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Kia Wins Award for Animal-Friendly Commercial

Written by PETA | April 22, 2009


apgaylard / CC

When you saw Kia’s new commercial, “A New Way to Roll,” a few questions probably popped into your head: How did they train these hamsters? How long did they make them run on those wheels? Do hamsters even like soul music?

Well, have no fear: The hamsters in this commercial are computer-generated—no vigorous training or particular taste in music necessary! That means that when this commercial comes on and the Soul car rolls in, you can rock out with the hamsters to the funky beat guilt-free. We love this ad so much that we’ve decided to give Kia Motors America—and its creative ad agency David&Goliath—PETA’s GOODY Award. By creating an ad that takes advantage of animated animals instead of dragging real ones into the process, Kia and David&Goliath have set a progressive example for other companies to follow.

Please comment below if you’ve recently seen an ad that depicts animals in a positive or negative way. We’ll consider it for our GOODY Award or BADDY Award (for ads that stink) faster than you can say, “CGI rules!”

Written by Liz Graffeo

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  • ann, texas says:

    One of the best is the Budweiser ad in which the Clydesdale remembers the man who raised him from a newborn.

  • Phill says:

    I find it annoying, advertising like this is a fail, although it does emphasize the space in the car.

  • Jackie says:

    The ad is sooooooooo cute!!

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    I love the KIA commercial. I knew right away the hamsters were computer generated and that is the way all animals in commercials movies or television with the exception of pets in sitcoms should be. The other commercial that comes to mind is the one Careerbuilder shot after they were contacted by PETA they set human office workers in a jungle setting and had them stampede at the mention of a meeting. I laughed until my stomach hurt it was so much funnier than the one they used the year before with the chimps in an office setting which I thought was rather sad…

  • Michael Essi says:

    Way to go Kia! I think it’s great that we recognize when people do good things for animals. On the other hand Oreo Fun Stix gets my nod for using a baby elephant in it’s latest commercial. I am sure that the elephant was ripped away from his mother no doubt she was certainly not on the set and of course there is the issue of elephants continually being bred in captivity for a life of confinement. Want to see the commercial? httpwww.metacafe.comwatch2727152oreofunstixcommercial