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Lab Used By Iams Busted

Written by PETA | February 15, 2007


I’ll keep you posted, as details become available, but in the meantime, remember to join these folks in the Iams boycott and only feed your dogs and cats food from cruelty-free companies.

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  • ARC says:

    Vegan dogs are healthy dogs

  • Katja Pavlovic says:

    Hello..I d like to congratulate every activist here..I am also activist and I have been writting to the labs..And I must say..good job Wendy Lee. I d like to meet u u have msn? So..Iams?? We dont need it.What they are doing is just not normal..this must stop!!!!! I hope they stop testing on animals and even stop doing business..we have lots of dog and cat food…and natural untested food is so much better! And the things that were happening in Romania..with bears..?Here in Slovenia..we have similar problems.. Where is this world going? Katja

  • Jeanette says:

    Well Done PETA!! I have just been reading the comments regarding IAMS. This is a product I have never bought for my animals. I recently went to see my bank regarding an RRSP contribution. My money is in mutual funds in Canadian stocks. The investment counsellor suggested that I switch some of the money to US stocks since I would probably get a better return on my money. My first thought was that PG would be one of the companies that my money would be invested in. I immediately said No I will stay with Canadian stocks. Now I am not sure which companies I have invested in but I do know that since PG is such a huge profitable company the bank’s investment dealers would think this a good “buy”. The investment agent did not know anything about PG and unfortunately there was not time at that sitting to inform her of all the reasons to stop buying PG products. We have to be increasingly aware of the products we buy and become label readers. It is quite amazing the list of products and companies that are under the PG umbrella. Stay vigilant and in our own small ways each of us can help the animals and keep our world safe and clean. Also I have been using a brand of canned dog food which I buy from Canada Safeway. The brand is “Priority” made by I don’t know who but distributed by Safeway. On the can it says “Priority is a proud sponsor of Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation.” One of the reasons I have been buying this product is because this is an admirable cause. However on the list of ingredients it says “meat byproducts.” My daughter said that this might include dog and cat parts as well as other animal parts. I emailed the company asking what they meant by meat byproducts but got no reply. Since reading the comments on your page I have since researched a purveyor of Natural Balance dog food and although the store is a bit out of the way I will make the journey to purchase some healthy food for my 13yearold dogs food that I know has been created in an ethical and humane manner. Thank you PETA for all that you do to help the animals.

  • brad stevens says:

    I will never buy Iam’s or any product from P G again as of today.This is sick and they need to be shut down….NOW

  • Natasha da Silva says:

    Hi I live in South Africa we do not have the food that is on the approved list of petfood companies that have contacted PETA to say that they don’t test on animals my dogs all eat Hills and have done so from puppies I am very happy with Hills but now I am concerned do you guys call Hills the Science Diet? I see someone has said that the Science Diet also tests on animals. It is very frustrating living in SA there are no lists of approved products for us every Vet I have been to has always recommended Hills and I have always felt that I am giving my dogs and cats the best that I can I don’t know what else I would feed them!! We are not spoilt for choice in SA. Just recently we have had 35 dogs die from Woolworths a more upmarket food store dog food when I heard the news I thought how greatful I am that my dogs eat Hills now I am not so sure. Can anyone advise me?

  • Norma Schwartzberg says:

    Iams lost my bussiness forever. Animal abuse is a horrific thing!

  • Donna says:

    Thank you PETA for the information on iams and PG. I had no idea and I have 4 cats that have been eating Iams. My dog eats pedigree. I’ll look on your list and see if that one is okay. I will never buy a PG product again. I’ll be sure to let every one I know know about this! Keep up the good work PETA! XXX Donna

  • mary jackson says:

    I really like the idea that Karissa Blades posted on March 7th that we should all keep our receipts for non PG rpoducts and mail them to PG to see how much money they are loosing out on as long as they continue these horrifying experiments. I will borrow her idea see how many backers I can get to do this with me see how much of an impact this will make. I’ll try anything once!

  • LA Hottie says:

    What Iams is doing is absolutely despicable. Never again will anyone in my family nor any of our many friends ever purchase another product from Iams or their parent company Mars Inc. Goodbye forever Iams and Mars. You just lost a family who spends approximately $9500year on pet food and related products. Enjoy the glider ride into history.

  • Haylie says:

    THAT IS CRAZY.They r said 2 be the best food 4 animals.

  • Michele says:

    Regarding PG products including Iams yes it is a HUGE company with many many subsidiairies. As someone previously said in this post that you have to get them in the pocketbook that is absolutely the only way they are going to make changes because otherwise they will simply continue to spin everything to make themselves look good instead of actually making changes to the way they do their business. So check out PETA’s website for all PG’s companies and always read the labels of the products you buy I was always thinking of household cleaning products or cosmetics and did not even realize that companies like Tropicana were also under PG. The next step which I think would be great if everyone did it is to keep the receipts of your nonPG purchases and send them to Procter Gamble on a regular basis. They will really start to see where they are losing business.

  • Karissa Blades says:

    When this story first broke out I immediately ceased the use of Iams and got everyone I know to stop buying it also!! We have come so far and I hate that companies are still using cruelty to test their products.

  • Mindy Reed says:

    I have been reading the posts and I saw someone saying they will switch to Science Diet…just so you know they do alot of animal testing as well….FYI!

  • Annie De Bondt says:

    Dear I was disgusted when looking at the video sent to me by the PETA animal Rights organisation. Shocking unhuman unbelievably cruel. What kind of human would do this to an animal. The fear that I saw in the eyes of these animals is burnt in my mind. I can assure you of one thing I will use my influence as a teacher to make my students colleagues aware of this cruelty. Bear in mind that the consumer has a lot of power. I hope your hearts will open up and that you will become empathetic towards these animals. Annie.

  • Tammy says:

    I am a vet tech and my vet often recommends IAMS along with two other brands to his clients I’m going to have to make sure he is aware of this situation.

  • Brooke says:

    How horrible! I will be sure to spread the bad news about Iams as well to everyone I know. Thanks for posting the list of vegan pet food.

  • Liz says:

    I will never ever buy any Iams products again. I will inform everyone I know about Iams horrible practices.

  • Jack says:

    Here’s a list of petfood companies that have contacted PETA to say that they don’t test on animals for everyone who requested it httpwww.iamscruelty.comnotTested.asp And there’s a list of vegan pet food and some information about vegetarian pets at httpwww.helpinganimals.comanimalsHomegivegAnimals.asp Hope that’s helpful! Jack

  • emily says:

    how could they do that !!!!!!!!!!! it o so sad

  • Cynthia Naanouh says:

    it disgusts me that animal testing is even legal and it i find it so ironic that a company like Iams to be testing in such a cruel way. it pisses me off and i will make sure that all my friends family coworkers and customers get this message as well.

  • Mike Kennedy says:

    I will never purchase any items to do with your company. I think it is time to start feeding my dog home cooking.

  • Tammy says:

    There is NO EXCUSE to abuse animals in the horrific ways I have just read about. Your company can go broke for all I care. How DARE you treat these poor unsuspecting critters like that? You should be totally ashamed and I hope you all go to HELL.

  • melanie says:

    has anyone heard back from the dog whisperer’s website?? i would hope he would discontinue to support IAMS

  • Sue, Josie and Kylee says:

    Let’s continue this support. When buying pet food ask the manager if they sell Iams. If not let them know that YOU WILL shop there because they do not sell Iams and why. If they do tell them about the horrible testing and that their advertising is very misleading ask them to stop selling Iams and tell them you will not shop there until they do. Animals are not here for tests they are here for love and compassion that go both ways.

  • Ashley Talbot says:

    It’s about time all this was uncovered! Good work!

  • BEAN says:

    IAMS is horrible.. FYI I saw a comment up there from Jane that she was switching to Eukanuba. I thought I’d let everyone know Eukanuba is the premium brand of Iams. They are owned by Iams. SCIENCE DIET is another animal tester.. they also preserve their food with the same stuff in weed killer known to cause BRAIN TUMORS in humans.. but OK for our animals? Why then do we test all of our HUMAN stuff on animals!! I’m not vegan so I feed my dog Nutro who previously used labs that got caught testing but have since switched to non invasive experiments that are based on taste skincoat etc according to correspondence. They preserve their food with vitamin E and egg. No chemicals or animal byproducts in their dry food but they do use meat. Just a little FYI. xoxo!

  • Jessie says:

    I Hope everyone at Iams that has tested on animals gets the punishment they truly deserve. Its time we stop using animals as experiments to have make up and the accessories we dont need.Dont you guys have feelings whatsoever hurting an animal? If you guys have no reactions towards destroying a animals life I bet you guys wouldnt have a problem either with getting away with murder…I hope you guys get shut downed.

  • Gaby Jones says:

    Hello I would like to know the food brands for cats and dogs without cruelty. Thank you for let us know wich ones we shouldnt buy.

  • Marsha Johnson says:

    I had no idea this was going on. I will never buy IAMS again and I will tell everyone I know not to buy their food or anything they produce until this stops. I would prfer tosee them put out of business.

  • Elena White says:

    Everyone should know that Eukanuba I believe is also owned by Iams. Double check the packaging!

  • kev says:

    I also got the spin email from Iams I really despise Iams and am thankfull to PETA for there work. My dogs had Iams for years but I now use Quantum recommended by PETA it took a while to find in the UK but well worth the effort and all my friends now boycott Proctor G products.

  • Natasha da Silva says:

    Can anyone tell me if HILLS is safe?

  • Ana says:

    Thank you for letting consumers know about Iams’ hypocrisy. I have been feeding my dog Iams since he was a pup and he is now 5 years old. I will make sure to boycott Iams their cruelty to the same animals they claim to love is sickening!

  • Margery Glickman says:

    IamsEukanuba also sponsors mushers in the cruel Iditarod.

  • Lemma says:

    It personally alarms me as I know it does for everyone who had heard about this case that not only this company is conducting animal testing methods but that they are in fact a business that makes a product to help house hold animals have a “nutritional” diet. How confusing that a pet company tortures the pets…

  • Sally Fernbach says:

    I can not believe this type of cruelty is being inflicted on any animal least of all companion animals. It is sick sick sick! How do these people sleep at night? I haven’t purchased Iams since this story broke and will continue to let everyone I know how this company deals in cruelty.

  • Melissa says:

    I complained to Iams about their practices and received the “spin” email that people have mentioned. I replied with the following maybe it can serve as a model for others’ letters? Hi Tina I understand that it’s your job to defend Iams. Still I cannot say that the long email you sent me put my mind at rest. The same week that you wrote me your message PETA sent another one suggesting that despite its admirably written “spin” Iams continues to treat animals less than humanely. Here’s the bottom line I am a busy person. I do not have time to thoroughly research both sides of this “he saidshe said” issue. And I remain unsure whether Iams is the crueltyfree company that it professes to be. With so many pet food companies from which to choose I am making the decision to switch my loyalty to another company one that is unambiguously humane. And I am telling my friends about my decision and asking my local pet supply store Mounds Pet Food Warehouse to discontinue selling your products. Best Melissa

  • Jennifer says:

    The cruletyfree co. you list are great but i need to find these prodcts at my local grocery store not buy on line. My cat is very pickey and its to much of a hassle to buy on line especially for him not to like the food.

  • Jerry Thomas says:

    If there is a logical explaination to this I’d love to hear it how sick!

  • Ingrid says:

    I encorage to everyone when you go to any supermarket and see IAMS products tell to the people who want to buy it why they do not have to. Nor just get shocked please we have to do something any time that we have the opportunity!!!

  • Karen M Gonzales says:

    I fail to see why a company that issupposed to have the best interests of our beloved companions at heart would ever think that these kind of experiments would in any way improve their products! You can bet I will boycott IAMS food and I will even go as far as to check that Proctor and Gamble products aren’t on my list either!

  • sarh harper says:

    my mams cat eats Iams but after today he wont. i had no idea what the Iams company did and i felt sick reading about it my mam is a animal lover we rescued our cat after it was being mistreated so there is no way that she will buy Iams cat food knowing this.I have emailed Iams telling them i nor any of my friends will use Iams again

  • Karen H says:

    I wonder if Hill’s Science Dietdo the same with their animals…???

  • judy says:

    thank you peta. we would have never known. i will no longer buy iams. keep up the great work. these animals need you.

  • Caroline Pavlinik says:

    I hope that PETA can fund antiIams print or radio ads. When I tell people the truth about Iams they are disgusted! Iams plays up their image to be such a cutesy petfriendly companythey play an effective ruse on the American public. Petawe need to get the word out in a very public fashion so nonPeta members can be exposed to the truth behind Iams!!

  • ROXANNE says:

    i’m not sure but when i heard this about iams i switched my dog to newman’s own. my dog loves the food and the treat and it is organic. i feed my cat royal canin. i will never knowingly give my animals anything from this company. sincerly roxanne galati

  • Robin Gydesen says:

    Wonderful News!! I am also glad to hear that others would like to capture and torture the terrible people who torture these anaimals at Iams Laboratories! Sometimes I think I would gladly suffer the consequences whatever they may be just to free these innocent animals and make employees and companies understand how horrific these tortures are. Thanks to everyone who has had a hand in changing the lives of these animals and all animals of the world. Thank You PETA!!

  • Joy Jaffe says:

    I also wrote to IAMS and my friend called them at 8005254267. I received an email back from”Tina” who said the company is passionate about cats and dogs with a deep commitment to their health and welfare and that for the past few years misleading and innaccurate information has been circulating and shethey appreciate the opportunity to provide me with the facts. There are numerous sites and articles shethey reffered me to. I don’t believe proctor and gamble but unfortunately my friend chose to believe them.We have been debating ever since. My friend doesn’t want to believe that people would actually do these things to animals and asks me not to tell her these things or she won’t be able to sleep at night.I told her doing nothing makes her part of the problem. I have spent many a sleepless night thinking about how animals are mistreated. Anyhow my cats eat PetGuard that is on Peta’s list of pet food companies that do not test on animals and they like it just fine. I buy it at my health food grocery store.

  • Alisa Dees says:

    I refuse to buy any more food from a company that sells pet food and at the same time TORTURES pets for testing purposes. I will also tell everyone I know to do the same.

  • Rebecca H says:

    I do not know why this is such a surprise to anyone especially PETA and its supporters. Proctor and Gamble has been continuously testing on animals since I can remember. We have not used ANY of their products in this house including Folgers Tropicana juice and certain makeup companies etc. for years due to this fact. You really have to do your homework. Companies that test on animals will buy seemingly benign companies and you will unknowingly be giving these companies your money. Please read up and pay attention. PETA has lists that can help you get started.