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Kitten Killed for Disconnecting Video Game

Written by PETA | June 4, 2010

You unplug my game, you die. That appears to have been the mentality of a 21-year-old man in Staunton, Virginia, who, according to reports, has been accused of killing his girlfriend’s kitten by hurling the tiny animal against a wall after the kitten disconnected the video game he was playing. This allegedly happened while his girlfriend’s children watched.

People who hurt animals are bullies and cowards, because they vent their rage, insecurity, and idiocy on the smallest and most defenseless beings available. What’s more, numerous studies show that animal abusers often turn their violence against human victims.

Please write a polite letter to Commonwealth Attorney Douglas L. Guynn asking him to vigorously prosecute the case:

The Honorable Raymond C. Robertson
Staunton Commonwealth Attorney’s Office
21 N. New St.
Staunton, VA 24402

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post

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  • Carol Reins says:

    A few years ago in St.Paul a guy angry at his girlfriend broke the necks of ten puppies and tossed them in the trash. He was subsequently tossed in the slammer. What goes around comes around!we can only hope or pray that this idiot gets his just rewards.

  • Patricia says:

    I will never understand how anyone can hurt a sweet pet.



  • Gabriele says:

    soziopath !!!!! No reason to live !!

  • Ana Elias says:

    As a psychologist I have observed that a person who is capable of such cruelty to animals will sooner or later become a rapist a murderer or a wifechild batterer. He must be locked up.

  • giovanna says:

    Ragazzo Che disgustoso vigliacco Giovanna Italia

  • Charlene Miorana says:

    Wrote the Judge requesting this person be used as an example to get the message out there that heinous crimes against animals do have consequences.

  • Jan says:

    This should open up the eyes of the girlfriend to what kind of looser she has invited into her children’s life. He needs jail time and anger management. What if it was one of the kids that unplugged the game? dump him fast and get the children some counseling.

  • Maddy says:

    What a sick bastard. I am a cat lover myself and he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent. I am ashamed that I live in the same world as this creep.

  • nancy warner says:

    As a psychiatric nurse by profession this man has bigger issues. Since the medical systems fails these folks the only alternative is jail time and perhaps working with abused animals himself as part of his sentence.

  • Vegetarian says:

    It is also true that animal killers become human killers. My dad once told me that one of the most deadly serial killers in the US was always ‘famous’ for killing frogs cats and dogs as a teen.

  • Vegetarian says:

    How sick and diysfuctional can people be? I have heard of people throwing controllers and video game disks at walls because something went wrong with the game but doing that to a living thing? What is even more horrifiying is the fact that this was a helpless tiny kittens being murdered horrendiously over a GAME in front of children. I think he should be thrown against a wall and killed by a huge giant monster unfortunately the only giant monsters in this world are the barbarians who throw babies at walls

  • paula b says:

    some people dont deserve to have pets

  • Dave Broscombe says:

    Yet again we read about a person who has no respect for life personably I would just lock him up and throw away the key. It is often said that these sort of people go on to commit murder so lets save a life in the future and keep him in prison

  • John Darling says:

    I certainly hope I cross paths with the cowardly puke some day.

  • em says:

    The fact that this weirdo killed an adorable little infant cat just proves that he is indeed not a man…and things such as him absolutely cannot be “fixed”.

  • Lynn Demsky says:

    My heart breaks for every one connected with this incident the children hope the lady kicks the guy out the kitten who never should have been around wires any how and the man needs SERIOUS HELP!

  • Vicky says:


  • jackie butler says:

    Please give this scumbag the highest penaltyjail sentence allowable under the law which doubtless won’t be enough but what can the public do? as a very strong message needs to be sent out to degenerates like this and others who would do the same that animal abuse will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances.

  • Robin says:

    Men like him have a real problem with themselves I think. They can only take things out on defense animals and maybe he has even taken things out on people too but we just don’t know. I think he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law before he hurts someone or an animal again!

  • Antoinette Borg says:

    What a horrible act. Poor kitten. I cannot understand how a human being can do such a cruel act on a loveable kitten. I hope he gets the punishment he deserves.

  • Tina says:

    Horrible…..what a sick mentality..

  • Angela says:

    Yes please do something to the young man that hurled the kitten against the wall. The kitten was just playing. It is a kitten. Kitten’s will play. It’s their thing. Besides the young man could have taken time out to play with the kitten. The game isn’t that important. If he wanted to play the game so bad he could have asked his girlfriend’s children to play with the kitten in another room. Another thing what kind of man kills an animal in front of children. He could very easy turn on them or his girlfriend. I say get rid of the boyfriend! He is no good! Thank you.

  • Pamela Lavine says:

    Anger management class and 1 year of time working in the humane society or SPCA with supervision of course to make ammends.

  • Kathy Melching says:

    I am sickened to learn of the short life of the innocent kitten. What is wrong with these sick sick sick people that feel it is OK to bring harm to innocent animals? Lock him up until he dies! Better yet let’s not feed him either to speed up the process and not waste any more of the taxpayers money for his care!

  • Lisa says:

    I was horrified to read this story. This makes me sick to my stomach. I cannot believe how people mistreat animals. They are sick and deserve to have the punishment fit the crime. I hope he is hung high for this.

  • Debbie says:

    Thank goodness it wasn’t one of the kids. The poor little kitten didn’t deserve to die by the hands of this 21 year old monster. I hope he gets a just sentence for such a cruel act. Those children will never get this out of their mind.

  • Peggy Abbott says:

    This is a man who has serious anger issues. What is one of the children had mistakenly disconnected the game. I think the mother should have her head examined and kick the stupid idiot to the curb. He not only has killed the children’s kitten but he has also traumatized the children to no end. I think he should be prosecuted for killing this little kitten. If he has done this now what has he done in the past. He is a danger to the girlfriend and her children. The kitten unfortunately paid the price. What a jerk!!!!!

  • Olimpia says:

    That is so weird…

  • Lori Kraftr says:

    Please prosecute this horrible cruel human being to the fullest extent of the law. This was no accident. Too bad we couldn’t put people like him in an experimental laboratory with NO anaesthetic.

  • Anon Urmum says:

    I think you guys are missing the point. Too much gaming + lots of unhealthy food aggressive attitude Of personal experience I believe that this whole thing was an accident and people should not judge the guy for what he did without checking his daily rutines and his physical and mental health. Once my baby sister killed her hamster by accident when she played with it. Should she go to jail be called nasty things or get mocked in any way just because of that tiny creature? You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Nikki Comley says:

    I am so heartbroken when I hear such things. Animals depend on humans for life and they are defenseless. I am so digusted with this man and hope he is prosecuted to the fullest. I can’t imagine what he would have done of one of the kids had unplugged his game. I do believe in”what goes around comes around” and know that one day this man will feel the pain similar to….if not more to what he caused not only to the kitten but to the children his girlfriend and every person like myself who love animals one day.

  • Ann Seidner says:

    Lock this sick creep up for a long time!!

  • Laura Panopoulos says:

    This makes me sick. What a guy.

  • Rachel says:

    Here is the email address of the city attorney’s office

  • Lisa says:

    I agree with Meg Schramms comment the girlfriend is to blame also for having this sicko in her apartment and around her children she must of known what he was like and his track history im a mother myself and also have 10 cats all rescued the youngest being 3months old so i know how mischevious they can be. If you have animals you should be there to protect them from danger not invite danger into your home.

  • toucs says:

    wow what a sick person. I have four ferrets and they are beyond insane and I often think how lucky i am to have them in my life even though they have shredded two of my lounges destroyed all the furniture in my house and climb everything and push things off. I am so glad that they have the freedom to do this in my house because I know other people would hurt them when they did something ‘wrong’. Every person should recognise the unbeliavably beautiful nature of all animals.

  • Laura says:

    Any email adress to send the letter??

  • Reggie says:

    Another serial killer in the making if he hasn’t already killed someone. Prosecution to the fullest extent of the law is a joke. It is nowhere near enough punishment.

  • H. Overklift says:

    This guy is sick needs to be locked up. What a coward!!!!!! It makes me sick and scared that people like that are still walking the streets. This guy is dangerous to all living creatures human or animals!!

  • S. L. Trout says:

    Please peoplestop with trying to decide which is more worthy to be protectedchildren or animals? If this mindless piece of excrement is so out of control that he kills and over such a nonsensical thing as a disconnected video game wire I ask “What is he capable of doing next?” Whether the victim has two legs or four they suffer pain and terror. Violence should simply not be tolerated. Parents? Obviously he raised himself OD’ing on watching violent programming and playing violent games. When will we grasp the obvious fact that whatever you subject yourself to you will eventually become. He needs to spend meaningful time in prisonbe prohibited from being around any animals for at least five years and forced to undergo a thorough psychological exam. Frankly someone pulled his “computer wire” out a long time ago. He’s bereft of any thread of decency. Punish him for what he subjected those innocent children to witness as well. AND TO THE POSTER WHO SHARED ABOUT HER BOYFRIEND’S KILLING SPREE OF FOUR KITTENSI SURELY HOPE YOU HAVE ELIMINATED HIM FROM YOUR LIFE! He is a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode on his next victim. My my! Aren’t we a grand species?

  • Michelle Southard says:

    This guy needs to be aggressively prosecuted and sentenced. Any ‘I’m so sorry’ he utters isn’t good enouigh in my book. The children that witnessed the act will need counselingtherapy to keep their heads straight. THIS is a Felony in my book.

  • Tasha says:

    I hope he goes to JAIL!

  • Jeremy says:

    More importantly i hope he receives help. Yes he doesnt need to kill a cat for a stupid reason like that but remember the only way to stop his behavior is not just to “lock him up” but he needs counseling as well. I hope he gets it before it turns from animals to humans.

  • Sonia Rowland says:


  • chandra says:

    there is no word to describe some one who can do this to an animal.Sad that this is the kitten is in a better place than to have been around a monsterpeople like that do not deserve to be a human being