ga is trying to get accross.

  • Jackie says:

    Lady Gaga said she doesn’t disrespect vegans or vegetarians that her meat dress was symbolic. Of course as predicted that means nothing to you. Unless she’s slutting it up in one of your “Might as well be naked” lettuce bikinis you won’t be happy.

  • Summer says:

    Someone who has true talent would not have to resort to gross shock tactics that resort to draping oneself in a corpse to get attention. ‘Gag’ is gross and her music will go out of favor soon enough. Anyone who has to ‘selftitle’ themself obviously has done nothing significant to be given a title by another. She’s no lady and no aristocrat. She’s ugly on the outside and ugly on the inside. She just proved it to the world. If you asked the animal she wore if it would like to sacrifice itself so Gag could get some free publicity what do you think it would say? What would you say if someone wanted your dead body to publicise themselves? I’d say no how about you?

  • noe says:

    I don’t like the dress but Lady Gaga is “contraversy”! I agree wit Efren i still think her records will sell like hotcakes! Don’t get me wrong we all know she’s not a good rolemodel avoid her music and her concerts she need to be taught a lesson. Although in all reality I don’t think it will happen!

  • Jennifer Dove says:

    Well Lady Gaga you wated attention you got it! im deleting your music and throwing away your cds and promising to have nothing to do with you from this moment on…

  • JoanL says:

    veggiedude while I’m not condoning wearing leather there is in fact a difference between wearing and thus wasting raw meat and leather shoes. At least leather shoes are worn time and time again for many times. Raw meat dress? One time use at best. In fact I think it is even more disgusting that she didn’t eat it after wearing it. Its getting used for some weird whatthehellisthepoint anyway stunt and then tossed means that those animals died for nothing more than that adding injury to injury. I will never buy or in any way support this woman again.

  • lalala... says:

    hmm…whos that manly beastwho has lost my loyalty as a fan unless the meat is fake.maybe next time she sould try shaving the hair from her armpits and using that as a offense to anybody but this beast has lost my respect.i have also noticed many comments on how meat is good and God gave us permission…the sad thing though is that im almost 100 sure the people behind that screen r overweight or have someone close to fatness.thats i made my point meatfat strokes heartlessand ugly people

  • ashleee says:

    all of her outifts have inspiration and meaning……….this one is obvious. women get treated like a piece of meat. …… no i wouldnt wear it or recommened it but cut her some slack……..

  • Giorgio Picinelli says:

    I think she really doesn’t know what else to do to try to impress the public…she has obviously a lot of talent and great visionbut it seems to me she has done more or less everything already so she’s looking for something really shocking to keep the attention on her.. Well…I think this “dress” is absolutely disgustingfake or not fake and insulting for those peoplelike me who support animal rights…I don’t even know what kind of statement she was trying to make..pointless….but what I don’t understand is why so many people found this dress disgusting while I see actors and actresses wearing leather leather shoes furall the time without getting any drama from the public…shouldn’t we just say that we have no right to use animals for our own stupid needs and animals are on this planet for their own reasons? A leather pair of shoes come from the same cow that was on Lady GAGA’s body last night again…not only gross but let me say…A FASHION DISASTER!

  • Charmaine says:

    like her music but anm shocked and disappointed that she pulled a stunt like that.

  • sherri says:

    It could be a statement for many things Women are viewed as pieces of meat wearing leather or fur is as bad as wearing the meat from an animal itself there are so many things. I love her and she really inspires me. It made people talk it worked.

  • GO says:

    Tiffany. Yeah no. The only message she was trying to send was “Look at me!” Trying to hide that behind a more intelligent agenda is BS. This women cares only about her time in the spotlight.

  • AnÄ says:

    That’s crazy. If she wasn’t gonna wear it the meat would be eaten by someone else. They took it from butcher shop they didn’t cut the cow theirselves.

  • GO says:

    I am thankful that she did this for two reasons. The first Ingrid already pointed out this will generate alot of interest in organizations like PETA. The second this is in my opinion the beginning of the end of Lady Gaga. There is shock factor and then there is desperation. And she is showing alot of desperation to maintain her image. People will now start to see her for what she is a desperate try hard with little in the way of substance and intelligence.

  • Stacie says:

    Lady GayGay as I like to call her is a horrible singer anyway. She has no talent I guess this just adds to reasons I can’t stand her.

  • Terrance says:

    Tiffany adams she never said it was fake meat. The meat dress was real. Her basic message was “I’m not a piece of meat”… Wow profound… Whatever.

  • Maggie says:

    I’ll admit that I love Lady Gaga. But as soon as I saw her dress I completely lost all respect for her. She went from fashion forward to desperate for attention. I couldn’t believe her “I’m the most judgementfree human being on Earth.” Wow. Narcissistic and proud of the fact that she has no morals. Impressively pathetic.

  • The Truth says:

    Its fake. It is not animal meat that it represents its human meat. Her message is “I’m not just a piece of meat” isn’t that what the point of PETA is? Instead PETA should endorse Gaga and the message she is actually stating.

  • Mirsha says:

    I think Lady GaGa looked beautiful in that dress and her make up was old hollywood glamor.I know PETA is taking this all the wrong way. Lets be adults now and stop picking on a person who just was expressing herself on american laws. Enough said so lets get back to the real storyshe rocked beautiful fashion and won the most awards you GO GAGA!!!

  • sam says:

    I agree with veggiedude…nobody brought up the leather dress she wore before the meat…that is also a dead animal