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Kentucky Fried Cruelty: Coming to a Fire Truck Near You?

Written by PETA | January 7, 2010

What’s brilliant, saves lives, and red all over? A fire truck wrapped in one of these ads:


KFC firetrucks


When we heard that KFC was defacing covering fire hydrants throughout Indianapolis with ads for its “fiery” wings, we immediately offered to help the city’s fire departments, which are struggling from economic woes, by applying to advertise our Kentucky Fried Cruelty campaign on their fire trucks. We want citizens of Indianapolis to know that the only thing “fiery” about KFC is the scalding-hot water that millions of chickens are dropped into—often while they’re still conscious.

We’re still waiting to hear back from the city—but in other news, we’re told that for the first time ever, dogs throughout Indianapolis are terrified of fire hydrants.

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • Mac says:

    I don’t know why common sense has failed here. It’s not smart because of the distractions and confusion that can be caused as you can more easily spot a solid color object in any color light. To Brian the difference between the magnet stickers and a whole wall ad is that the magnet is a. small and b. supports a cause that everyone supports. Additionally they do not cause accidents because people are trying to read the sign on the wall of the ambulance. Solid colors are the best. Third The people in the city pay for the service year round while PETA’s offer is a one time payment. Would you like to support an ambulance year round that advertised a chicken wing place? No? then the same goes for some people and this type of ad. I don’t any means condone KFC’s actions and it’s for the same reasons I mention above. The hydrants however can easily be painted over at a small cost compared to the ambulances. But please realize that your ideas while good concept it would be bad execution just like the firehydrant and KFC one.

  • Brian says:

    TOM Do you mean like all the ambulances police cars and fire trucks with support the troops magnets on them? that are always paid for by the city they reside in which means the residents taxes? at least these would be paid for by peta and people supporting peta. Brian.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    I don’t know about putting that on a functioning fire truck but it would make a terrific double page print ad or a a billboard!

  • Brianna kent says:

    omg wat r they thinking if they are going to boil chickens at least make sure they are dead

  • Tom says:

    Fire trucks and fire hydrants are pieces of emergency equipment not billboards to sell products or advance a cause. I don’t think either side should use any of the first responders’ equipment be it a fire truck police car or hydrant. All that does is make for distractions and those distractions could cost lives

  • Jessica Jun says:

    My goodness I’m pretty sure that those lifechanging firetrucks will soon reach California!

  • Elizabeth Perrone says:

    Seems more fitting for KFC to put their ads on ambulances rather than fire trucks considering how bad a diet of that kind of food is for your health.

  • Julia says:

    Another reason to love Indy….two perfect things..Peyton and PETA!!

  • michelle james says:

    why would KFC do this?? why aren’t they already dead?

  • Rad_Rosa89 says:

    Wow KFC you are insane!! PETA I really hope they let you do this ad!

  • Shari says:

    What a HOT message! The message on it is a 5 alarm message!