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Lab Used By Iams Busted

Written by PETA | February 15, 2007


I’ll keep you posted, as details become available, but in the meantime, remember to join these folks in the Iams boycott and only feed your dogs and cats food from cruelty-free companies.

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  • izzabizzykitty says:

    I posted in febuary while i was still in grade 6. Now i am in grade 7 and more observitory of abuse. All of my animals are rescues of abuse or neglect. i think everyone should know how bad things are right now and are going to get. THIS IS NOT RIGHT!!!!! people in some delusion of their mind think they can abuse animals! These poor defenceless creatures are tortured for no reason. If this does not stop imediatly our world will become common with abuse testing and cruelty! In my mind i cant even think of hurting an animal. if you would like to hear more about me and how i feel plus submit how you feel please go to my website at Let’s speak for those who canot speak for themselves!

  • Deanna Batess says:

    I researched dog foods a long time ago and I knew I did not want my beloved animal fed that garbage. I took a lot of flack from people regarding my dog’s home cooked diet. But I am so glad my precious friend is safe. iams and all the other are greedy uncaring and they should be prosecuted for the murdering of pets.

  • Diane J Halleck-Gorges says:

    My dog Clifford has been on Iams dogfood for 10 years and my stomach turned when I found out that what I thought was good for him and my other pets was causing other animals to suffer.I have 2 dogs and 4 cats and we no longer buy Iams due to seeing the Anna Nicole ad and her support in boycotting Iams. May she RIP knowing her stand against crulety is being carried on by many. Diane West Seneca NY

  • Lemma says:

    Just a little while ago I wrote an Email to Iams expressing my view on Iams cruelty. Rather strongly I may add. The response that came back denied any part in the animal cruelty tests they do and claimed that it was a RUMOR. They told me that all the animal testing they do is under circumstances that would be acceptable for humans. They also said that there are companions in the dog’s cages since they are pack animals and that they are able to go through a doggy door and run out and play when ever they wish. When will they finally come clean?