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The Killers: Killer Musicians? Yes! Furry Animal Killers? No!

Written by PETA | October 24, 2008
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The Killers

We were kind of bummed when we saw a picture of The Killers in which Dave Keuning, the guitarist, was wearing a big ol’ furry jacket. “Oh no!” we thought, “and with us so looking forward to their new album.” As you can imagine, there were sad faces all around—but not for long!

When we emailed Dave, his rep told us that not only was the jacket totally faux, but also that the entire band is against fur and completely fur-free! This is awesome. It looks like The Killers agree with the long list of stars who refuse to promote, ya know, genital electrocution and other such lovely aspects of the fur industry.

So The Killers are against fur? Hmm … “Rather Go Naked” ad, anyone?

What? Don’t look at me like that. You were thinking the same thing … right?

Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • jorge says:

    thats great im a big fan of the killers and when i first saw its video it confuses me and i thought it was real fur because i didnt know they are furfree thats how i end up here “looking for the answer” but shouldnt they show in the video or in the ad wherever they appear with that jacket and whenever they can a message saying that those fur are fakes or anything that stats that they are against real fur? so less people dont jump into conclussions and as Halv said the average people will think its real because the glam factor or whatever you will beth and we have no way to find out otherwise besides more people who love them can get the message too and maybe become furfree if they are not yet. can you PETA ask them if they can or will or deliver this petition? thank you.

  • tkforever says:

    all the more reason to love the killers… they’re amazing in every aspect.

  • Bimba says:

    Happy to know it! But…what about that Brandon’s jacket that it seems made of sneake’s skin? Was it faux? I hope so and i hope he threw it away ’cause it was just awful!

  • francine rodriguez says:

    I am so happy to hear the group Killers are against fur! i know there are a lot of other stars that still wear fur and Jennifer Lopez is one of them she also wears eye lashes made from fur..lets hope one day no one on this planet will wear FUR..PEACE we need so much of it in our world today..

  • James says:

    Lisa you strike a point but I don’t think that a band should not be able to wear what they want if it’s not hurting the animal don’t you think. Theres always a limit between doing whats right and being extreem. They are doing whats right by not wearing fur but they shouldn’t have to not wear what they want just because someone might get the idea to wear fur because they are. Theres a point where your beliefs end up repressing other peoples rights and perogative. I say as long as they arn’t hurting an animal it shouldn’t be a problem and others should be smart enough to follow that line of thinking.

  • Devin Newmeyer says:

    When they were on SNL a couple of weeks ago the singer was wearing a jacket with feathers. Were those real? Because it was really bothering me that he would be wearing it on top of the fact that it just looked ridiculous anyways…

  • Lisa says:

    Of course I’m glad they do not wear real fur but the problem with wearing faux fur is the general public doesn’t know it’s faux and assumes these cool guys are wearing fur and it’s the thing to do so it can actually perpetuate spelling? wearing real fur.

  • Amber Falobas says:

    Oooh I’d love to see the killers naked!! esp. since brandon doesn’t have that beard anymore!! yay the killers!!

  • Jess says:

    Now one more reason to love the Killers! Real men don’t hurt animals!

  • gabieSweet says:

    the killers are so rad theyre awesome musicans i love you guys!!!!

  • stray says:

    This is why I hate when people wear fake fur for these things because the average person will think it’s real and not have a way to find out otherwise. The image of it screams fur he knows it looks real so why even relay that kind of message on the album cover? I think it’s wrong.

  • Halv says:

    I really question this. I’ve seen more than one photo of the guitarist wearing what looks like fur and each jacket was a different vintage style. I could be wrong but I have a feeling they’re trying to avoid bad publicity.

  • vegancoin says:

    “and that’s why we shouldn’t jump to conclusions… eh?” Wrong. In fact that is the first thing that would come to a reasonable persons mind. Call it the glam factor call it what you will. Not everyone has the willpower or the motivation to take that extra step to live cruelty free and compassionate life. Think green. Go veg.

  • beth says:

    The Killers are hotttt and i’m so happy they’re antifur

  • BBR says:

    and that’s why we shouldn’t jump to conclusions… eh? but good to know

  • Amanda S. too says:

    Go Killers!!!!! I love your music. Thank you so much for being against fur from animals and sticking to the faux.

  • Blythe says:

    Yeah I was thinking the same thing…lol