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Killing Bambi Might Kill Your Mojo

Written by PETA | October 28, 2008

A new CNN article warning hunters against overexertion has renewed our most genuine concern over the sadly impaired genitalia of hunters. It seems the lack of sportsmanship involved in hunting (i.e., lounging around like couch potatoes with sophisticated weaponry for the short-lived murderous thrill of killing a defenseless creature) can be very exerting. Apparently, there’s a huge adrenaline spike when Bambi is caught in the crosshairs. This has doctors worried that such bloodlust—coupled with clogged arteries—could “trigger a heart attack or even potentially worse a lethal heart rhythm disturbance.” The poor dears! (Read: fortunate “deer”?)

But let’s get this straight: Clogged arteries restrict blood flow to organs, and this can lead to organ malfunction. Oh my—so I guess that means that blood flow would be hindered to all organs—which means that any major/male organ could begin to malfunction. Yep, I think you smell what I’m steppin’ in … the bizarre and common connection between animal abuse and impotence. You heard it here first folks. So please, protect yourselves, protect your children: Quit huntin’ and go vegan!

Written by Missy Lane

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  • joe says:

    I am a hunter and my penis is not smaller becauae of it. Hunting is neccecary to the overall wellbeing of any group of animals by preventing massive dieoffs by starvation. I want all of you nonhunters to know that this is definately not true and this organization made every bit of this study up. THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO FACTS SUPPORTING THIS THEORY. By the way I am not a crazy lunatic redneck i am a normal human just like you.

  • Wood Dwelling Gnome says:

    Lynda This is true I did come here but I was not speaking about this blog. I was speaking about the folks out in the field trying to stop me from going into the woods. I was speaking about the people trying to take away my hunting rights.

  • lynda downie says:

    Woods Dwelling Gnome MARI No one’s pushing anything on you. You’re the one who came here of your own volition.

  • Sierra says:

    Tom I just seen your one comment you have access to a computer and the ability to type coherent sentences so I highly doubt your family survives off the surrounding wild life. Whether or not you are using 95 of the corpse you created doesn’t change the fact that you are doing it for sport not necessity.” Truthfully i’ve ate more deer in my life time than i have pork beef or chicken. My father has gentic heart disease n high cholestrol. And being his children my sister and i are at high risk for it so we ate deer for the leaness considering its leaner than chicken if it isnt skinned and steamed which does not fly in our family having tasteless food the 5 of the deer we dont use goes to our dogswe throw them the legs that we dont clean off and then the rib cagespine of the deer goes on our land to help feed the surrounding wild life that eats meat helps them out alot when its nasty out and they cant get a kill themselves. Sooooooo its wrong for me to take one life that helps countless? And DNR Do Not Resitate orders by people who are suffering is to basically have hospitals kill the person they cant bring them back to life they have to let them die. And just on monday a friend close of mine’s dad shot himself to put himself out of his misery he was tired of being sick and had cancer. He took his own life granted but still was suffering. AND YES we lived off the deer my family does it for the sportsmenship and need to put the food on the table! not the trophy buck. You raise two daughters which one was sick alot growing up me bad respiratory system and have a crappy immune system live on an acreage that costs 1200 for taxes every 6 months have 2 to feed constantly and keep vetted up and try to keep your machinary going keep your truck and cars running okay. Plus make the house payment and pay for the electrical and LP… It aint cheap yes our choice but its better than living in the crowded town. The meat we took every year saved us alot of money that gave me and my sister better things than most of the people we went to school with. We didnt have the greatest cars but we had our horses and the country to live in and respect i have my shotguns to have and i love them i know im safe if someone trys to break in. Heres the deal i probably could deal with death faster in my life than non hunters could i seen life taken when i was 5 when i watched my pony be put to sleep cause she had such bad colic we couldnt get her to ISU for surgery. and it would have been cheaper to put her out of her pain than to keep makin her go thru it. I’ve had puppies ran over because they were so excited. but i’ve been able to handle death of humans even easier because i’ve learned life is precious it can be taken from you at anytime. And dont give me the load of BS that we have no heart and we are not educated and we’re misguided…I put down a mare almost 4 years ago and 6 months after i put her down and stopped crying myself to sleep every night because i blamed myself for not doing more for her or that i should have put her down sooner than i did because i made her suffer. But my stud i bought 6 months after her i lost just in sept. Cool rainy morning n had been raining for 3 days i made it 150 yards in about 20seconds running barefoot and into the pasture where he laid dead. As i sat in the grass looking at him thru my tears i sat wondering if i should have been there sooner before he passed what about the pain he went thru because we figured he had ate something toxic which would have killed him slowly and painfully….And i would have much rather seen him go fast without suffering than the way we think he went. I would have put a bullet in him than have him suffer an extra second waiting on the vet to come with the lethal injection. Tell me how would you have handled it? Could you sit and see an animal in pain? from starving or from something toxic. You people that hate us hunters obviously cant handle death well you dont truely respect life either. If someone were to come up to me that was sick and tired of the pain asked me to help them die i would help them..Would i pull the trigger no but i would help them however i could. It’s called a mercy kill…and if you havent studied history much alot of soldiers had to do it.. Close family friend that served in Vietnam had to do this to one of his troop members he also had to kick a child in the chest and push them into a streetout of the bar they were in because the kid was strapped with explosives.

  • Woods Dwelling Gnome MA/RI says:

    Some of these responses kill me to read for I am a hunter as my father mother and both grandfathers and down the line. I would never choose to be a vegan not even a Vegetarian you have every right. I harvest animals for food and don’t care to eat hormone fed mass grown animal meat. As far as someone stating about the fat hunter sitting in an ambush to kill animal there is much more to it then that. I have spent more time in the woods this past week then most would in a year. While out there I pick up trash left from the dog walkers and hikers. In the off season I am still in the woods canoeing litter picking taking photos. I do agree with you humans beating pets slaughter houses dog fighting are very sickening. Someone else mentioned why are hunters here reading this stuff and it was to just start arguments that is not why I am here I was simply reading folks views who disagree with my lifestyle just as you anti hunting folks read my hunting websites. Life the life you want but please don’t push your views on mine. Enjoy your day. PS Anytime someone wants to hike in the off season and learn about all the plants native and non or go canoeing and learn about the insects animals and fish you see email me I’m willing to teach if you are willing to listen.

  • Sierra says:

    Bless your heart Marcus…haaha i feel like my grandmother saying that. Agree with you completely….. n seen that too many times too…Least you were able to come along and help the animal get out of that pain.

  • marcus says:

    ok ok ok ive had about enough of this. if i understand this right you peta people are for the “ethical treatment for animals” i hope im correct. Well what i have understood about your group is the fact that it is wrong to kill any animal for any reason what so ever. I have to admit that i am a avid sportsman from that state of wisconsin so of course im offically the devil! But i think you people have all the answers so i have a real life senario for you and please feel free to comment me back. senario I was driving home one night after getting done hunting”I saw numerous deer but didnt see any mature deer to harvest” when all of a sudden i see break lights off of another car in the ditch. I pulled over to find out that a middle aged man had struck a deer with his car. The man was fine a little shaken up tho and the car was totalled. It seems he had struck the deer in its hind legs thus breaking the deers back legs. After calling local authorites i proceed to track down the wounded animal to find it partiaully crawling through a field. Oh by the way if you have never herd a deer suffer let me tell you this it is one of the most heart breaking things you could ever hear. Back to the deer so after finding the wounded animal i rushed back to my truck and retrived me rifel and with one well placed shot i put the animal out of its missery. now feel free to write me back and call me whatever you want that will make u feel better at night. But i do believe in that situation i was a peta member i was a person providing the ethical treatment for a animal.

  • Rei says:

    I live in an area surrounded by mountains. I remember when I was in school there would be deer on the playground. There would also be days we weren’t allowed outside because there is a cougar. The ones that live in the city have lost the majority of their fear of humans. They move in here because of forest fires and overpopulation. Fireworks cars backfiring alot so that when hunting season come they don’t know they don’t fear. And since more deer are moving into the city in the winter because people have perfect lawn they graze in your back yard. What follows them is a good reason why populations need to be managed. When you hear your dog barking and you go outside to see what it is and find your dog barking at the tree. You look up and you see eyes.a cougar. Or when walking in town at night because our town is safe except for one thing you feel stalked. Yeah people feel bad when your dog or pets get eaten by cougars or coyotes. Where I live its a matter of time before cougars see little kids as potential prey. Actually just last spring a cougar young adult walked up to a golfer and bit him in the calf. Basically the way I see it if one controls the prey of a predator or directly controls the predator population which is not easy in my state for to find cougars you need dogs. Then the overall health of the environment benefits. Also you won’t hear about how a kid was killed by a cougar in the evening news. where i live most people know about the animals and what to do but recently city people have been moving in and are not aware of the dangers of living here the area were i live in is also where a large portion of the tree fruit industry is and if deer populations are too high and they munch on the crops then that is bad for everyone too.