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KFC Serves Garbage. No, Really.

Written by PETA | January 5, 2009

So we all knew that KFC has some trashy practices, but did you know just how disgusting they can be? Recently, a delivery person recorded a KFC employee in Hong Kong picking fried chicken out of a trash can, putting it on a tray, and serving it to customers. While this might be shocking to those who still turn a blind eye to the company’s hideous ways, I’m definitely not surprised. KFC has proven to be fairly heartless in the past, and we know they aren’t big on that whole “ethics” thing. So, should it be such a big deal that employees don’t mind serving deep-fried flesh from a trash can?



The delivery person who brought this to our attention says that trash-diving is a regular practice at this particular location. According to this source, the employees stop cooking and throw everything away before the restaurant closes. When anyone else orders, they serve them literal junk food. Oh yeah, and the manager approves of it because it saves money! Gross.

Know what else KFC seems to think is perfectly acceptable? Check out our undercover investigations to find out for yourself. I certainly know The Roost wouldn’t take this laying down!

Written by Lianne Turner

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  • Miasaki says:

    Okay TMI. It’s a good thing I didn’t go to KFC when visiting my relitives in Tianjin….

  • Alan Saxon says:

    I raise my own chickens. I don’t trust how Fast Food restaurants handle their food. Especially when most of the workers make minimum wage.

  • AWWang says:

    Well it is no surprise to me… Those YUM! food brand locations that look like old filthy and dirty possibly does this too this location looks like one… Not just in China but USA as well… They are just plain greedy P…

  • Brian Luznak Is Not The MD My Parents Wanted Him To Be says:

    Not a surpise at all. I worked at KFC for about two weeks around 8 12 years ago after I got out of high school which was a few years before I became a vegetarian and they used to make us pick up chicken off the floor and cook it then feed it to customers. And they never had us mop the floor only hose it down!!! No one should ever eat at KFC period! My memories of KFC were one of the driving forces behind my becoming a vegetarian. And to the person who said maybe this was a disgruntled employee whether it’s a business practice or upset worker it doesn’t matter because this is just one small incident in a sea of other incidents that KFC is famous for. I can’t even believe they won that award from PETA for the company who had the biggest turn around or whatever. KFC is joke!

  • MelloCheddar says:

    “Did anyone take into consideration this might have been just some disgruntled employee? Obviously not…..” Does it really matter if they’re disgruntled or not? I’ve been a disgruntled food service worker in the past and NEVER dug anything out of the trash can. Duh.

  • sudip lingthep says:

    i dont go to KFC either….coz…we dont have here KFC hahahahahah

  • Lucy says:

    haha gaby that’s not really why PETA promote vegetarianism

  • Gaby says:

    omfg! this is seriously eww! no wonder PETA makes people go veg.

  • Jen says:

    Same thing happens at Long John Silvers. I knew a guy who worked there that threw rotten shrimp in the trash. The manager made him dig them out and cook them.

  • Megan says:


  • LAUREN says:

    OMG!!!!!! Thats really nasty I cant help thunking they do it here too S…AWFUL!!!!!!

  • Carriss says:

    This coming from a country that eats cats and turns dead chickens into packaged food that then ends up in our grocers freezers. I’m not surprised. If this bothers you there are a few things you can do with the number one thing being don’t eat there. Or you can stand outside and protest call the health dept. etc.

  • Mallory says:

    Okay couldn’t they have put the chicken in the fridge in a Tupperware container instead of in a garbage doesn’t that prevent food poisoning i didn’t realize how STUPID the human race can be. if someone were to get food poisoning they could sue KFC and they would lose more money and the proof is caught on tape.

  • Alex says:

    Did anyone take into consideration this might have been just some disgruntled employee? Obviously not…..

  • jafraldo ramierez says:

    Its like something I can totally relate to the cause badd FOOD…… workers? TotAllY

  • Lianne says:

    Haha KFC sign generator. Check this out httpsigngenerator.peta2.comindex.asp?SignSubmission37a34c5419924deebff5e48cea62f0d1

  • sophie says:

    I dont blieve in junkfood so i never go to such revolting places anyway and im also a vegetarian.i think its very important to stand up for your beliefs so when my dad asks me too eat some meat i say no.

  • Natasha says:

    I don’t go to KFC anyway because I’m vegetarian and I’m always trying to persude other people not to go the KFC in my town closed down after just a couple of months I was so proud! Can’t say I’m surpised at this I will pass it on try to stop people going get them all closed!

  • Anna says:

    HAHAA!! I told my dad and he was like i dont want to got to China !!