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Photos of the Day: Kick SeaWorld out of the Rose Parade

Written by PETA | November 8, 2013

PETA supporters and orca fans united yesterday to protest SeaWorld’s planned Tournament of Roses Parade float. Protesters pointed out that SeaWorld’s float—which depicts orcas leaping happy and free in the sea—bears no resemblance whatsoever to an orca’s life of intensive confinement at the marine park, where these magnificent animals are kept in tiny concrete tanks, often breaking their teeth on the underwater bars, and are forced to perform cheap, circus-style tricks.

Help keep cruelty out of the Rose Parade by letting the parade committee know that animal abuse is nothing to celebrate.

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  • Gil-Ann Wilder says:

    Please do not let Seaworld participate. Have you seen the story of Luna and seen Blackfish? If anything let Blackfish activists (me included) ride on a float to alert the unknowns what goes on behind the scenes at Seaworld. In Blackfish, the Orca Mama crying for days after her baby was taken from the family, broke my heart. How about taking the babies to profit….Seaworld killing some in the process (Heartless)? Orcas have high emotions, much higher than humans. How would you like giving birth to a newborn to have it whisked away forever ‘inhumanely’ right before your eyes? Orcas are close knit families and communicate their ‘own language’in the Sea. If there is a float to represent BlackFish I want to ride on it. ….WATCH…BLACKFISH…..AND…..NEVER….SUPPORT….SEAWORLD. FREE TILLY TO A HUMANE SANCTUARY….POOR FELLA.

  • Ann says:

    It actually might be better to let them be in the Rose Parade, but protest along side it while it parades down the street.

  • Erica Mccarthy says:

    SeaWorld Sucks!