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Kevin Jonas’ Wedding Guests Dined Vegetarian

Written by PETA | December 22, 2009

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Word on the Internet has it that Kevin Jonas—the oldest of the Jonas Brothers—and Danielle Deleasa were married this weekend (that sound you hear is the collective weeping of the world’s 16-year-old girls), and the newlyweds treated their lucky guests to a vegetarian smorgasbord: According to the chef, there were “stir-fried Asian vegetables, Italian rice, risotto, pasta, and a full vegetarian station.” (And that other sound is the collective sigh of the world’s vegetarians who were not invited.)

I get it—with 400 invitations, mine must’ve gotten lost in the mail. So where are Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn when you need them? Seriously, I’ve still got my Gaga wig from Halloween—I totally could’ve crashed joined in this feast!

The party may be over, but the celebration continues—and not just in endless repeats of “Burnin’ Up” on my shuffle. We’re sending the newlyweds a thank-you note for making sure that they didn’t forget about their vegetarian friends and family on their big day. We’re also sending a wedding gift (not belated, BTW—you have three months after the wedding)—a copy of PETA’s Vegan College Cookbook—because, you know, it’s perfect for couples just starting out, struggling to make ends meet (wink) or for that couple who is always on the go.

Written by Logan Scherer

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