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Hisses: 300 Cats Left to Starve

Written by PETA | October 6, 2011


  • Puppy and kitty kisses to the city of Toronto for banning retail sales of dogs and cats, which will prevent breeding and give the awesome animals in shelters a greater chance at finding a home. 
  • Hisses to Eric Poeschla at the Mayo Clinic, whose creepy experiments with glow-in-the-dark kittens are so nauseating that they make us turn green too.
  • Here’s something to tweet about: The city of San Francisco requires new buildings to use bird-safe glass.
  • Hisses to the owners of a cat boarding facility in Malaysia, who left nearly 300 cats alone and starving for a week. Kisses to the volunteers who broke in to save them and to the Malaysian government for considering a new mandatory $34,000 fine for cruelty to animals. 
  • Kisses to Louisville, Kentucky, couple Jessica Pfohl and Florian Speier for offering vegan eco-friendly, low-VOC Unearthed Paints to color our homes in pretty hues without the ugliness of the milk industry.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Liz says:

    I’m from Malaysia, and I did not know that! I applaud the efforts! It’s a huge leap because Malaysia is not exactly famous for her animal rights. We barely fight for human rights, animal rights is a little far off, sadly. Some people here eat dogs, my mum’s dog when she was a child was kidnapped and eaten. The majority of people here rather buy “imported breeds” than to adopt a “lousy local” from the shelters. The one good thing from being here is that the majority of people here are muslim, meaning, less pork, but more beef, and the lack of animal care because dogs are not allowed to be kept as pets for muslims due to religious obligations, but due to the pluralistic nature of our society, there’s a balance. The last time a girl who was videotaped abusing a kitten, was hunted down and was criticized like crazy until she made a public apology. A definite improvement when it comes to animal rights awareness. It’s about time. I pray things change, i really do. BTW, the SPCA in my town has definitely GROWN in terms of effort and kudos to them! The number of strays in Malaysia is disheartening, but I’m so thankful things are slowly changing.

  • Rex's Mom says:

    Too bad Toronto is still a part of Canada. This city is doing great things for animals but the country it is a part of is a big blot on the earth for its continuing murder of innocent seals year after year. So every country that deals with seal parts should ban that practice but will that make Canada stop? Or continue killing poor seals out of spite?