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Kristen Johnston Launches Sexy Ad on Taxi Tops

Written by PETA | November 21, 2008

Yes, the Kristen Johnston, and yes, she is starkers on that plastic horse.

Two-time Emmy Award–winning actor Kristen Johnston, whom you will remember as the hysterical Sally on Third Rock From the Sun, stripped down for PETA’s new ad targeting the cruelty of the horse-drawn carriage trade. In this gorgeous tribute to Lady Godiva—another fearless activist—Kristen urges us not to “get taken for a ride,” because horse-drawn carriages are cruel, not romantic. Check it out:




Yours truly was lucky enough to attend the launch of Kristen’s ad—because it was in New York, natch, where a bill is being proposed that would ban horse-drawn carriages! Kristen’s beautiful ad is displayed on more than 100 taxi tops all over the city, so we decided to show them off in the most natural place—in Central Park, just across the street from where the carriage drivers wait to pick up passengers.


Kristen Johnston


Kristen was very gracious about posing for the press, even hopping up on the hood of one of the taxis. She’s a very classy lady, and was kind enough to take pictures with a few fans as well. One older lady was so excited when she saw Kristen that she went right up to shake her hand, and just beamed from ear to ear when she had her picture taken with the actress.


Kristen Johnston


Kristen is just as funny in person as she is on screen, and it was a treat to work with her. She’s also passionate about helping get the carriage horses out of their traces and off the streets—as are many people when they learn about the way the horses are abused. So once you’re done staring at the ad, read more facts about carriage horses. And if you’re a New York City resident, please contact your city council representative and urge him or her to support Councilmember Dan Garodnick’s bill to replace the city’s horse-drawn carriages with eco-friendly electric models of classic 1920s cars! How glam, right?

Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • SASHA says:

    What a wonderful picture. It really captured the spirit of the message! Well done PETA and a big hug to KRISTEN!

  • Jessica says:

    Kristen’s a personal hero of mine too…the biggest heart ever! Not to mention intelligent beautiful inside out hilarious warm humble…truly an amazing person. I will join Kristen in this fight to ban horsedrawn carriages in NYC. It’s easy to be so involved with our own lives that we don’t even think about these horses but it’s even easier to join the cause speak up spread the word. Let’s let these beautiful animals live a better life. Thanks Kristen for drawing this to our attention!

  • Thomas Olsen says:

    I love Kristen! Awesome job!! Hopefully there will be no more horsedrawn carriages in NY soon!!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Beautiful ad! Kudos to Kristen and the art directorphotographer.

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Personal hero of mine extremely talented and funny and beautiful. I especially like that the photo shoot used a fake horse. If they had used a real horse the poor critter would have to have stood for hours and been put through all kinds of unnecessary crap. Thank you Kristen and photography people for using common sense and forethought in the PSA and of course for speaking out for horses!

  • luvsanimalsfordinner says:

    While I don’t agree with you guys on your issues I do agree that having hotties like Kristen Johnson running around naked to support your cause is a VERY good thing.

  • David says:

    Intelligent funny compassionate warm and friendlywhat a woman!

  • Roxanne says:

    I wish I never about this event I would have been there to see Kristen. She is beautiful inside as well as outside. Thanks for helping NYC horses. Peta might be the only savior for theses horses that suffer for decades in NYC. So many horses passed or resold to auction. where are they all now??? mostly likely slaughter after years of misery and abuse in NYC. shame on NYC