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KFC’s Lies Exposed

Written by PETA | September 16, 2011

KFC has had to pull false advertising from its Australian website after a flap with a consumer watchdog group.  

KFC had touted that chickens raised for the brand were “free to roam” on farms. But cramming chickens so tightly inside filthy, windowless sheds that they can barely take a step or lift a wing doesn’t exactly qualify as “free roaming.” When the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission launched legal action against a KFC supplier for false claims on the supplier’s website, KFC backpedaled.


If only KFC were forced to do the same stateside, where the company has refused the recommendations of its own animal welfare advisors to eliminate the worst abuses of chickens, such as scalding birds to death.

Until KFC stops the charade, tell the company that you aren’t buying it, and ask it to eliminate the worst abuses of chickens.


Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Animal luver says:

    I hate KFC it’s so overpriced and it’s so filthy, everything tastes bad, and this is just making me stop eating there! I got my friends to do that too and they agree with me! KFC stinks!

  • matt says:

    OMG this is so sad KFC should be shut down

  • CHRISTINE says:

    I have never eat KFC cause i do not like fried chicken,yuck…I don’t eat fast food period. It’s the nastiest food on the planet!!!!!!!!!! KFC treat your chicken healthy,stop abusing animals for profit…greedy capitalists!!!!!!!!!

  • Lucccy says:

    Why are KFC doing this? They have millions of pounds and dont need to treat their animals like this! It is distgusting!

  • stststshvx says:

    I know what KFC does is cruel same as mcdonalds but someone I knew used to work there they aren’t as cold hearted what if you had to support a family of I mean seriously common scenes people

  • melissam says:

    KFC is disgusting and cruel.

  • Anja says:

    Stop mistreating animals!!!!

  • Alexa says:

    I don´t understand how can they be so unhumane… how can the be so heartless… Really, how can they sleep??? CEO´s you are supposed to have education, that means you should know that animals feel the same as we do… Im so disgusted and so sad that you had done, do and still have not changed this atrocity…

  • Simon Black says:

    Stop abusing chickens, don’t EAT them! Go vegan. If you eat meat you contribute to animal abuse and suffering. Period.

  • Rhonda Bays says:

    I am from Kentucky… and may I just say this has made me ashamed and disgusted to be from such a beautiful state. Please LORD let my state continue to be known for it’s beautiful scenery, it’s beautiful horses, and even our bourbon…. anything but this. I will never visit a KFC ever… Please do what u can PETA! PRAYING

  • M says:


  • Maria Andersen says:

    I have never heard of or seen a more shameful way of treating animals than the way Kentucky Fried Chicken does. I have seen the documentary “Earthlings”. Live animals offered living conditions so unbelievably sad and miserable, a living hell. Live animals killed in the most brutal manors. It is incomprehensible. We are talking about living creatures, made of the same flesh and blood as you and I are. Where is your compassion? Where is your decency? Where is your ethics? Where is your realism? Do you really feel you rightly can call yourselves “human”? You are nothing but monsters. People like you who will do anything for profit, anything – I can not find words for your evil. You make the lives of millions of living creatures living nightmares. People like you make people like me swear to be vegetarian. You must have the courage to change your business concept – in the end every one of us will have to pay for the evil deeds we have comitted.

  • Sonia Bataller says:

    Stop abusing chickens, don’t scald them to death.

  • susanna says:

    I am dissapointed at KFC! A big company worldwide should not need to act in this barbaric way. Set a good example! I hope people find out how u kill your chicken. Shame!

  • Dilma says:

    Not surprised. People like them will keep doing it until they get tired, that’s why I don’t go to that place, and I don’t eat meat either, plus we don’t need meat to survive or for health. Please do something PETA…