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Kitty Beef

Written by PETA | July 25, 2007


We’ve been getting a lot of calls from people asking what we’re going to do about some new websites that are being passed around, called and, which are purporting to sell prime cuts from kittens and puppies at discount prices. Well, the simple answer is … we’re not really going to do all that much about it at all. In fact, I kind of wish we’d thought of the idea ourselves. For anyone who’s horrified by the concept of having puppy chops or kitten nuggets for dinner, I hope they’ll go just one tiny step further in their outrage and ask themselves how that’s any different from chowing down on pork chops or chicken.

At the risk of getting a little rhetorical here, animals killed for our kitchens are just as capable of suffering as the animals we keep in our homes. They’re just as smart, just as loving, and the prospect of the horrors that are inflicted on them by the meat industry keeps me up at night and fills me with the same anguish as reports of people who chain their dogs or torture their cats.


If these websites weren’t clearly hoaxes, PETA would do something about it—but we wouldn’t make any ethical distinction between addressing that issue and getting KFC to stop abusing chickens—or asking people to go vegetarian. Just for a week, or a day, if you find it hard to get out of the old routine at first. And especially if the idea of having your kitten or puppy bled out and turned into prime cuts gives you the cold sweats. ‘Cause it’s happening right now to billions of other animals who are just as entitled to kindness, but never experience anything even remotely like it.

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  • b33f 34t3r says:

    I have a question? How do you really know that sites not for real? Peta couldnt get in the middle of a foreign country who may be used to this type of cuisine just like they couldnt stop us from eating chickens beef lamb etc. I remind you that the Com is a sacred animal in parts of the world. We still get steak.. What makes this articles author and others that this site is fake? Just because “It couldnt possibly be true?!” Trust me its possible. If some Asian countries want to trade in puppy beef the US has no say so unless you actually spoke to Puppy Beef’s owner know someone who did or are just privy to info or evidence that I havent found on the web.. I would like to add that I would never eat our furry little friends nor endorse it. Im a pet lover. Im just trying to decipher the truth from fiction on this little puppy beef store. Theres articles where people say “Puppy beef’s a hoax but I have seen no proof.

  • name says:

    I want to say thanks!

  • name says:

    I like it so much

  • Judith FFFA says:

    No sentient being was put on this earth to be eaten…

  • Sim0 says:

    Hey I hope this hoax site does horrify people. Step back look at the bigger picture here. Any meat eating pet lover who is disgusted and sickened by the idea of butchering cats and dogs for food should think about it next time they’re out shopping and thinking of buying some meat for a meal. The meat in the supermarket may come cold and cling wrapped rather than warm and furry sleeping on your lap but there is essentially no difference think of it that way. Livestock do make great pets too some are a little awkward around the house though Put the meat back on the shelf use a little imagination.

  • Oktawia says:

    just a moment I don’t understand they are in USA “We have 3 main locations in the United States. Each helps to deliver our products to a select geographical area. Each division delivers to one of 3 sections of the United States Eastern Central or Western. Below you will find information about each of our 3 main divisions.” and what PETA or SPCA do with this? I’m from PolnadI saw this horrify website 3 days ago them what I seen on the webisite PETA? NOTHING!!!! what PETA do with this through almost 12 years? not in China Korea Moran MArket etc. I mean here in your Cuntry on the USA??!!?? PETA have special agnet they can identify company from USA and people from Kitty Beef. I help animals especially dogs in need I have 5 dogs include 3 adoptted. I can’t imagine that PETA or SPCA RSPCA or another bigest do nothng with this……

  • Beth says:

    Yup…Nice PETA. I know this comment may not make it to this board but I want you to know. I think that PETA is very hypocritical about what you do and wont do. I love animals and all animals should be protect. You get angry about pigs chickens and cows being killed. But o.k to have a web page that properly involves torture and murdering of domestic animals. Being VEGEN is what you promote. Right so to prove a point you will let someones pet be dinner. Let me tell YOU how they killed cats in china..Put them in boiling water ALIVE to get the skin lose and skin them. Like how you support killing dangerous breeds of dogs. PETA is for hypocrites…I will continue to support NONE HIPPOCRATICAL ORGINAZATIONS OF THE WWF Humane Society and the ASPCA…. A true animal lover…

  • colleen morris says:

    WHAT????!!! Are you kidding me? There are actually sick idiots out there purporting the idea of eating our beloved pets now. It’s bad enough they are eating our cows and birds. Now they want to eat our dogs and cats in other words MY CHILDREN? I’m appalled beyond belief!

  • Kara D says:

    How can you not do anything? You have to do something! Your not going to take a stand while Fluffy and Max are being eaten!? I’m sorry. I support PETA in every way possible. But your not going to do anything!? That’s pathetic just pathetic.

  • lisa salazar says:

    How cruel and barbaric that inhumane sickos butcher and kill poor helpless animals! It is a horrible sin!

  • Kris says:

    Hey Magda Read what PETA had to say again! Either you didnt read the whole thing or just didnt understand it. They said it was a hoax but were glad it was there to show people that they should feel the same way about cows pigs as they do about dogs cats bc they all feel pain!

  • Mohabbatein says:

    Sylvia Colon are you so egotistical that you think your personal perception of an animal’s worth equals fact? Just because you think some animals are ‘pets’ and all other animals gosh they don’t really count now do they? does not make it so. Animals aren’t slaughtered for “nourishment” they are slaughtered for laziness. The laziness of people who would rather slurp down their quarterpounder with cheese than make the effort to be more humane.

  • Terri says:


  • Wendy says:

    Even if they are a hoax I can’t check out the sites I think I’d be traumatized. I still remember a nightmare I had of someone grinding up our family pet when I was young disturbing! I remember a teacher in college that was disgusted that we treat cats and dogs like people in the USA while there are so many starving people here. Her argument was that why aren’t we eating other cats and dogs like other countries. If I knew then what I know now she would have gotten an earfull from me. Besides the fact that animals can feel pain I don’t like the idea of eating anything that has a mother. Even with “livestock” there is a nurturing bond between a cow and her calf. As far as those arguing the case for eating meat Maybe our brains got bigger at one point during our evolution. Now it is possible that our brains are succeptable to a deadly protein that may be injested when eating beef. Even after years of meat eating our bodies are still not set up to digest meat well. Meat eaters have a higher rate of colon cancer as well as many other cancers read the China Study for more info. Factory farming plays a large part in the global warming crisis. In order to supply us all with the omega 3 rich fish oil we think we need read Becoming Vegan we are the destroying oceans fragile ecosystem. It seems to me that once we are informed it’s all a nobrainer. We can no longer compare ourselves to our ancestors who hunted for their survival. We have evolved.

  • Ray Bright says:

    You’re not going to do anything about it? I thought you prided yourselves on getting the word out and trying stop sick psychos.

  • Wendy says:

    Is this for real? How totally barbaric!!! I have four wonderful and beautiful cats and this makes me sick to my stomach!!!!!!

  • Tobee says:

    Looked at the site out of interest to see if I could tell if it was an obvious hoax. Looked horrendous. Some of the pics were revolting. If it is a hoax someone ought to remove it!

  • Magda says:

    Sometimes i get disapointed even with PETA. So you ask us to send letters asking some Brands to stop using meat of certain animals to ask governors to forbidden the trade of seafood and other animal etc… and now you dont care about cats and dogs.. Is that “racism”? Just because they are 2 of the most beloved species by humans means they dont need any defence??? I do pitty all the animals and only some species…

  • Terri says:

    I’ve had horses as companion animals and I know people who have had cows and pigs as companion animals. You’d be amazed at how smart these animals are. I believe all three are many times smarter than the average dog. If you haven’t had many years of experience with these animals to make a comparison then you can’t know what I’m talking about. All animals have intelligence and feelings. The only real difference between us and them is that we accumulate knowledge en masse and pass it on to future generations. We call this ability technology. For those of you who consider yourselves religious. Moses brought the commandments of God to man on a stone tablet. The sixth commandment is 6. Thou shalt not kill. Cast in stone no mention of Species.

  • Brittany says:

    HOAX HOAX HOAX HOAX HOAX!!!!!! Did any of you who said that the site is disgusting blah blah blah read the whole article? PETA clearly states its a HOAX. Right here in the article it says its a hoax Paragraph 3 sentance 1 “If these websites weren’t clearly hoaxes PETA would do something about it”. I had to make this clear so people whould stop freaking out.

  • Simon says:

    Sylvia Colon you seriously need to wake up!! cats and dogs are only companion animals because thats what you have chosen! cats and dogs used to be wild until they were domesticated by us humans! Who says that you cant have a chicken pig cow horse whatever as a companion animal? Basically what you are stating is that its “ok” to kill other animals? I am very sorry but yes you can compare cats and dogs to “livestock” animals they bleed they feel pain they feel fear they can be loved and feel love and companionship just as much as a cat or a dog! The point is nothing deserves to die in horrific ways just to feed you!

  • Debby Delpopolo says:

    Silvia Its great that you can not eat dogs and cats. But remember that in other countries cows are sacred or rats. ALL animals feel pain. The words “live stock” are just words to make meat eaters feel like they really arent eating sentient beings. By putting a phrase on it it makes it sound like these animals are “meant” to be killed and eaten. NOT TRUE. Not humane. Not logical. think a bit more for yourselves everyone. Think.

  • Sylvia Colon says:

    You are all crazy… Dogs and Cats are companion animals not cows pigs and etc. Although I do understand where you are coming from. I agree that I too am disturbed by the way cows pigs and etc are butcher for our nourishment. But dogs and cats are different they are family pets who we love dearly. and they are being eaten.You can’t compare it to live stock. I am sorry but I can not eat dog and cat.

  • veg-head says:

    there are no superior animals… ESPECIALLY humans should realize that

  • michele says:

    It warms my heart to hear that the vegetairian population is growing I like to thank you all for joining us but sadly so much more work to be done for us whom care for animalsand see them as equals and not as disposable unfeeling souless non enterties it seems a never ending task but one we should never give up on as we fight the good fight to bring positive changes to this world and it’s beautiful creature’s whom deserve respect and our love. good wishes and strenght to you all you beautiful people

  • Jus says:

    I would like to see Kitty Beef and Puppy Beef shut down I’m a vegetarian and also fundraise for both cat and dog charities.

  • Lisa says:

    I’d like to address Christopher Dent’s comment about “Humanely” raised meat. There is no such thing there is no “Humane” slaughterhouse. Also we have evolved from “having” to eat meat. I have been Veg since I was 12 and I seem to be doing fine.

  • robyn says:

    I am not surprised that cats and dogs are consumed because a long time ago I saw something on late night tv I think it may have been from PETA. So remember if and when you do eat meat obviously here as well but over in Asia and lets not forget Tijuana and Mexico you never know what sort of meat you’re getting!! Glad I don’t have to be concerned with that myself any longer.

  • Lisa says:

    That is disgusting! Is it a hoax or not it looks pretty real to me.

  • minttu says:

    i go to vegeterian as soon as i saw these horrible videos and pictures here..ive beeen vegeterian over a year. it feels like murder if i eat a meat..its discustion. im from finland and here its just as bad its in states ot u.k

  • Anonymous says:

    I have a question about the whole not right to eat meat thing if its “not right” for us to eat meat then is it also wrong for carnivorous animals such as lions bears or sharks to eat meat?

  • Kenna says:

    Christopher You are right we probably would not have survived without first learning to eat meat. However since then we have continued evolving and adapting to our surroundings. Now meat is no longer necessary. We don’t have to searchhunt for our own food we only have to go as far as the store. Now instead of each man for himself there are people who specialize in different areas including food. Because of this there are developments in food that render meat superfluous and unnecessary and that our ancestors could have only dreamed of. Instead of killing a deer we can pick up a veggie burger. Why waste animals’ lives if we don’t have to? If we can satisfy our nutrition requirements without them? Now it is just my opinion and that of many others too but I believe that just because “it tastes good” is not good enough of a reason to cause millions of animals to suffer every year. Also the word “humane” is highly subjective and you can bet compassionate people have a different definition than those who actually care for the cows. Meaning that just because it claims to be humanely farmed means nothing. Sorry this was so wordy. I hope you got the gist.

  • Brian Linebaugh says:

    It’s absolutely amazing that laws are just STARTING to become harsh for animal abusers. People face 10 years in jail for doing cocaine and essentially hurting no one but themselves and animal abusers are used to getting a slap on the wrist. I would think the publicity would be a great punishment too because if I knew where an animal abuser lived I would tell everyone in his neighborhood everyone at his work and torment him as much as I could.

  • Mark says:

    I think Mackenzie is missing the point a bit. These sites are a HOAX.

  • Christopher Dent says:

    “The only answer is to go vegan.” WHAT? Ok I know I am about to come across exactly as I do not want to come across as an animal hater which I’m not I love my two cats and any animal i encounter in the wild. But prompting people to GO VEGAN is a terrible idea! I’m not going to say we were meant to eat meat and I’m not going to say we weren’t but I am going to say that paleontology has shown us firm evidence that when monkeys started eating meat millions of years ago their brains started getting bigger and we eventually evolved out of that. We’d still be swinging in the trees or more likely extinct if we hadn’t picked up that first little insect and chowed down on it. I understand that the meat industry is cruel but I also believe that by denying meat ALTOGETHER you are denying evolution just as much as the bible thumpers down south who think the earth is 6000 years old. Please calm down go eat some HUMANELY RAISED beef or chicken or cat or dog for that matter depending on where in the world you are and RELAX.

  • andres says:

    wow this is outrages not doing anything? I know its the same thing as eating any animal thats why im veg. But DOGS AND KITTENS!? No thats just carelessness.

  • rojo says:

    Tanya if animals are alive for the sole purpose of being eaten how can the end of their lives be untimely?

  • tanya murray says:

    people who treat animals with such cruelty such as beating starving and using them in barbaric competitive fighting matches undermine any growth towards a kind and dignified society in which everyday seems to be so compremized by violence and injustice towards others.Long prison terms are the only answer in dealing with such filfth.Animals can’t express their plights of these extrordinary circumstances with theirs wimpers howls and finally chilling silences followed by their untimely deathsmurders no decent human beings are the purveyors of that responsibility.SPEAK UP NOW!

  • Mackenzie says:

    Yuck! That makes me want to puke!!! Just because chickens suffer from cruelty why kitties and puppies too??? You wish you thought of the idea of killing kitttys and puppies PETA?! Shame on you!!!

  • DaliyVeg Editor says:

    It’s really funny to see some of the other discussion around the web regarding these sites people are making an artform of missing the point a point you illustrated perfectly Jack couldn’t have said it better myself. Now I have a site to send to our friends who talk about how much they love their little dogs while eating a tortured cow in front of us.

  • Delina says:

    kitty beef huh? I have a cat who I love with all my heart and spoil with all the love and affection I can. I couldn’t ever imagine having her on my plate with barbecue sauce smothered on her. The very thought is absolutely nasty and makes me want to cry. A friend of mine told me today “Why be vegan or vegetarian? If god wanted us to be vegan why did he make animals so tasty?” Well my answer was “Apparently humans are even better tasting why don’t you give that a try?” her response was “Eww killing a human being is just cruel and eating one would be so gross” and I said “What makes killing animals any different? Just because they can’t protest in our language doesn’t make killing them right.” I used to eat meat because that’s how I was raised. I have recently done extensive research on vegan lifestyle and have decided I’d be way better off and so will my children so I made the switch. Been vegan for 2 weeks and loving the variety and taste of the food. I have more energy and I feel younger and I have been losing weight in a healthy manner. Thanks for creating websites and online help for people who have hearts and actually want to use them.

  • kayla says:

    Thats gross!

  • rojo says:

    at least the cats are farmed free range.

  • francis gerard says:

    Whenever I readhear about animal cruelty abuse torture… I am instantly reminded of WHY I have lost my faith in humanity. Man’s propensity to destroy life around Him is proof that He is maladaptive and ulitmately… defective. There is a strong correlation bw those who are intentionally cruel to an animal often helpless at that and homicidal maniacs who would do no less harm to their fellow humans given an opportunity. People with a taste for animal abuse torture and cruelty are sociopaths and should be treated as such with medication if necessary. Cruelty in any form is just plain WRONG.

  • Ana says:

    Alexandra I felt the same way after I read the story about the cats and kittens…sick disgusted and in pain.

  • Alexandra says:

    I’m so utterly disgusted… especially clicking on the “torture their cats” link above… I feel really sick…

  • kelly says:

    Brianna is completely right. Cows and pigs and chickens and fish feel fear and pain just like dogs cats do.

  • Snookie says:

    In the August 2007 issue of Town Country magazine an article on page 51 titled “Fashion Style” features a beautifully coifed stylish and I thought smart Malaak ComptonRock Commedian Chris Rock’s wife mother of his two daughters tells us that her two prized possessions in life are Her two Lagerfeld fur coats. To increase further injury to the article she goes on to say that something she’d like to own is An alligator tote by Calvin Klein…hello… mouth insert foot…keep talking Malaak… eventually you’ll be able to share with us all how a Louis Vuitton shoe tastes early in the article I was sold on Malaaks mission to do good deeds for women leaving welfare and entering the workforce. She has wonderful ideas about creating self esteem and self awareness…. but as soon as I reached Ms. Rocks profile stats and read her aspirations I was dumbfounded. I was so taken aback by her willingness to admit her love of fur that I had to recheck the publishing date on the magazine to be sure it wasn’t outdated. Fur is faux by today’s standard. It frightens me to think that Ms. Malaak ComptonRock has the potential to be a major influence on todays young women. The example Ms. Rock’s setting isn’t a good one in my opinion. Of all the things in this world to consider a prize posession Ms. Malaak ComptonRock wants an animal on her back and a alligator on her arm…all I can sayis “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” What is she thinking?

  • Ana says:

    It is all so true sadly. All creatures feel pain and fear. I also lose sleep thinking about how horribly those sentient creatures are treated and slaughtered. The only answer is to go vegan.

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    It’s very disturbing but very true. There’s really not much else to say about it… everybody feels the exact same pain.