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KFC’s Secret Ingredient: Urine?

Written by PETA | July 16, 2008

kfc_urine_sticker.jpgWe at PETA like to say that cruelty is the secret ingredient in KFC’s buckets (what, with chickens being tormented before they’re killed and abused in other horrific ways). But it turns out that at one KFC, there was another secret ingredient: urine.

Yep, you read that right: Chicken was urinated on before being sold to a customer. Feeling peckish? (That’s British for “hungry”—geddit?)

A Nebraska police officer and his family have won $40,000 from a KFC outlet that served them food tainted by an employee’s spit and urine. The couple sued the offending company when their two sons, 4 and 7 at the time, became ill (one violently ill) after they ate the food. The younger boy vomited for hours and was hospitalized for gastroenteritis and dehydration.

The lawsuit also stated that “[e]mployees maintained ‘special servings’ of food reserved for … officers. The ‘special servings’ had been urinated in or spit in by KFC/Taco Bell employees. In fact, defendant’s employees maintained a particular serving pan for use in creating ‘special servings’ of food plus employee urine.”

Finger licking good? I’ll pass.

Do you have a great KFC gross-out story you’d like to share? Want to share your feelings about the possibility of being served a side of urine with your KFC order? Tell us! One lucky commenter will be the first person on his or her block to have 20 of the gorgeous KFC stickers pictured here! Be sure to leave your comment by July 30, 2008, and we’ll let you know whether you’ve won by August 1, 2008. You should also be sure to read the contest terms and conditions and PETA’s privacy policy before you comment—you’re acknowledging that you have read and agree to both by leaving a comment.

Posted by Grace Friedan

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  • Zach says:

    a little late on this topic obviously but you all are a little wrong they were obviously imature idiots who did this. But I have worked at KFC for almost a year since I am desperate for a job and they treat you like absolute shit. I was injured and got carpal tunnel in both handsI am 19 and they did everything to make my life miserable and get me to quit. I could still pack food just not cook. they cut me from 40+ hours a week down to 8. Even the Area Manager came in and told me to get a doctors note in 4 days or he would force me to go back to the kitchen. Which is illegal. It actually was a specific from cuz I had already seen the doctor and he forgot to give it to me.It was his fault I have been verbally abused alot and HR won’t even call me back. I could go on forever like when I refused to cook chicken over twice the experation date and my manager told me to get out the kitchen and COOKED it HIMSELF and served over 300 pieces and they came up and said it tasted and smelled rottenNO SHIT!. But I would go on for way to long. So Blame those employees for what they did but in the most part IT is NOT the employees but the Management and COMPANIES themself are the MAJORITY of the Problems.

  • Disgusted808 says:

    Wow…now thats a shocker. I noticed in your blog that you stated that both KFC and Taco Bell employees urinated and spat in our food. I recently had food poisoning after eating from BOTH restaurants. Could they really be the real culprits? Anyway thanks for the heads up because i am NEVER EVER eating at any of those placers EVER again. D

  • Kathryn says:

    this has nothing to do with the company as a whole. one store was disgusting enough to carry this on but that doesn’t mean that all KFC chicken has urine on it.

  • Kelly Verke says:

    okay… i already boycotted KFC for the animal cruelty and being a vegitarian but now im just discustedliterally with them. something desperatly needs to be done…im willing to protest when you are!

  • Antigone1000 says:

    Cynthia I would be interested in finding out what you feed your cats. I want to look for a vegan cat food for mine but have not had a chance to do any research. Have you found something that your cats like?

  • Ap says:

    KFC is a dispicable and horrific restaurant if you wish to call it so….its ceo’s as well as all board members and employees should be treated as the animals they torture. Got to hell KFC!!

  • Tabitha says:

    THANK YOU MAYA! I get fussed at alot for feeding my cat bits of meat. His birthday was Wednesday. He got his own can of tuna. I SWEAR he grinned at me.

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Cynthia With all due respect it is animal abuse to take meat away from a cat. Your companion animal has blindness and heart failure to look forward to in the future with a vegetarian diet. Don’t take my word for it ask any veterinarian. I always tell people if you don’t want to buy meat don’t have a cat.

  • bri says:

    People are animals too. And by posting this PETA is just showing their compassion for all life and how horrible KFC is.

  • Darcy says:

    I have been concerned with animal rights for a long time. along with my pledge not to disrespect animals i also feel we should not disrespect humans. i totally agree what these employees did was wrong and sickening. But i have come across some VERY disrepectful police officers and i am in the medical field. I have been treated very rude by a few so maybe this officer was one of them. Even though its still not an excuse to pee in food.

  • Tabitha says:

    We’re stupid for pointing out not EVERY chicken is served with urine?

  • Natalia Carson says:

    Personally I avoid even going near these socalled restaurants because I have never seen one that was clean and for me hygiene around food is critical. I have also heard many shock stories such as one from a friend who got a family meal for a birthday and sat down to eat as her grandmother screamed and spat out maggots that had infested their “fresh is better” food. Just like those poor little boys she was very sick for an extended period of time. For those who say that you can’t blame the company for the behaviour of the employees you are obviously not very friendly with the ideas of business. It is entirely the responsibility of the overall company and then the managers to control what happens in the store. That is known as the chain of command and the flow of communication in KFC’s is less than desirable. While on the topic of who to blame Lola the blame can not simply be ignorantly placed on to “immigrants”. I think you will find most of these people have far higher morales and values than you yourself have displayed in that comment. Whether or not this story is related to animal abuse and as another person commented it rather is as it is about the abuse of another human being it is disgusting and just adds to the terrible culture building around KFC. To those that say that KFC isn’t at fault for purchasing chicken that has been abused lets use a little example. Say I want X killed and I go to a hitman and say “will you please kill X in the most horrific and painful way you can think of” and give the hitman money for doing the job. Is that not my responsibility? Would I not go to jail? It is the same situation with KFC and their choice in suppliers. If KFC had as much influence as the board members wished it did then they would stand against this and make changes. If KFC stood up and told its suppliers their contracts would be cut if humane policies were not put into place it is clear they would listen. Finally everyone has a right to make their own choices in life however if you are choosing to be ignorant to cruelty and just want to spam the site because it boosts your self esteem in some pathetic way you need to get a new hobby. I doubt anyone will be swayed by your ‘wit’.

  • taralee says:

    I have never been a vegan or vege nor will I ever but i have never had macdonalds or kfc or subwaythe only fast food i have had and like is krispy kremes and pizzas which i treat myself too. once and awhile the chicken factories should be ashamed of themselves and I hope karma comes back to get them and they return as a chicken and is treated the same way people who do bad thingswill have back things happen and i truly hope they the people the feel they need to spit or pee on food it happens to them. karma works in mysteries ways. just as nautre intended and if we didnt have stupid people doing stupdid things noone would have nothing to complain about.

  • cynthia krokey says:

    We stopped eating dead animals when my daughter learned the truth from PETA the ASPCAthe Humane Society of the United States the Humane Farming a Association the Discovery Channel etc. etc. when she was nine. I never really liked it when I was a kid my father forced me to eat it and eventually I believed the lies about protein and all that other crap and served dead animals to my family. The cats ate alot of cooked dead animals from our table. They and my husband are the only ones that miss it. We buy Morning Star Bocca Brands Amy’s Yves etc veggie brandsthere are lots more and I thank God that we no longer participate in the Holocaust of the animals and I wish I had never bought and served it. I have printed lots of graphic photos for my daughter to show and tell at school because she faced awful ridicule and torment when she became vegan and a picture really is worth a thousand words.My motto and my car plates is GO PETA!!!!

  • Britteny says:

    dear “grow up citizen of sidney” Just for the record….urine is NOT sterile when it leaves the urethra…urine is ONLY sterile in the bladder and once it leaves the bladder any type of bacteria in the urinary tract could get into the actual fluid urine ALSO…Clear urine is NOT just water…the urine contains natural bacteria and electrolytes no matter what color it is. Your kidneys filter the liquid in your body and send the bad stuff out via the urine…therefore it could contain MANY different things.

  • Jack the vegan says:

    KFC is hell for chickens. We all have to face it. Hey maybe if are supposed to go to hell maybe god will just make you a chicken and give you to KFC. Now would you like that?! I didnt think so… No offence to whatever religion your in

  • Aurora Navarro says:

    Lola It’s seems to be that you have more anger on immature people and immigrants in general. Only some one who wants attention would put stupid comment like yours grow up woman. We should boycott your ass and KFC.

  • Tabitha says:

    I actually just read a story about a guy in England who went to a grocery story with a spray bottle filled with urine and sprayed in on the produce. I read another story where a man did the same thing to a SALAD BAR. So. We banning produce departments and salad bars now? AGAIN PLEASE I’m NOT condoning what the idiots did AT ALL…but do not insult our intelligents by insinuating it just happens at KFC just because it’s your flavor of the month.

  • sonya says:

    I worked in a RESTAURANTNOT a fast food place at allnot a chain of themetc.I once seen the girl working in the kitchen get mad because somebody sent back a sandwichshe had left something off of it she done something “along those lines”.I told her that if that was mine or I KNEW FOR A FACT someone had done that to food me or mine were going to be eatingthat well……she would eat S$ when I was done with her.And I would to ANYBODY that tampered wmy food in a nasty ass way like that.That is sick repulsing.I’m gladddddd I eat home these days most of the time.

  • arbuser says:

    Who cares? Seriously PETA you’re making yourself look stupid when you make a big fuss about things like this. If a green grocer pissed on some apples would that make apples the new evil?

  • Miah says:

    Guys there’s an association factor to consider. This case has NOTHING to do with animal cruelty but it leaves a bad taste in your mouth concerning KF no pun intended. Ever go to a restaurant and get horribly sick or have the restroom be completely filthy and that experience just completely turned you off to the restaurant? Same idea people read a story about some random guy at a KFC peeing on sandwiches maybe it sticks in your mind and the next time you’re looking for a place to eat you hit up the BK or somewhere instead of KFC. Capiche?

  • Mellisa says:

    I can’t believe people are asking what’s this got to do with animal abuse! Would you like to be urinated on before you get tortured and killed? They obviously haven’t seen the videos of KFC staff kicking the poor chickens and abusing them.

  • hetesg says:

    I know PETA do over do it and some times its too much. but they do have a point. May be they dont need to rub it in so much but i guess some one has to. and about the KFC thing I had a burger at KFC one and there was a cyst in the chicken breast and it burst in my mouth. Pussy chicken with KFC’s 7 herbs and spices! yummm. I was horrified and have not been able to eat KFC or chicken for about 8 yrs now.

  • Katie says:

    Okay ewww! Gabe grow up and get a life. If you do not support PETA’s thoughts about KFC don’t go on the site! Before I went vegan I used to go to Kentucky Fried Cruelty. One day we went to eat there and there was a rat running on the floor! A few days later the place had to be closed for being full of rats!!! DISGUSTING!

  • Bonnie says:

    What’s Kentucky Fried Chicken? Sounds like a disease.

  • -_- says:

    You kill your own stupid jokes by adding “geddit?” after every one of them.

  • Amanda Worthy says:

    KFC is disgusting. Their employees are disgusting. My dad is a police officer and if that ever happened to us you know I would be right there next to my dad in that KFC and court room. I’m from New Orleans you don’t mess with girls like us. It’s just amazing how some people have the audacity to do such stupid things. Fast food places in general are just terrible and I’m so glad that I do not have to deal with them anymore. They are DISGUSTING!!