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Khloe Kardashian Would Rather Go Naked …

Written by PETA | December 9, 2008

I am super-excited to reveal to you our brand new “Rather Go Naked” ad, starring none other than gorgeous reality TV star Khloe Kardashian!


Khloe Kardashian


If you’ve ever watched Keeping Up With the Kardashians—and who hasn’t?—you’ve probably noticed that Khloe can be the most outspoken of the Kardashian clan. She’s never afraid to tell it like it is, and that’s why we’re so proud to have her speak up about fur. As you may have guessed, she’s so against fur that she’d rather go naked!

There was a live unveiling of Khloe’s ad in L.A., and Khloe has invited all her local fans to came out and support her. Check out the photos and video from the unveiling here:

Khloe Kardashian  Khloe Kardashian  Khloe Kardashian  Khloe Kardashian

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You can also enter to win your very own copy of Season 1 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. So go, enter, and enjoy the new ad!

Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • Ruby says:

    Khloe you have the best body I have ever seen better than any modles I wish i had your body 🙂 keep rockin the bod babe

  • Gracie194 says:

    Good on her, you can’t say oh her sister wears fur thats not her and yes she may wear leather, but the way the skin the animals while they are alive is another thing, leather is a bi product of a mass produced animal which is slatered for food which may not be right in some peoples mind but at the end of the day cows wouldnt still be here if we didnt rear and mass produce them at the end of the day.and i watched them videos a couple years ago and they were disgusting! Khloe is beautiful!

  • Laura says:

    Khloe has an amazing body, think she is my new idol!!!! Beyonce and J-lo have met their match!!!!

  • smash says:

    she totally carries leather handbags around like its her job, sells them in her stores and wears leather boots too so how does she qualify for this?

  • Destny says:

    Khloe looks beautiful an photo

  • Lidnessy24 says:

    Khloe is my favorite and this just makes her ever more AMAZING! Kim should get her act together and stop wearing fur too.

  • Vivi says:

    khloe you are so beautiful inside and out. <3

  • Carla Fernandes says:

    Fantástico! Se mais celebridades ajudassem essa causa, muitas vidas seriam poupadas! Ela está de parabéns!

  • Dani says:

    Great- but what about the sisters?! I love this show and love chloe- glad she did it But really didnt want to watch it after I saw the others wearing fur in NY

  • Sandra Conti says:

    Glad to know that at least one of these sisters know better as Kim still wears fur and so does the other one. You rock Khloe!! You’re a wonderful example and hopefully your mom and others will be inlightend in what you believe in!!

  • daneil says:

    hello i just wanted to ask if you ever had a boob job because they are very small but u are very pretty

  • Katie says:

    Hey this is katie from ireland…love all ur shows so keep them comin hehe…ii was watchin the 1 i wuld rather go naked then wear fur and i heard the comments u were reading before the show..dem comments are so not trueyou re tal skinny and sexy lemar is so fin lucky…and what me wnted to say was the people who wrote those comments re jeaslous X!…and u re so beautiful and yhoo dnt need to lose weight i wuld love to ave ur body ween i grow yhooo khloe and ur shows…hope yhoo write bak to me at xxx

  • barbie says:

    KHLOE IS WAY SEXIER THAN HER SISTERS this photoshoot really gives inspiration to people and shows the cruelty of skinning animals for their own skin and yes i would also rather go naked than wear fur D

  • Ashley says:

    awesome pic i think you are gorgeous. your bod is beautiful! it was really cool to do that for PETA.

  • P- says:

    wow i’m so late I just learned about this. From season 1 on she was by far my favorite out of the three older sisters + I kind of fell in love with her beautiful face and now I love her even more. This ad is major! Germany loves you

  • Iris Estrada says:

    i Love the kardashians iam so glad that khloe did that. before she was going to do that she was all mad because she thought that everyone would be making fun of her fat but it’s not about if your fat or skinny it’s about if you have faith in your body i love you kim khloe and kourtney.You Rock

  • Heather says:

    I don’t watch tv much but happen to catch Kloe K. in the episode where she poses for PETA. She looks amazing. It is comforting to know that celebrities get insecure although Kloe has no reason to be. And for such a great cause! Good for you.

  • cyndi says:

    Khloe is absolutely gorgeous! Not only do i love her photo ad but her passion for animals! Rock On Khloe!

  • Sarah says:

    Khloe is da bomb I love her picture. Its so classy it my be a nude photo but its so tasteful and that’s a hard combination to come by these daysI like all 3 Kardashian sisters. Kourtney is small and petite and so is Kim and that’s way Khloe stands out most and I really think people should see the beauty that she is. She is this tall curvy women with a headstrong mind to boot.No offense to skinny mini’s out there but curvy sexy women like Khloe is what beauty is all about. also its for Peta and making it a great cause. I love you Khloe and look up to you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mayur says:

    Thank you so much khloe for trying to save animals. plz keep doing it.

  • Mandy says:

    She is so beautiful how can people talk about her i would kill to have that body

  • Eden says:

    Hey khloe I am just watching this episode now as I type I NEVER write on these kind of things and you have inspired me that much to actually say something even if you don’t get the chance to actually ever read this you are beautiful and you show girls who may not be in the stereotypical range of having a “good body” that they can be beautiful. So I would like to thankyou this may not mean much but you have lightened my heart!

  • Tabitha Peck says:

    Khloe in my opinion always looks stunning and is my favorite kardashian as well. She doesn’t have to be a knockot to be as beautiful as she is but she got both. And this ad is such a GORGEOUS picture. And for such an uberkool cause too. 3 Khloe!!

  • thiveshan says:

    When are you visiting South Africa??

  • ali shaker says:

    i love u khloe

  • Elena Burnside Lopez says:

    Simply BEAUTIFUL! With Love Elena

  • gonzalez says:

    awwwwwwsome body what ever your doing to it keep it up please dont change your great love ya. you have a friend if you ever need one. in texas.

  • Stephanie says:

    Such a lovely shot so tasteful. I’m so glad you got beyond what you thought you looked like to see how lovely you are. Fantastic!!!!!

  • Christina says:

    I don’t know if Khloe will read this but I’m hoping she will… I was so inspiried by her for doing the Peta shoot. She’s 5’10 and that really showed me that i can be proud to be tall too. At 15 I’m 6’0 and I feel more confident in myself. Thank you Khloe!

  • Maria says:

    I am watching the episode where you are doing the photoshoot… Don’t let what stupid people write on blogs get to you. They don’t have anything better to do than to poke fun at others. Love you! You are beautiful and are looking AMAZING for this ad!

  • wendy zapata says:

    You were looking great!!! And even more so for the cause!!! Never let what others think of you get in the way because we are here on earth to live for ourselves not for other people ways in thinking ! You were HOT!!!! Married Lesbian from FresnoCAli!!! And a 1 fan of yours!!

  • Wendy Zapata says:

    You look awsome!!! And NEVER care what the heck people have to say about your weight!!! You look GREAT! And this is coming from a Lesbian from Fresno!!! Keep rockin black you look soooooooo good!!!

  • Mindy Starc says:

    seriously way to go khloe! i am so proud of you for showing your incredibly beautiful body! i am 5’9″ and i always feel like such a giant it’s a real encouragement to me to see a taller beautiful woman being proud of both her body and using it in a way to speak out for animals. the practices are awful and need to be stopped.

  • DAnnyy says:

    Your the best..the only reason i watched that show was so that i can see you “naked”..your HOT..Why is Kim even famous?? is it bc of..

  • Lucky says:

    Girl…u are awsome I’m bigger built and u are my hero!!! Took alot of balls!! I could never do it! Ur my hero

  • JillyBee says:

    Khloe! You’re so awesome…I saw you reading negative comments on the show so I hope you read all these positive ones! Keep up the hilarity wyour gorgeous self!

  • Gus says:

    Nice work Khloe from New Zealand Ive seen the start of animal cruety videos and it is disgusting what happens to some animals couldnt watch the full video. Good work supporting PETA.