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We Know Exactly What Dick Cheney Was Looking at!

Written by PETA | April 11, 2008

In case you missed it, the interwebs have been awash with speculation today about this picture, from the White House website, which “appears” to show a nude woman reflected in Vice President Dick C’s sunglasses while he was fishing. The White House is insisting that the reflection is just that of an arm holding a fishing rod, but, using a special enhancement technique, we’ve been able to pull up the image on the glasses. Of course, we had the advantage, in that we knew exactly what he was looking at — one of PETA’s protestors purposely distracting the Veep to get him to stop fishing and start grinning. Call me crazy, but I’m almost certain that’s the star of PETA’s 2008 State of the Union Undress! Glad to know she’s reaching people in high places with her message that fish may not be as cuddly as deer, but they need to be let off the hook. Yes, Dick: Fishing hurts.

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  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Kurt You are a nice and sweet person but I don’t want to play anymore. Peace Kurt!

  • Kurt K says:

    Judith I have never heard any of that stuff before and if is true I am certainly very upset that he would do shit like that. Believe it or not but I do despise killing animals for no reason. For fighting that I commend you. Besides dogs horses are probably my favorite animal! Actually a lion or a tiger would be my second favorite but they tend to bite really hard. Also I want to thank you for being gentle with me. To tell the truth I was expecting to be called some pretty bad names. I’m not saying Chenney is my favorite person in the world. The Lord knows he has many faults as a person and a politician. The only reason I like Chenney is becasue when it comes to fighting terrorists he will show no mercy because they would show no mercy towards us. I don’t know how you will take this or what you will say back to me but this is just the way I feel. Does this make me a bad person in your eyes? I’m actually a really nice person.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Judith Wow can I come over some time? LOL!!! That dinner sounds amazing. How terrible about the wild mustangs. I did not know about that thank you for informing me of that. What a horror. The first book I ever read was Misty of Chincoteague I was too young to know about the horrors of wild horse mistreatment but I rode and cared for horses from the time I was 4 until I was 16 and it pains me to hear about Cheney’s complete disregard for these magical creatures. I will pray that peace will be upon them and you as well! Namaste.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Walker The dinner was fantastic. We hired 3 cooks and they cooked the most beautiful dinner ever. All vegetarian of course. For our appetizers we served Vegetable Savory cheesecake Artichoke and Parmesan Dip and Sauteed Julienned Vegetables. For soup you could have Creamy tomato leek or leek and wild rice or both. Our two Entrees where Ragout of wild mushrooms and Pasta Puttanesca. We had 2 side dishes that I let the wives choose from our past get togethers they chose Lemon Wild and white rice and Asparagus with walnuts and browned butter this is an amazing dish…. many salads Mixed greens with grilled mushrooms wild rice with apples and walnuts StrawberryBelgian Endive salad this was a new salad that we tried I’m glad I did it was wonderful. Our Dessert were wonderful and simpleStrawberry shortcake and Lemon and rasberry squares. Another Pilot is getting ready to retire and has asked my husband and I if we would do the same for him All Vegetarian. I said we’ll see. Wonderful wives and Classy husbands. Hope you had a decent dinner walker or whoever you are. Our’s was simply delightful. julienned

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Kurk I am tired and I had a long night but here it goes about “YOUR GENTLE CHENEY” He and his little blind friend named ExSenator Burns are two of the most crooked people on earth. The wild mustangs have been protected since a bill was passed in 1971 but these people pretend there is no law. When Bush became President and Cheney Vice he and Burns found a loophole pertaining to the mustangs. They made the loophole that was found out years ago but still nothing has been done. They have now slaughtered most of the once beautiful herds that stood for America. There are very few left but Cheney has asked BLM to alow him to kill 200 more. There goes our great west. This asshole is suppose to be involved in other things than making money off of dead horses. I thought he was suppose to be working for the betterment of our country. He has helped to kill our country. They made alot of money from our horse slaughter here in America until we activists helped to close down all 3 slaughterhouses The Congress refuses to vote on HR.503 and S.311 which would close the boarders for people taking horses to Canada and Mexico where the horses suffer greatly they have sent an overflow of american horses to these countries for years. Mexico stabs them in Canada friends are telling us the slaughterhouses in Canada are no longer using the captive bolt. They wait for the slaughter workers to leave so they can gather horse heads and 6 out of 10 have not been bolted. They are dying terrible deaths at both of these places but no more horseslaughter in America NEVER. Canada and Mexico send the meat to France asia all throught Europe. Asia can now order a new born foal and have it Fed Ex’d to Japan to make Foal sushi a favorite. Oh I forgot to tell you the foal must be alive upon arrival. Cheney and Burns has ties to Velda who owns these houses. They live on the blood of the innocents. They are monsters and I pray that the die a terrible dark death. Bush Cheney Rumsfeld Rice and Rove must be hung like Saddam. It’s only right. They made money from the dead. I pray for Buddhas forgiveness

  • Walker says:

    What are you serving Judith? Tofu and brussel sprouts? Im sure the pilots and their wives will love that.

  • Mike says:

    They could have at least reversed the lettering to make the image look more real. Poor PS work funny idea.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    I an going to love to tell you about youu beloved Vice President but I am having dinner party for 20 pilots and thier wives tonight. My Husband is a pilot and we share alot…Have a lovely eveving and I shall see you in the morning. I.m looking foward to it. By the way get ready because its all about blood

  • Dr.Breen says:

    Kurt K Yes its called “rules of engagement”

  • Kurt K says:

    Judith Why would you say that stuff about our VicePresident? I don’t understand what he did wrong? Is he suppose to be easy on the terrorists? Would they be easy on you? No they would cut your head off and put the video tape on the internet! Sure innocent people die innocent people are going to die in a war! That is just the nature of the beast!

  • Maya, CVT says:

    ps Jack nude fishing dick….gotta love those tags.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Bush told Cheney he wasn’t allowed to shoot old men in the face anymore that’s probably why Bush took wolves off the ES list so Cheney could have a top carnivore trophy instead….

  • Craig says:

    Funny but photoshopped otherwise the letters would appear backwords in his glasses. I don’t think they really expected anyone to believe it.

  • nathan says:

    that was photoshopped silly P

  • Thomas Olsen says:

    This might be my favorite blog post EVER! And the lovely state of the union hero has the best sign I have ever seen!! Dont be a Dick stop fishing LOVE IT!

  • Jess says:

    how do we feel about all those fish that jenna jameson caught…even though she’s supposed to be one of our spokewoman maybe we should try to get HER to stop killing fish too…..

  • Fred says:

    Oh for cripes sake that isn’t even the correct photo. That is a doctored image to support your idiotic crusade. In fact I believe this borders on perjury or fraud.

  • Dr.Breen says:

    yeah he was looking at the lady not at the letters XD

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    I hope the next time I see a picture of this bastard he will be with Bush Rice Rumsfeld and Rove and they will all be in bright orange jumpsuits and behind bars for War crimes War Profiteering and the murder of hundreds of thousands of people including our women and men and millions of animals. I hope they hang them like they hung Saddam. They should have left Iraq alone. Peace!!!

  • ken says:

    What an idiot he is!

  • FREE TIBET says:

    This is the picture of the year and if and when ever PETA should edit the peta files as a book this here should appear on the front page!

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    That bastard makes me want to puke. Please just die die die diedie…..

  • Eric Silberstein says:

    Clever. Very Clever!

  • Lamlot says:

    um. . that is a photoshop picture. its kinda obvious and very fake.