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Kosher Slaughterhouse Goes Bankrupt; Jewish Americans Go Vegetarian

Written by PETA | November 14, 2008

You remember Agriprocessors, right? You know, the kosher slaughterhouse whose practices turned out to be anything but kosher? The one that lost 76 percent of its employees in an immigration raid and that filed for bankruptcy last week?

Well, since Agriprocessors is (or, dare I say, was) the largest glatt kosher slaughterhouse in the world, the bankruptcy has led to a shortage of kosher meat. An article on reports that, as a result, many Jewish Americans are eating more vegetarian meals.

Three of the five largest kosher beef slaughterhouses in the U.S. and the second-largest kosher beef supplier in South America are currently not operating. This is adding to the shortage and causing prices to escalate. In addition to troubles at Agriprocessors, operations at the nation’s third-largest kosher slaughterhouse, North Star Beef in Minnesota, stopped several months ago after a fire, and the fifth largest facility in the U.S. (Local Pride, which we investigated in 2007 and is owned by the same people as Agriprocessors) stopped operations in October.

There’s a solid case for Jewish vegetarianism in the first place, and the lawbreaking practices of Agriprocessors and its subsequent shutdown are even more reasons to have a vegetarian Shabbat. Many “meaty” recipes—even chopped “liver”!—can be made pareve (that’s no meat, no dairy)., by the way, has a nice collection of Jewish recipes. I have personally made both the latkes and the stuffed zucchini and can attest to their yumminess. For more veganized traditional favorites, is another great resource.

Mmm, vegan knishes … I might have to buy potatoes on the way home today.

Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • Smiley says:

    Tuodhcown! That’s a really cool way of putting it!

  • Gabe says:

    You all truly surprise me. I posted earlier on this link saying to talk to a rabbi about Kosher slaughter but it was never approved. I am going to try again hopefully you all won’t be so closed minded and allow this to be read by everyone. Kosher slaughterhouses generally not always operate in a clean fashion that allows a humane death. The animals do not feel pain if done properly. Yes there is an if but a certified person should be on site at all time to oversee the slaughtering if he sees that something wrong happens then it cannot be done or it because treif. The animals must not feel pain or be tortured in anyway unlike what all of you are jumping to conclusions about. Either way to have a valid case you must know both sides. So instead of reading one article go talk to a rabbi about the factories and Kosher slaughter and then formulate your opinion. Having an opinion with only side of the argument is like trying to scoop water with a slotted spoon. It has too many holes and no good will come from it other than you looking like an idiot.



  • Shari says:

    Ya got THAT right Shawshank!!


    yonatan for you history passes really by! you are a complete ignorant because the future of this world was already prepared by our spritually advanced veg ancestors like da Vinci Tolstoi Dostojewski Kafka Victor Hugo Albert Einstein! Go to have a look on google and type vegan and vegetarian elite of the world and you shall find more than 800 great spirits who are our real future!

  • Shari says:

    Hey yonatan? You one of the GREEDY PSYCHOPATH Rabashkins? OR LOL are you a meth addicted ex employee who’s jonse’n?? ‘

  • yonatan says:

    You bunch of animals. You would rather see the suffering of people rather than see the so called suffering of animals. Do you know that agri is source of life to the city of postvgille and thousands of people. People like you might have a victory for the now but start freezing ice for the world to come because it is going to be hot for you over there.

  • Robin Lynn says:

    Let’s do all we can to assure this company completely goes out of business and stays that way. I’m imploring PETA to appeal to then file a class action lawsuit on behalf of every animal advocate lover and animals themselves where we have seen and watched the horrors and atrocities committed by human criminals during an animal halocaust. The psychological damage done to the animals and the persons advocating for the se animals having to view and see the truth to validate that this is really happening should be punishable in court and money and media exposure gained on behalf of the animal victims and to save the living animals. PETA please start a Petition which I’ll sign and support and get other to join then file this class action lawsuit against these mass animal murdering persons countries and businesses and put a stop to harming and killing animals worldwide. There is no humane way to do this and no valid reason to allow this. And anyone reading what I wrote urge PETA to file this class action lawsuit on behalf of animals and write better bills that can become law preventing the harm or death of any animal that is healthy or can be nursed back to health. I am still so traumatized over watching the video of the Hormel pig toxically spray painted ble the baby piglets being killed and the animals being skinned alive even the voiceless and defenseless rabbits who are a prey to all animals. I still cry when I think about this can yo uimagine how these innocent beautiful animals felt as they slowly died an unimaginable death. So PETA please SUE SUE SUE on behalf of those animals and us.

  • bbr says:

    Personally I am glad to see that they had an illgeal immigration raid. And also glad to see that they are no longer in business due to their idiotic slaughtering procedures.

  • Shari says:

    I HEAR ya Carla!! To a man whose mind is free like me there is something even MORE intolerable in the sufferings of animals THAN in the sufferings of man. For with the latter it is at least ADMITTED that suffering is evil and that the man who causes it IS a criminal but thousands of animals are uselessly butchered EVERY day WITHOUT a shadow of remorse. If any man were to REFER to it he would be thought ridiculous and THAT is the UNPARDONABLE crime. As the soul IS THE SAME in ALL living creatures though the body of EACH is different. In THEIR behavior toward creatures all men are Nazis. Human beings see oppression VIVIDLY when THEY are the victims otherwise they victimize BLINDLY and WITHOUT a thought. What goes around COMES around! If a group of beings from a HIGHER society beings who considered themselves as superior TO YOU you as you feel YOURSELF TO BE to other animals would you concede them the RIGHTS OVER YOU that YOU ASSUME over other animals?? I KNOW NOT!! Well The Beast has risen folks time to WAKE UP!!

  • Shari says:

    Amanda!! Thank You SO MUCH for posting this article per my suggestion ‘ PETA’s an excellent FORCE for the animals and PROUD to be a part of ’em! Peace Love MUCH Respect MY friends!!

  • Shari says:

    SORRY to say BUT if ANY JewKosher consumer is DUMB enough to actually BELIEVE their PROCLAIMED Kosher products were humanely slaughtered in THIS country of antiChrist Corps then you are IN for a RUDE awakening!! Ritual slaughter NEEDS to be abolished TOTALLY as there is NO place OR time in this with the MASS consumption of meat in this country AND abroad!! Corps are NOT going to spend any of their MASSIVE amounts of money for the APPROPRIATE equipment Temple Grandin to make sure the animals receive humane slaughter believe you me it’ll cut into their profits too much the GREEDY bastards! My suggestion to all the Jews out there PLEASE for the humanity of the animals which never was NO matter WHAT your package stated SWITCH to a veganvegetarian diet as meat is NOT necessary for survival by NO means and if anybody tells you DIFFERENT they are meat addicts ‘ This is a country that is getting ready to crumble THANKS to the private bankers and the MULTI MILLION corps which wouldn’t be MULTI MILLION if it weren’t for the dumbass foolish spoiled rotten SHEEPLE who had to have the biggest baddest and best of EVERYTHING in order to fulfill their selfish petty desires! Got news for ya Obama will bring change to this country but NOT the change you’re looking for… If they can do this to the animals of this country just IMAGINE the plans THEY have for YOU…to the private bankers you’re considered MERE cattle ‘0 Turn On Tune IN WAKE UP because there is a war on FOR your mind! RESIST THEIR NEW WORLD ORDER Please sign up we NEED ya!!

  • Diane Lapkiewicz says:

    That’s what those greedy things get for hiring illegals. Glad they shut them down.

  • Carla says:

    110 million dollars was spent on eating “fast food” burgers fries ect last year in the U.S. alone. Two thousand people living in the U.S. are excessively obese 600 pounds or more. And a little less then half the population will be obese in the next decade if we don’t start watching what we eat NOW! Eating fast food has become an epidemic it’s cheap fast filling and the kids AND parents love it they don’t have to cook and it won’t break the bank!! How the animals suffer!! The animals don’t have a choice BUT we do!!! Go veg!! And like Mike said “keep spreading the word”!!! And there’s nothing “Kosher” about these slaughterhouses!! Down with all of them BUT untill then… Go veg and truly make the animals smile and put the animals “raised” for food where they should be… nonexistant!!!

  • Jeff Jackson says:

    This makes me happy. I hope to hear about more meat joints locking the doors and filing bankrupcy. I truly like to think that people that can watch animals torture and say “I don’t care” are human but i’m starting to believe there not!

  • Sandy says:

    I really consider this great news!!!and an answer to my prayers!!!! I really hope that this is a start of a much larger thing coming about and that we will also start seeing other slaughterhouses being shut down due to people not eating enough meat anymore. How great would that be!!!!!

  • angel b says:

    No matter what at least they’re not these idiots httpwww.biblelife.orgvegandebate.htm. I think it speaks for itself…

  • Anne-Marie says:

    I am really happened that it shut down…Im still having terrible nightmares when I saw that video of how they killed those poor cows. horrible…I hope it never ever reopens.

  • Beverley Rahnn says:

    Your cant stop people eating meat would be nice but its not goin to happen BUT the point is these animals should be treated HUMANELY even before ending their precious lives. The Bible does say we have dominion over the animals but i dont think it meant for us to abuse them beat them or torture them. Its sickening to think that this happens. I hope more workers get fired more processing plants close and MORE animals go FREE.

  • ratking says:

    drew appreciate your comment! i would like to ad just one thing after the flood meet eating was allowed because there was nothing else left than some of the socalled ‘clean’ animals on board but later in the bible the prophets said NO to meet and specially prophet Isaiah who announced the coming of the Christ!!! greetings!

  • Little Drummer Boy says:

    And here it’s mainly thanks to PETA’s tremendous job! My felicitations one more victory love you!!!!!!!!!

  • King of Fiji says:

    drew Well I’m going to try anyway. Didn’t Jesus and various points in the bible go fishing or gather fish for people?

  • lynda downie says:

    I guess if they can’t be hit in the heart we have to aim a little lowerno not there I mean in the wallet!

  • drew says:

    Many people like to respond and sometimes with no good will in their response that in the Bible God says we can eat meat Jesus said we can eat meat it is not a sin etc. Fine so simply swallowing meat does not make you a sinner since the flood but look at what is done to the feeling beings and do you want to be part of that if you can help it? Is that merciful and kindhearted and putting yourself in their position and so not harming them due to the same principles of goodness taught in the Bible? It is just astounding that people can look at the horrors that are done and be like this is fine because God says we can eat meat so that justifies it nothing more to factor in. Well yeah there is more to factor in and religious people should be setting a good example and fasting from involvement in these atrocities simply due to care for those beings and what they have to experience.

  • SASHA says:


  • Gina says:

    Oh happy day! The Peta photo of the helpless unfortunate cow at the Agriprocessors plant being improperly cut then slaughtered is one of those images that still disturbs me. Maybe all these small victories will add up to major changes in all factory farms slaughter houses one day. I just hope I live to see major sweeping changes in animal welfare laws regulations. I wish we could free all the imprisoned animals on death row in these hellholes then burn them to the ground with the abusers inside them. I sound harsh but infectious human waste who do more harm than good to this planet the animals living in it deserve nothing less.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Great news. You can watch a great vegJewish veg movie “A Sacred Duty” at This is part of the excellent website. There is also a link there to request a free DVD of “A Sacred Duty.” I ordered several to distribute to friends I sent them a few bucks so they can keep spreading the word.

  • Canaduck says:

    As a Jewish vegan myself I am really happy to see this post!