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KT Tunstall Takes On KFC

Written by PETA | June 12, 2008

Two-time-Grammy-nominated songwriter KT Tunstall has just lent her voice to the campaign against KFC, firing off a letter to the managers of every KFC in Scotland encouraging them to pressure the company to stop its suppliers’ worst abuses of chickens. You can read the full letter here. For the full experience, I highly recommend that you do it while listening to KT Tunstall’s latest smash hit, “If Only.” I’ve provided a video for you below so you can get the multimedia.

Thanks for taking a stand, KT. We really appreciate it.


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  • ben says:

    Judging from the fuzz on her jacket the suede is more likely to be ultrasuede which is not actually made from sheepdeer skin.

  • ben says:

    I am saddened by this kt let me down yeah you cant be kicking stomping or throwing or any of that… however have any of you raised chickens before? Their beaks are trimmed to prevent them from eating each other. Its proven that chickens are canibals.. maybe that was the tyson deal.. the bottom line you should all rename yourselfs as “Hitler for vegitarianism!” how can you all be so blind to this being entirely out of context… Every other post I make on here gets deleted anyways… great job kt I loved all your past work.. you just proved to me that you are as selfish selfcentered and uneducated as the rest of these folks on the matter of reality. .. alright delete away. I just had to give my take. ben

  • lynda downie says:

    Thanks KT!

  • marie says:

    M. I agree with you. I am a Peta member and love Peta but it’s frustrating when you see one of their sponsors denouncing puppy mills overbreeding in a leather jacket or something like that.

  • m says:

    Um why is she wearing a suede jacket?

  • Carla says:

    This is really not much to ask for! In the long run it would be better for both workers and chickens!! Redeem yourselfs!! For the sake of the animals!! We’re depending on it!!