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KFC Chief’s Speech Add-On

Written by PETA | March 11, 2009

Just as David Novak, CEO of KFC’s parent company, Yum!, stepped up to address a crowd of Louisville business owners yesterday, two animal rights activists entered the stage, commandeered the mic, and told the assembled captains of Kentucky industry that “David Novak tortures animals,” a reference to the millions of chickens who have their wings and legs broken in shackles and transport crates and are scalded alive (among other abuses) by KFC suppliers because KFC won’t take any action to stop it.

The women were removed by security, but their words had already caught the attention of reporters and was front-page news on the Louisville Courier-Journal‘s Web site.

Consummate “suit” that he is, Novak proceeded by leading the crowd in the “Yum! cheer” (which we assume is not to be confused with the Bronx cheer that KFC so richly deserves).

Novak also—presumably with a straight face—told the crowd that he rewards outstanding employees with rubber chickens. I’m not making that up. “It does not take a lot of money to give away a rubber chicken,” he said. It wouldn’t take a lot of money for KFC to implement the minimal animal welfare standards we’ve asked for, but that’s not of any interest to him. Who came up with this business model—Stalin?

We have some lovely shots of PETA protesters outside the event. Check it:


KFC Demo
KFC Demo


Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • Courtney Belyea says:

    This is just disgusting. the treatment of the animals It’s funny… even when people are educated on their treatment of animals they still come back. Still buy it. People were given hearts to care. Though there certainly needs to be more put into the public education system on issues such as this. It needs to be part of curriculum. No questions. Both in Canada the US. My heart breaks a little more at every animal abuse. ‘

  • Eric Penner says:

    This company Yum! Brands is notorious for its many forays into immorality. A few years back they were buying tomatoes produced by modernday slave labour and would do nothing about it. They still slaughter chickens with sickeningly violent sadistically barbaric methods to make products for Kentucky Fried Cruelty. Barack Obama has banned torture of humans he ought to do the same for animals. It’s absolute nonsense.

  • Rosa says:

    I don’t think we should lay the whole blame on this one man despite his blatant disregard for any kind of suitable rights for living beings. After all if America weren’t so dependent on fatty horrible fast food and started to actually cook something themselves for once maybe there would be no need to slaughter defenseless chickens in such an inhumane way as demand for them would not be anywhere near as high. Sometimes we need to look further than the very centre to find blame as more often than not it is the consumer’s fault.

  • kimbie says:

    DAmN this KFC.. You are all devils!!! Satan will wait you in hell where you all disgusting murderers!

  • Meech! says:

    All this cruelty and mess for fg fast food. A dead animal on rye. Wake up humanity.

  • morgan says:

    david novak is dead! he is horrible i hate him!

  • Silvia Barcza says:

    Great guys! Greetings from Paraguay!!! we support PETA’s voice!!!! Bien ahi Belen!!!

  • Pepsi One is Fun says:

    Yeah while KFC should go fudge itself for not doing simple steps to make the chickens have less painful deaths outright banning eateries that serve meat is not only infringing on the rights of people to eat meat but it dosen’t make your cause look good.

  • Lucia Baez Johannsen says:

    amazing! that’s my sister in the back holding that poster… i’m so proud and it’s incredible that someone from so far away like paraguay is giving the chance to be doing this! keep up the great work!

  • Barbara says:

    Wake up people!! KFC’s food is unhealthy garbage and their treatment of animals is barbaric. No reason at all to suppport their business.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    If we truly lived in a humane country that cares about animals and food safety Kentuckey Fried Chicken and many other fleshfood eateries would be outlawed.

  • Becci says:

    Awesome. David Novak is an evil evil man.

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