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Kidney Failure—It’s What’s for Dinner

Written by PETA | January 4, 2011

An organic beef producer is recalling more than 34,000 pounds of ground beef after finding E. coli bacteria in its facilities. E. coli can cause dehydration, anemia, kidney failure, and even death.

Many consumers don’t realize that animals on organic farms may be forced to endure the same crowded, filthy conditions as animals on typical factory farms. Because of these conditions and the fact that organic farmers avoid using antibiotics, organically raised animals can harbor even more bacteria than animals who are drugged. See PETA’s factsheet for more on the myths surrounding organic and free-range farms.

m-j-h/CC by 2.0

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Dieda Artemis says:

    We mistreat and kill animals; their corps and flesh kill us…So us, superior beings, KILL OURSELVES! We don’t really seem to be so intelligent as we say we are. Definitely.

  • Louise Barker says:

    34,000 lbs of ground beef (assuming 243.2 lbs of ground beef per animal) is about 140 animals.

    And animals that are grown organically are only legally allowed to be marketed as organic if they are sent to an organic slaughter house. If it was not sent to an organic slaughter house but still raised on an organic farm, it can be marketed as organically raised.