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Khloe Kardashian: ‘Keeping Up’ With Fur-Free Fabulosity

Written by PETA | March 23, 2009
realitytvmagazine / CC
Khloe Kardashian

Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Celebrity Apprentice star Khloe Kardashian brought in some reality-TV gold last night. Not only did she manage to escape getting fired in Trump’s board room for the fourth week in a row, she also, on her popular E! series, brought some much needed attention to animals raised for fur.

I’m sure you all remember Khloe’s sexy ad, which we unveiled not too long ago. Well, on Keeping Up last night, she really went above and beyond by showing—on national television—the gruesome and heartbreaking video footage that caused her to go fur-free. Hopefully, many of the millions of people watching were touched and inspired to make the same compassionate choice. After seeing a fully conscious animal having his or her skin ripped off, it’s hard to sport that fur coat.

On the show, Khloe admitted that she had a hard time stripping down for the ad because of insecurity about her body. When you’re tall and curvy and from a family full of petite models, that’s definitely understandable. But lucky for us, animals, and the rest of the world, she laid her insecurities to rest and rocked the you-know-what out of the shoot. She summed it up best at the end of the episode when she said of the shoot, “It really helped me be comfortable in my own skin. In turn, I really hope this helps animals keep their skin.”

Written by Christine Doré

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  • Kathy says:

    Best Kardashian show ever. We need to see Khloe do more modelling ads. Now she has the perfect body. This is what society needs to see. Healthy and beautiful!

  • Kim says:

    I think Khloe is the prettiest of any of the girls. However what I think is really sad is their father would never have wanted any of them to be uneducated. I am sure he would have wanted all of them to be professionals with a college education THEN do your part for PETA. Think about that Kardashians!! I would like to see one of you Khloe perferably to go to Colletge. Why Khole? Because she’s the one who has the most intelligence and would do the best with her college education. I am sure their father would have wanted at least one of them to have a college education. Can’t stress this enough girls!! Your mother has no education this is obvious because all she does revolves around getting your approval and she has very little of her own personality and intelligence to rely on. Go to college girls!!!! Forget the making money off your bodies… your bodies won’t last forever but your education will!!

  • Omar Bueno says:

    Khloe You look amazing even though the main reason was for animal awarness. Your hot I just wish you would know how much a man like me would appreciate a woman like you…and no! Im not a creepy old man..lmao. Good Job! Teach something to your sisters.

  • tanya sturdefant says:

    I think the ad was gorgeous Khloe is absolutely beautiful. I not only admire her for doing a Peta ad but for also showing the world that a woman with curves can be sexy and phenomenal. I too watch her show and I disagree with her feeling that she wasn’t as beautiful as the other peta models she was just as gorgeous. Congrats

  • rena shaw says:

    i think that is horrible what type of human being can do that to an animal.i mean i’m christian and it saids in the bible that we can use animals for cloths and if we kill something use every part of that animal andwhen you kill something kill it swiftly and don’t torture when you do what they were doing to thoughs animals throughing there heads into wood chippers without it even being dead is a discrase they need to be put in jailand that’s the truth

  • Cynthiaa says:

    Omg i totally love thee showw! and i was so surprised when she said yes! i support her totally!

  • Kianna says:

    i would LOVe to be part of PETA its horible and wrong what they do to animals for fur please i would love to be par watever i can 2 HELP but by the way im only 11

  • michelle lopez says:

    Khloe you are beautiful and you souldnt care what those lowlife writers say about you. Every person is different. If we were all the same it would be boring. I really look up to you and what you did with PETA.

  • Lex says:

    I love PETA and love Khloe. I am was so excited to see her be such a strong supporter of a great and admirable cause. And… I think her bodies super Hot!! Kudos for Khloe!!

  • Donna says:

    Im 40 years old and never really knew too much about Peta. but because of Khloe im learning more and teaching my girls about Peta. Khloe you are my little girls role model they watch your show and just think you are a beautifulyou are extremely beautiful princess and funny too… Stay true to your self and thanks for daring to do what you feared the most.

  • Marina says:

    I love animals and I appreciate that Khloe has done this. Girl you do not have to worry about your body… not to sound like a lesbian but you are gorgeous the way you are. Don’t ever let no bad comments hurt you. Just think like as if that is all hate that they have on you because you are beautiful and they are not! Estas Bien Bonita!

  • Jacqueline Warnock says:

    Khloe.. you are amazing i watch the show and your soo freakin funny …keep it up. Also your beautiful the way you are

  • P says:

    OMG!! I thought khloe kardashian posing for the PETA Campaign was awesome!! I saw the episode and I thought she did such a great thing for these animals. I like the fact that she was true to herself and even though she had a hard time dealing with her insecurities. She looked AMAZING!!!

  • Paula says:

    Khloe You’re smokin hot! Thanks for doing this for the animals. Tell Bruce he needs another face lift. You look perfect!

  • face says:

    khloe kardashian is fine as hell and let me tell you to black men your body is the shit stay sexy and don’t lose anything

  • bri says:

    what khloe did is amazing!! by doing something like this makes me respect her even more. i always watch keeping up with the kardashians and seeing the actual show thats has her doing the shoot and how passionate she is about doing her part to help was great. she had a perfect oppurtinity to get the word out that abuse of animals is not right and shouldnt be tolerated. i am just very thankful of her stepping up and taking a stand. you can see that at first she wasnt comforable with doing taking her clothes off which who wouldnt be? but she pushed through it because she believed in the cause… that has truly inspired me. khloe has always been someone i look up to because of her confidence in herself and just speaking her mind. this put the icing on the cake and made me look up to her even more.

  • MeL says:

    Khloe is the prettiest of her sisters! Doing a PSA that presents awareness for antifur just makes her all the more pretty!

  • Phoenix says:

    Why are you praising her when she sells shirts made with feathers? Go to if you don’t believe me..

  • Jacqueline says:

    Khloe looked awesome! I think what she did was great. I believe a lot of girls look up to her and her doing this PETA ad is really going to open a lot of peoples eyes to whats really going on.. She is a fashion icon so I think she was a great person to do this ad thanks khloe

  • Lydiana says:

    I was watching the show last night and just needed to let Khole know that my heart broke for her last night.. I hope to never see you be affected by what others think.I believe that you a VERY VERY VERY BEAUTIFUL and should be happy w how you look. You body is fin HOT hell i wish i was 5’9 instead of 5’3 do you know what I’d do with that we all have things that we wish we could change. I know that it’s easier said then done but if you o nothing else please be comfortable in you OWN SKIN.. Keep BEING YOU BECUASE UR PERFECT JUST THE WAY YOU ARE LIKE YOU LIL SISTER SAID TO DONKEY BOY

  • Angel says:

    This really gave me awareness of what happens to animals….I never knew!!!!! Great jobI was so happy and proud of you Bruce was definatly wrong about you needing to loose weight you look amazing…keep up the good work girl!!!!

  • simonsays says:

    khloepeople think that every1 should look a certain way and their body should be a certain way u are different and you are an individual and your body is beautiful you think like the norm and every1 will be herion sheek so be who you are and wonderful job aminals have amazing souls keep up the work on their behalf

  • mel says:

    Keep up the good work Kloe!! Thank you for your good cause!!! Sincerely Animals lover

  • Katie Dentler says:

    Khloe is such an inspiration to me! I love animals and the fact that she did the PETA add was amazing. She definatly showed a postive body image. I only wish I could look that good! You are amazing!!!

  • claudia says:

    khloe I want to say that you look great. dont let other peoples comments bother you. thank you for doing the campaign. please continue supportng good causes like this one.

  • Kathy says:

    Khloe I want to say hats off to you for overcoming your body image issue. You are a beautiful person. By you doing what you did for PETA made me and many others aware of the horrible things going on out there! I have never heard of PETA before seeing what you did thank you! PS don’t pay attention to people who post negitive things they are not true and not worth your time.

  • Mary Scanlon says:

    Khloe I think it’s great that you’re taking a stand against animal cruelty and helping PETA get their message out. I wish more celebrities would use their fame for this cause. I’m a vegetarian because of information I’ve read put out by PETA and the inhumane treatment of animals in factory farms. I’ve also protested when the circus comes to my town every year. I just watched your show which I love I’ve been a fan since it started and I have to say that “you look marvelous”. Keep up the good work you’re doing on behalf of the animals. You’re a beautiful intelligent and compassionate person.

  • veda vasquez says:

    Hey i think the show is totally awesome and khloe I personally think you should love your body because girl your sexy and very beautiful. I think you should take off more often and who cares what people think because your family has your back….lol

  • Gloria says:

    This is the most beautiful she has ever looked!! I am so proud of Khloe not only for representing a great cause but for overcoming her body image issues…I have a new respect and admiration for her!! I love you Khloe!!! You rock girl!!

  • teacher says:

    Girl you are gorgeous. I pray tthat i had your body. Your looking good in all the right places. I struggle myself with my weight people say i’m crazy but i think we are in a society that portrays beauty as skinny. But we need to define our own beauty and your on the top of my list.

  • yvonne says:

    it’s important to spread the msg about the fur trade and the suffering and killing of animals used for their furs .. tks for hleping to spread the msg to many people in this way Kloe..

  • Vanessa Hodgson says:

    When i saw the Episode Of Keeping Up With the Kardashian about Khloe and the the PETA campaign my admiration for her grew even more. For one i am a huge animal lover and support her 100 with the campaign. But not only do i support her concerning PETA but i am a model and also have a very similar body type. Personally i know it took a lot of self confidence for her to do the shoot and she looks incredible. She is a beautiful and strong women and for that she has become one of my role models. Thank you Khloe.

  • Abigail Vaca says:

    Khloe you are beauitful.I LOVE KEEPING UP THE KARDASHIANS.

  • Valerie says:

    She is gorgeous! What a great thing to get the true cruelty of fur on a very popular reality show.

  • Lisa Marie Zepeda says:

    you look beautiful in this pic u look great all the time i wish i had ur body its perfect.

  • Theresa says:

    This is a first time for me to even hear of PETA only cause I watched Keeping up with the kardashians but trust me now I will always look differently at people who own and wear fur coats or anything to do with fur not to forget eating out at places! Thanks Khloe you did an awesome job! keep it up!

  • blanca says:

    Khloe I just wanted to say that you are truly a Angel sent from above for what you did to help these animals from cruelty! You go girl! Blanca

  • William Buenger says:

    Dear Khloe Kardashian My family and I caught your PETA episode on your reality show. And let me just say I am not one to medal into other peoples affairs however this episode that we watched deeply upset me on multiple levels. So for the first time in my life I am going to express my thoughts and I hope Im not over stepping my boundaries. First off the people that wrote those horrible blogs in regards to how big they thought you were as well as personal attacks are not very intelligent in addition have zero class. My family all agrees unanimously that you are one of the most gorgeous women we have ever seen inside and out. And for people not to see this amazes us all. So here is a little insightful tip for those people when you judge others you don’t define them you define yourself. And what is the most disturbing situation out of them all was Bruce. As a man that has been apart of your life for along time should have been more supportive in an emotional way which didnt appear that way at least in the show. As for the PETA photo shoot whether you felt comfortable or not you did an amazing service. Youre helping bring awareness to animal cruelty and speaking on behalf of defenseless creatures with no voice. By doing this shows astonishing character class and heart. Dont let anybody diminish this with their insecurities or ignorance. We think you are beautiful classy and above all strong. So on behalf of all the sane and astute people out there we thank you for your selfless service. Sincerely The Buenger Family

  • Lauren says:

    Kloe looks so beautiful in this ad!!! And I am SO glad that people perhaps got a glimpse of what goes on in the fur industryit is sickening and hopefully people will think twice about wearing fur. Thank you Kloe for supporting this campaign and hopefully you will be a role model and help others to support this as well!!!!

  • Corina Zapata says:

    I always knew about the torture of earth’s gorgeous creatures and have been very against it ! Especially for the gain of money and fashion.AlsoI am happy to see chloe be a speaker for such a great organization and for the sake of animals. They cannot speak so we must do it for them and be the better human being who creates awareness and education on the dreadful acts that happen behind closed doors. We cannot ignore these things and pretend they never happen We as human beings must care for animals and we have a moral responsibility to educate children as well on the importance of the respect and love animals should be shown. Also to chloe you are gorgeous and do not worry about what people say you are beautiful !! Ignore the stupid websites they dedicated to tear people down! When I saw you in the ad naked I thought your beautiful we are all beautiful whatever way you look at it. We are just packaged differently no crime in that. No one petite is prettier than one who is big boned. So ignore the negative comments and continue to Be a good human being ! Life is just a temporary the other side…. Spread the Peace and love and this world could flourish !

  • joshua.luciano says:

    Hi Klohe I just have to say you are very BEUTIFULTRUST ME YOU ARE PERFECT IN EVRY WAY

  • Esme says:

    It is really cruel what they do to these animals. The videos make me want to become a veggie eater. Poor things.

  • Veronica says:

    This is my first time visiting this website and I have to give credit to Kloe and keeping up with the Kardashians! That little clip they showed of the video Kloe watched broke my heart! Thank you peta for educating us in these horrific ways precious animals are treated. And thank you to GORGOEUS Kloe for strutting your stuff for animal rights! You are so freaking beautiful! Xoxo

  • Robi says:

    Hey Kloe I think you did a wonderful job with the ad. I love your girl curves and glad that you embraced the women that you are! It’s celeb’s like you that can teach our younger generation that having a curvy body isn’t a bad thing! Thanks PETA for putting this out there!

  • Lindsey says:

    I think it’s awesome what Khloe did. She looked absolutely gorgeous. It was a very unselfish act to help spread the word of how wrong killing animals for their fur is. I saw some of the PETA videos and let me tell you it broke my heart and I cried my eyes out watching them. How could people do this and not have a sense of care. It sickens me to the max. I couldn’t EVER imagine putting an innocent animal no matter what it is through this. I feel so bad when I accidentally step on my cat or dogs foot or when i’m away from them. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP. Yall are doing great and hopefully the word gets out more. I pray it does.

  • Loretta says:

    I love Khloe!!!!! she’s like my hero for what she did for PETA. I cried when she talked about feeling uncomfortable with her body. She’s not fat at all. she has one of the best bodies out there and I hope she knows that. she’s beautiful and I look up to her!!!!!!!!!!

  • sophia says:

    omgggg khloeeeeeeee pisses me off.!!! i didnt seee ANY fat on her damn body.! i wish i was as fat as she was.!!!! MAD MAD MAD MAD PROPS FOR THIS CAMPAIGN.!

  • Lucy Rosales says:

    Kloe you are a beautifulstrong individual for doing this. I saw your episode where you posed for PETA and you look amazing i only wish i can look nearly as perfect as you do. Thank you for being you and dont ever change. Love Lucy

  • arianna mack says:

    these people make me sick to my stomach i am 12 yrs. old and a vegatarian it is like getting ur skin cut of everything has a reason to be on this earth i have a chinchilla and if i EVER saw a fur coat i would puke i really want to be part of PETA so if you think it is possible PLEASE email me i want to help in any way

  • Star808 says:

    I love watching this show and I loved how one of her sisters said think about how all those animals are stripped from there skin I think Khloe is beautiful and she should have nothing to worry about! Thank you Khloe for adding another beautiful touch to PETA campaign!