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KKKrazy Protest Outside Westminster

Written by PETA | February 10, 2009

Want to incite a media circus that almost—but not quite—descends into fisticuffs? Just put on a white sheet outside the AKC’s biggest dog show and let the dog biscuits fall where they may. Check out these photos from the protest at Madison Square Garden:


No, there wasn’t a biker convention going on. Apparently, some New Yorkers just love their black jackets made from cows. The focus of the media cameras (just outside the frame) is PETA spokesperson Michael McGraw, who was interviewed by tons of reporters.
KKK Demo

Some folks looked like they expected Howie Mandel to jump out at them any moment. Others started talking about the whole thing on their cell phones.
KKK Demo

The dour-looking woman to the right is a dog-breeder type attempting to stage a counter-protest—proving our point about the wealth of “Glamour Don’ts” to be found at Westminster.
KKK Demo

Our star leaflet distributor was young Rose, who has no idea what the KKK is, but loves dogs of all sizes, shapes, and colors.
KKK Demo

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • Krissy says:

    PETA, I’m tired of arguing with you (have join the online thing so maybe I can be heard) so maybe I can help. You’re pointing fingers at the wrong people AKC isn’t for puppy mill dogs I have the web page to the Kennel Club created specifically FOR puppy mill breeders FOR PROFITING of dogs. PLEASE don’t over look this they NEED to be taken out.

  • Joanne says:

    okay everyone….you are saying that you have to ADOPT not BUY….maybe people wouldnt have to adopt if stupid backyard breeders didnt produce the puppies!!!! Dont take anything out on purebred dog breeders. They invest more money producing healthy animals than anyone! If anything you should be thanking them for what they are doing. And for anyone who thinks that dog shows are cruel…this is for you. Dogs love going to the show…their tails are wagging and they’re having FUN!!! “show dogs” get fed a more nutritious diet and have more care taken on them than probably like 80 percent of dogs in pet homes! They get bathed more often get vet attention when any little thing goes wrong! I dont understand why anyone would think it was cruel!!!

  • Haley says:

    Who thought this was a good idea? This is offensive in so many ways…

  • Kirsty says:

    I live in Charleston SC and here in May there is going to be the dog Charleston dog show. But it isn’t what you are thinking. Anyone and I mean anyone can bring their dog they can do the show thing or a costume contest. I have a retired racing greyhound and I also work with our local GPA chapter and foster dogs that are off the track and in need of homes. Well mixed breeds rescues seniors and full breeds are welcome at this show. But there will also be rescue group tents set up so it should be a pretty amazing time. I’m not against dogs shows I’m just against the process and people thinking mixed breeds or rescues are not good enough. Our dogs will not be judged they will just have some fun in the sunshine.

  • Meech! says:

    I think that unfortunately the thing that gets people excited about buying a bred dog is that they get a puppy. The puppies in shelters go FAST. One of the replies here said “i’m not an AKC snob by ANY means. i think what they do is wrong. but i also think i’d rather have the overpriced dog and give him a good home since he’s already born” … that’s the terrible tragedy of all this. The dogs born from this cruel industry absolutely deserve the love of a caring owner and are truly innocent victims. There is nothing wrong with wanting to provide for those innocent puppies but paying for them just feeds the industry and tells breeders that people are willing to support the practice because they can’t resist the charm of puppies. And millions of shelter animals waste away because they are imperfect older and worn. If one day all designerbreeding ceased all of those puppies “already born” would certainly find good homes… and better yet all of the tormented mother dogs would find peace at last. Don’t pay breeders.

  • Araedea says:

    There are a lot of things wrong with pure breeding animals but if it is done in a controlled manner with strict guidelines ie not breeding two animals that are too closely related incest happens among animals too but they also try to avoid such acts the genetic problems that occur are reduced. My min pen was the result of a puppy farming and other that having a small herniated belly button she is as healthy as can be. She is intelegente and I found her on the side of the road.

  • js says:

    On a side note many reputableshow breeders also actively participate in fostering and placing rescues. Pedigree and their adoption program has had commercials and adoption stories for a few years. And yes the popularity of designer dogs needs attention. IMO that is hurting adoptions. Go to your local shelter and adopt that pugbeagle mix instead of paying a few grand. Seriously.

  • Pepsi One is Fun says:

    Rev. Meg I was thinking the same thing considering the things the KKK did might hit a sore spot to some people.

  • Rex's Mom says:

    I have to admit I did watch part of the dog show and there were commercials from Pedigree dog food urging people to adopt shelter dogs which never would have happened years ago at this dog show. So maybe they are relenting when it comes to adoption along with breeding. The commentator even said to only buy from a reputable breeder. He didnt say don’t buy from a puppy mill but he implied it.

  • Rev. Meg says:

    I am just glad to hear none of the protesters was injured. Your young protesters do not know what can be incited when klan robes are donned.

  • Kelley says:

    Holy heckI don’t know any way to make the point about “pure blood” any better. I hope no one got hurt at the protest!

  • Jenn says:

    “but breeding two dogs of the same species together that are not closely related creates a perfectly healthy dog. ” Just to add my bit to the above said by S.Q. I feel it takes more than that idea to create a “healthy dog”. It takes two healthy parents whatever they are. And by healthy I mean healthy immune systems functioning endocrine glands skeletal structures mental stability…who wants to keep dealing with the heartbreak of neurotic behavior cancer dysplasia cushing’s etc whatever the dog’s origins?. Designer dogs and I despise that idea more than the AKC are getting made for money off this kind of simplified “crossbreeding cancels out faults” b.s. Why isn’t PETA targeting the designer dog puppy milling ops? Too diffuse a target compared to the AKC? I’m still not convinced on purebreds killing shelter dogs chances as the psychology of a person highly desiring a purebred probably isn’t the same psychology motivating a person to get a shelter dog. I like both. And I think all of this needs much much more thought by all sides while PETA takes home the street theater awards. How about blanketing the US with lowcost spayneuter clinics? Wouldn’t that increase adoption chances if there were less animals in need of homes? peace vibes

  • kelly says:

    kf did you understand the science? Purebred breeding REQUIRES inbreeding. All purebred dogs are purposely inbred. It needs to be done to get the “look.” Inbreeding means HIGHER INCIDENCE OF GENETIC PROBLEMS. Mixed breed dogs have a LOWER incidence of genetic problems.

  • Val says:

    Well I don’t see why you are so against 2 dogs of the same breed being making babies. German Shepards are a great breed that have helped us in many branches of service and I don’t see how tainting the line is going to be more humane. I understand if you’re saying that breeders might kill off the nonprofitable dogs but that’s going a bit far here. I’ve had breeders give me thier ‘mutts’ because they weren’t of value but many of them don’t kill them off. This seems a bit like grand standing to me I think there are more effective ways to use this money and more important issues at hand.

  • Kerry Zuber says:

    These people that say they don’t see what’s wrong with it are just ignorant. Do some research ignorant people! Think of humans being placed in these situations then maybe you’ll get the picture. I don’t care what anyone says animals should be treated as good or even better than humans.

  • patti says:

    i loved the shock value of this protest. i see what’s wrong with the whole AKC bullcrap but i’m always torn. no one should not support these jerks who breed ignorantly for money. but that being said one of my dogs is a puppy mill dog!! he’s my best one too. i always said i would not buy a pet store puppy mill thousand dollar sickly purebred but i was in love with him and have had him for 12+yrs. i also do have a strayshelter dog who was adopted. i’m not an AKC snob by ANY means. i think what they do is wrong. but i also think i’d rather have the overpriced dog and give him a good home since he’s already born even if i did in effect perpetuate the suffering of my baby’s mom. it’s a really tough issue to be practical about.

  • Jo-Anne Carlyle says:

    Way to go young Rose!!!!

  • S.Q. says:

    kelly Lisa said nothing about inbreeding she simply said that there is nothing wrong with a purebred dog. Inbreeding of course carries a high risk for genetic defects but breeding two dogs of the same species together that are not closely related creates a perfectly healthy dog. I like mutts as much as the next guy but I don’t have any qualms with purebreeds or crossbreeds.

  • yf says:

    Kelly.. but wouldn’t ‘mutt’s or mixed bred dogs still suffer the same possiblities of inheirting goodbad genes from their parents in any case.. pure bred or not? but as you say inbred dogs have a ‘much greater chance..’ would need to do more research into this topic no doubt.. to verify what you sayclaim is correct or not.. so as yet.. I’m still undecided if there is any correlation or truth that ‘pure bred dogs inherit bad genes to a greater degree’.. than say mixed bred dogs or ‘mutts’..

  • Becca says:

    Not to mention that dog breeders are part of the reason people don’t adopt more from shelters. Breeding dogs is irresponsible and only contributing to this nation’s huge animal overpopulation problem.

  • Pepsi One is Fun says:

    Kudos to anyone with the balls to stand outside in the middle of New York dressed as a KKK member for a cause they believe in.

  • Rex's Mom says:

    There is nothing wrong with purebred dogs IF they are adopted from a shelter or rescue group. BUT when people BUY dogs from a breeder no matter how loving this breeder may be that decreases the chance of a shelter or rescue dog to be adopted! So if you want a pure breed dog ADOPT don’t BUY!!

  • kelly says:

    Lisa you don’t know what’s wrong with the purebred dog world? Take a science lesson httpwww.pbs.orgwgbhnovatranscripts3103dogs.html “Inbreeding is the only way to finely control what the next generation will look like but it comes with a welldocumented downside. Here’s why. Sometimes a gene that helps produce something good say the shape of a dog’s ears is located on a dog’s DNA close to another gene that produces something bad like a disease. When that happens there’s a good chance any pup getting the good gene will also get the bad one. Now as long as the pup gets a healthy version of the gene from the other parent he should be all right. But inbred dogs have a much greater chance of getting the same bad gene from both parents”

  • kelly says:

    This dog show and ALL dog shows are paid for with puppy mill blood money The AKC makes most of its money from puppy mill registrations. That’s what provides the cash for these breeders’ shows Look up “akc puppy mills” on a Google search and read httpwww.bogartsdaddy.comBouvierBouvPagesarticleinquirepuppymillsAKC.htm These “show breeders” don’t care about anything other than their own unlicensed tax cheat businesses and being able to have their fun! They don’t care if dogs suffer and die in mills Here’s one of the AKC board members who is a “show breeder” and also gets the puppy mill business going for the AKC httpwww.sourcewatch.orgindex.php?titlePattiStrand That’s the kind of person these “show breeders” are!

  • lisa67 says:

    I dont see what is wrong with a ‘pure bred’.. it is only when breeding dogs becomes too ‘excessive’ ie. breeding for a larger headskull.. shorter or longer legs.. wider breadth in chest shorter snout etc.. etc. where it becomes excessive and problematic and the dogs healths suffers.. a pure breed to me does not really equate to KKK.. excessive or extreme breeding to ‘improve’ on a particular physical trait of a dog or exaggerate a certain trait or physicality of the dog is wrong and cruel.. breeding dogs to maintain a certain breed or existing look I cant’ see anything worng with that.. as long as they do not manipulate the breeding process too much or excessively.. putting a chihuahua together with a chihuahua would create a pure breed chihuahua puppy.. or cocker spaniel with cocker spaniel.. cocker spaniel puppies.. I dont’ see there is anything wrong with that..