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Kim Kardashian Rescues Chihuahua

Written by PETA | January 11, 2010
zimbio / CC
Kim Kardashian


With Mason’s dashing arrival and our fave fauxvocative sister becoming Mrs. Lamar Odom, the Kardashian clan has been busy. But on last night’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim’s storyline went beyond her on-again sparks with Reggie Bush and made dog lovers everywhere give her “two paws up.” Kim found an abandoned Chihuahua outside a nail salon, named her Princess, and took her in. She then brought Princess to a vet who performed lifesaving uterine surgery and whose assistant eventually adopted her. Kim was so moved by the experience that she even went back to volunteer at the pound where she first brought Princess. Aww! Maybe this experience (and some help from lil’ sis Khloe) will be enough to convince her to star in our “Be an Angel for Animals” ad campaign?

Written by Christine Doré

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  • lotta says:

    Don’t for a minute think that that was staged! The dog surely was sick and doing poorly in the last parts, my dog had such surgery and looked just like that, only she had an infection earlier (I caught it very early since I checked her “wee-wee” regularly and she had a tiny amount of discharge, so I took her straight to the vet, even if she did not appear to be sick [yet] and she was put on heavy antibiotics). When she had been on antibiotics for a couple of weeks, they did the surgery. After surgery, she was quite a lot like Princess, though no fever/infection. She was in a LOT of pain initially (but got pain meds and recovered fully)! I had to take care of her, first around the clock, to comfort her and make her as comfortable as possible, then later it got better, she actually had to get some (though gradually less) pain meds for 10 days (she would cry and seem “sicker” when they wore off). It was real tough for her. Where I live, you can’t spay them without disease though (forbidden to spay), so PLEASE do NOT tell me that I’m a bad/irresponsible dog owner because I did not do it when she was little (have been told that flat out by some Americans before, very hurtful for a dog owner who cares as much as she can! Not all countries do allow spaying, because some ethics comittees actually have adviced authorities against it and laws have been put in place re. “tampering with nature”, which they call this, animals are to live intact, able to perform their natural functions, unless physical disease or psychiatric problems makes it necessary to spay/neuter). Since my dog was operated early, when all signs of infection had been removed, surgery was much more secure and she did not get the kind of complications they described for little Princess. It was heart wrenching to watch her be that sick. I really hope she was nursed back to health! I wish all people who have intact female dogs, knows to check their genitalia very often and regularly (and every day after heat, as it’s more likely to happen then!), as you’ll then know how it is supposed to look when the dog is healthy and you’ll notice every little change. The problem is worse is if it is a “closed” pyometra though, and no changes can be seen on the outside, as they may have no discharge even if they do have pyometra. I guess that knowing your dogs normal body temperature and feeling their skin every day (and check it rectally if she seems hotter than usual, I do have a dog ear thermometer, but have had little luck using it, so I don’t use it anymore), is all you can do there and take them to the vet immediately if they have a raised temperature… I don’t know what I would have gone had I lost her because of pyometra, that is just so terribly sad. Thankfully it does not seem to happen very often here though, I have only heard about one case (she was 12 years, if I remember right) and there’s a lot of dogs around me (with friends in different dog clubs, the kennel club etc).

  • MissB says:

    Not wearing fur is so silly in this day and age. These animals are being killed for food and their skins wasted because of you. How will ALL of the worlds animals survive when you fill the world with your plastic clothes instead??? Be sensible and utilise the natural products the world provides us with. Plastic is more evil to wear than fur!! 🙁

  • rita says:

    I NEVER ever liked her and I was so surprise to watch she do that…I’m a Vegan, an Adopter, a Lover and I think animals needs our voice!!! I love her now!!!!!!!!!!! I really do, I didn’t think Kim Kardashian was a good person, with the fur and all, specially her sister Kourteney, now I know Kim is really a good person, and Khloe too as she understood the fur problem in the first time she knew about it.

  • Bill Gamble says:

    Wow this family is so loving I creis this show when Kim took this dog and gave it a chance, would love to hear what happen to this dog, love this show truly this family is very caring and lovng

  • slippyz says:

    After seeing the episode again it does look staged. That was just a well behaved old mama dog. So don’t worry everyone. Nothing is spontaneous on this show.

  • Lisa says:

    I saw that episode and wondered if anyone knows what happened to Princess? I wish they would have at least had it added on another episode or had it on the end of that particular episode….I would have loved to of adopted her I have 2 chihuahuas and they are the best dogs!

  • sallygirl26292307 says:

    so wut wuz wrong wthe dog that it needed surgery?

  • Lizzy says:

    Call the clinic… they said it was a producer’s dog to give Kim a story line other than fashion or Reggie. So sad I was really hoping for a happy ending.

  • Carla says:

    Haters get off Peta site. Kim is wonderful and the story is just how Peta is reporting it! Thanks Kim!

  • Sue says:

    I’m so excited that the dog lived I was confused of the outcome on the show. I believe in only rescuingadopting animals verses buying. Many animals need good homes.

  • Tia says:

    Love you Kim!!!!!!!!!!

  • susan says:

    Olivia I’m not sure if you are aware that Paris Hilton has many dogs and they live better than some people.I watched this show and you can tell that Kim Kardashian is not an animal lover. I believe this was just a storyline for the show.What I want to know is where these people get all of the money they have by sitting on their butts all day?

  • Saucy says:

    That’s very sweet. Even if it was a made up storyline not everyone knows that. It can be a guide for other people to take home a stray and not let it wonder the streets. My precious little find a chihuahua beagle mix is coming along just fine. I call her my little sister and named her Klhoe. A coincidence? I think not.

  • Olivia says:

    Woohoo Go Kimmy! I think Kim is very different from your typical Paris Hiltons and Lindsay Lohans she seems very kind and after this edispode of her rescuing Princess it shows shes very compasionate! Have Kim be in one of the ads Khloe’s ok but get Kim and Kourtney involved too!

  • Mark Thompson says:

    All I care is HOW is the Princess now? Did she survive

  • amy says:

    I just read that the story line for Princess was fake. The dog actually belongs to an ‘E’ employee and was never sick. If so how horrible is that?!

  • Ellen says:

    I so agree with you on this one Destiney. Kim saves dog…. “Oh Please”

  • Destiney says:

    Actually she couldn’t find the owner to this doggie decided to keep it fed it cookies cause that’s what dogs eat duh finally got it vet care realized she’d have to devote time and attention to this sweet creature and decided it wasn’t for her. I’d LOVE to see a fup on if she really does any volunteering at a shelter! I’m betting it “ain’t gonna happen”!

  • Angelflight says:

    I am so curious to find out what the outcome was with this poor little dog? I mean the show airs way after it’s taped and I’m curious if this little dog made it and how she’s doing.

  • Lisa says:

    Can’t think of anyone better to star in an angel for animals ad. Hope PETA contacts her.

  • Marissa says:

    good for her thank you Kim. lots of people im sure saw that episode last night and hopefully took in what they saw and will do the same someday if they find a lost or homeless dog. volunteering at the pound is so much fun. thank you again!

  • dee says:

    Did the dog live? It looked terrible after the surgery. Any pictures of the dog recently?

  • vivi says:

    I hope that makes advertising so that people do not abandon these animals after being purchased as pets!

  • Rad_Rosa89 says:

    Simply amazing!! It only takes something so small to change someone’s heart.