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Kids Who’ll Rule The World One Day!

Written by PETA | March 14, 2007

Remember this great video about teens going vegetarian from a month or so ago? Well, it gets better. My friend Jannette is PETA’s Director of Special Gifts and she leads a glamorous life wining and dining with various dignitaries and celebrities. The other day, her glitterati lifestyle landed her in the company of none other than former Grateful Dead and now Rat Dog guitarist Bob Weir and his family.

It turns out that Bob has an amazingly cool daughter named Monet, who has been veg all her life and LOVES Ingrid Newkirk’s new kids’ book. And Bob even donated one of his guitars to auction off for PETA last year. Could this family be any cooler?


As you know, I don’t lead nearly as glam a life as Jannette and unfortunately my family isn’t half as cool as the Weirs, but nonetheless Jannette’s e-mail inspired me. I’m keeping some copies of Ingrid’s new book for all the young ‘uns in my family. I can’t wait to hear what they think.


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  • casey says:

    OH sorry ahhahaamy moms name was still in there my real name is casey sorry catherine

  • Catherine says:

    suzy i feel the same way! i am 12 a vegan it is great when other adolescents go veg

  • Suzy Redd says:

    I think I need more friends like them!!!! The kids at school really bring me down sometimes unfortanly.It makes me feel a lot better when I am not the only vegan or vegetarian at my age in the world!! httpblog.peta.orgarchives200703burberryhasa.php

  • veganlove says:

    a daughter who cares about the most defenseless among us to be proud of…what more can a parent ask?

  • ashley says:

    bob weir and his family are so cool indeed! these kids are a great example for all the other kids in the world. i hope so that many others shall follow them and bring animal cause to future generations!!!