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Kentucky Derby Week Ends With Injuries and Death

Written by PETA | May 4, 2009

How anyone can still tune in to watch horse racing, especially after Eight Belles broke both her ankles and was euthanized at last year’s Kentucky Derby? Well, some mint julep–sipping, tacky hat–wearing folks still do—and for them, this past week was another showcase of horse horrors.

  1. Monday: Raspberry Kiss and Dr. Rap, two young Derby horses, were involved in a collision that resulted in a broken hip, and eventual euthanasia, for Raspberry Kiss.
  2. Friday: Stormalory, who was projected to win the American Turf, suffered fractures and was euthanized.
  3. Saturday morning: I Want Revenge, the Kentucky Derby fave, was scratched early in the day because of an ankle injury and is expected to be off the racetrack until at least summer.
  4. Saturday afternoon: The Derby’s projected winner, Friesan Fire, had part of his hoof ripped off right after the start but managed to finish the race, bleeding the whole way, 18th of 19 horses. (Somehow, I’m not surprised that Friesan Fire is trained by Larry Jones with Gabriel Saez as the jockey, the same duo who sent Eight Belles to her early grave last year.)


thedowneyprofile / CC
“He got hit real bad leaving the gate,” Larry Jones said. “He’s bleeding. If you see blood on the track, it’s his.”
Friesan Fire


All of the above occurred at just one track during just one weekend, but injuries and death are routine at racetracks.

Anybody want to guess what the upcoming Preakness and Belmont Stakes have in store for horses?

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • linda darbidian says:


  • amanda m says:

    many of these comments are UNBELIEVABLE! horseracing is an activity designed to USE horses to make $$ for RICH people. the treatment of race horses is shameful. a horse’s natural instinct is to run not die on a track with silk banners on for the amusement of a gambling crowd of leering selfish jerks.

  • Julie says:

    I can’t believe that Animal Planet actually aired the show “Jockies”. I was horrified. The openeing scene shows a horse breaking its legs and falling. Is this what entertainment has come to? I was sickened by it and Animal Planet should be ashamed!

  • Terri says:

    Thank you Marie and Lorrie who obviously know something about horse racing. Is it perfect? No. But as a retired jockey and veganI can assure you people in the business are in it because they LOVE horses pure and simple. Like Lorrie says donate to the thoroughbred retirement funds. They were primarily created by people in the industry. And as for the gal who hot walked for 2 weeks. Sorry about your experience…I started hotwalking at Keeneland in Lexington KY when I was fifteen and met some of the kindest men grooming horses I’ve ever met. The adored their charges and mentored me. As did the trainer who allowed me to start galloping horses. I’m not in the business anymore but they are precious memories. I love horses and I’m also a PETA member. I believe PETA has been instrumental in the industry taking itself to task. So good work PETA but just like you’re not going to make everybody stop eating meat you’re not going to stop thoroughbreds from doing what the were bred for and that is RUN.

  • Amy S says:

    I do not support nor watch horse racing. When I was young and watched my first race on TV saw the horses being beaten with the whip to make them run faster…. I was disgusted. That was 30 years ago. I think horse racing should be illegal. These billionaire owners should be spending their money on helping animals or people. Selfish selfish selfish!!!

  • Kelly says:

    Horse racing sucks no matter what way you look at it. I think it is so dumb to look at a track and watch a bunch of horses running around it to win a race. Sports should be for humans not horses. Whoever is sick enough to go to a horse race and watch the poor thing be killed on the track becuase it couldnt go anymore will pay I promise.

  • Pamela Harp Gentry says:

    I am a native of Louisville Kentucky and I have attended many Kentucky Derbys. I know longer live in Kentucky but I frequently visit. I will never again attend another Derby and I haven’t for years. The horse racing industry is a profligate business that DOES NOT keep the welfare of the equine athletes pararmount. I have done tremendous research on the racing industry and I am very familiar with the administration of steroids and other practices which put the horses at great risk. Horses should not be gambling icons. Honestly I believe that the Safety and Integrity Alliance that was formed by the NRTA is not going to come close to solving these heinous problems. Horse racing should be banned. Horses are being bred for speed and brilliance at the expense of their health. “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Mahatma Gandhi

  • cb says:

    Hey JJ and Lorrie JJ I read your points. Point one to the people who don’t like racing was not very well thought out. “Have you considered what would happen to hundreds if not thousands of horses who were bred to race if horse racing stopped? ” You suggest perpetuating the problem forever just because the horses already in the system. Yes there would be the immediate problem. But if you keep racing they will continue to breed for that purpose and just continue the cycle over and over so that over time it’s not hundredsthousands but TENS of thousands over the years. Lorrie I support your plea and call for more charitable giving and charities for old race horses but you have the same problem as JJ. If you stop the racing and breeding for racing you won’t need charities for old race horses. This is not which came first the chicken or the egg cycle. Horse racing was made by men who then continue to breed horses to run more races. Men simply have to stop…to solve the problem.

  • JJ says:

    All right people BOTH sides have some problems here To the people who like racingmyself included This sport while fun to watch has some big problems. 1. The ages for racing need to be raised at three years old a horse is not strong enough to be running the most important race of its life. 2. Whips need to be banned if your horse isn’t running at its fastest you should train with them more. 3. Stalls need to be more comfortable and always have ample water. 4. Horses documents need to be handled much more carefully so no injured horse is overlooked. 5. This whole “sending them to the sluaghterhouse” thing needs to be stopped. Now for the people who want racing to stop. 1. Have you considered what would happen to hundreds if not thousands of horses who were bred to race if horse racing stopped? Believe it or not there aren’t exactly plenty of good homes for them out there. They would simply meet the same fate they would have eventually if they got to old to race the slaughterhouse. 2.Jockeys aren’t “evil” people who see their animals as nothing more than walking moneybags. Remember Barbaro? His rider was with him every day until he died. And Raining bells jockey already feels pain from losing his horse he doesn’t need you reminding him every day. So please can we stop this futile bickering between each other? Both sides make a point but if we work together we can all be satisfied. And please don’t just brush me off because you don’t agree with me listen to the point’s i’ve made and please consider them. We all love horses right? So let’s stop arguing over HOW to save them and focus on actually SAVING them. Please?

  • Lorrie says:

    Not all racehorses are slaughtered when they can no longer race. The stable I work at has three exracehorses all rehomed by their former owners who wanted to see them continue to have a happy life. These horses two geldings and a mare are healthy happy and get spoiled by a dozen lesson kids weekly. They spend part of the day trotting through the woods with our newbies and jumping crosscountry with the advanced riders. The other half of the day they get to play in the field with their buddies. They spend nights outside in the summer when it’s nice outside. And on rainy days or in winter a nice warm stall to come into. Instead of the proracing and antiracing people fighting it out on this thread why not support things that we can all agree on? Charities such as CANTER USA and ReRun help former racehorses wind up in homes that are as happy as the one my guys have. These charities assist in pinpointing horses that may be at risk in their current careers purchasing them retraining them or rehabbing any injuries finding them suitable homes and checking up on them in the future to make sure these homes continue to support them. Donations pay for the initial purchase of their horse their care while with the charity and any veterinary care they might need as a result of racetrack injuries. The more donations a charsity receives the more exracehorses they can take in and find happy homes for. I know that’s a goal we can all agree on. I’d strongly urge support toward these causes. Cheers!

  • Niayyellie says:

    I hate horse racing. I wish someone would saddle up the people that take part in riding them and have them whipped with someone on their back.

  • .·:*¨ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ says:

    Maria bla bla bla. Look at the statistics…if jockey’s were injured much less euthanized on an average of 3 per day horse racing would have been banned decades ago. You are an idiot because scum like you exists lies their way through life horses will coninue to be seen as a profitable commodity. And as soon as the ‘product’ the horse is injured or loses a race it’s no longer making money for greedy breedersprofiteers the horse is either euthanized or sent across the border to be slaughtered in the most gruesome way turned into filet mignon for human consumption in France or Japan.

  • Joanna says:

    Maria I want some of what your taking. What a great world you live in. The Dreamy world of horses that love to run to death. Somehow I think the horses that Ernie Paragallo bought and sold for millions and the ones he raced and then warehoused have a different version of the story. After making millions buying and selling young horses he starved over 100 animals and left them to suffer. And where were the loving trainers and jockeys and grooms when these horses were sent to slaughter as skin and bone with lice all over them? That is the story behind your purple haze that has gotten me to be opposed to racing. Just in case you forget your basic evolutionary biology…horses are natural prey animals. They run to protect themselves from predators. Racing triggers their natural instinct to fly away from danger. Humans have manipulated that flight instinct into a risky sport. What horses really love doing is walking around in lush pastures filling their belly’s and ocasionally galloping around like fools and enjoying life.

  • cb says:

    Please don’t tell me that it is normal for horses to run the distances they run pushed at top speed with other horses doing the same in a stressful situation. If so maybe the nature channel can catch these guys maybe 10 at a time all lining up and sprinting at breakneck speed to see who is faster. Then we would no longer need tracks…those that claim to be fans for the beauty can just watch that. Bottom line for people like Maria JP….. “my selfish desire to watch horses race is more important than the potential deathinjury that it may AND DOES impose on them. After all it is all about me!”

  • Ward says:

    It sounds similar to the situation in Australia. Within the last fortnight 7 horses have fallen and died in jumps racing events. The racing industry is entrenched with cruelty

  • Angela says:

    Why are SO many people SO stupid? Horses on the track are not pampered by any stretch of the imagination. They are beaten into submission most of them too young to even know what’s going on. They’re simply bred to run and discarded if they don’t run fast enough.

  • JP says:

    Ok everyone is taking this horse racing thing to seriously! These horses are bred to love racing! It’s in their blood. In fact I might buy a future racing horse colt very soon. Though I probably won’t race him I believe that all jobs like racing comes with risks. Horses are amazing animals and you never really know how gorgeous they are until you seem em’ run. I love horses and horse racing! They aren’t abused and deaths are very tragic. I pray for those horses that die and I wish others could see there really isnt anything wrong.

  • Maria says:

    To those who feel that horse racing is inherently “profitable” it is not. You are seeing the big money races like the triple crown being televised and you base you opinions on these races. However only about 10 of thoroughbreds make it to these big races. The other 90 are not stakes race winners they are average horses who run in allowances claimers etc. Those races don’t pay much and it does not profit the trainers owners jockeys etc. To those who think horse racing is all “glamour.” It is not. It is hard HARD work. To be a groom you must wake at 4 am each morning to care for your horses and leave at 8 pm. Many grooms indeed live with their horses and stay overnight to look after them. Trainers work just as hard as grooms knowing that if they don’t keep their horse in tip top shape the horse owners will look elsewhere. This entails purchasing top quality feeds tack gear vets and supplements. That is expensive and eats away at their budget. A jockey if heshe is lucky makes 40 bucks a race. Healthy care premiums are through the roof for these people as falls and injuries are common. More jockeys are injured than racehorses and unfortunately for them there are no top quality vets to care for them 247 no trainer and grooms to dote on them and especially no one to pay the medical bills! Jockeys are professionals in their trade and know that taking care of the horse is imperative to a good ride. To those who think that drugs and whips are used to make profit you’re wrong. They do not use whips they use “crops” sticks of rubber with a fiberglass core. They easily snap in half if used too roughly. Many a jock has lost a crop when accidentally stepping on it. A jockey’s position on the horse does not emphasis control if you care to examine it and therefore an extra aid the crop is used to tap the horse into position for most of the race. Only near the end does the jockey use the crop to say “hey let’s get moving now!” It does not hurt the horse and if it did the horse would indeed slow down…pain slows horses if you didn’t know. Spurs are not used in racing anymore. Horses are tested and before and after each race. Did you know that before every race a vet checks over each and every horse multiple times and can by law order the horse out of the race if they deem them unfit to race? It’s true. Now here comes a bit of logic. Say a bad bad trainer uses an illegal drug to mask a horse’s we’ll call him thunder pain so the horse can race and somehow gets through the vet check. Say the horse breaks down and has to be euthanized. Thunder won ninth place for a total of 30 bucks for the jock and not much more for the trainer and owner. Now what happened to Thunder? He’s in the big pasture in the sky he isn’t going to race or make money anymore. The owners of that horse are seething mad firing the trainer right away. Trainer is now out of work grooms out of work jock has no mount poor Thunder is in heaven and owners are very unhappy. Lose lose to hurt a horse then right? So it is imperative that the racehorse be kept healthy and happy. A buck today is not worth the five bucks you could make the whole week if you have a happy horse non? To those who think the majority of retired racehorses end up in slaughterhouses think again. I’ll ask you this what kind of horse is used in horse racing? The thoroughbred yes. Do you know how valuable thoroughbreds are? No well thoroughbreds are extremely valuable due mostly to their supreme athletic ability fiery spirit willingness and beauty. A thoroughbred slaughtered is opportunities lost and money down the drain. At auctions meat men will probably pass the thoroughbred for the quarter horse or mustang horses that are easier to ship and have more flesh on the bones. Prospective buyers however the eventer looking for a training prospect the family looking for their new riding horse the barrel racer looking for a horse who can carry them in competitions will look at the thoroughbred. Most trainers are for slaughter you say? Absolutely not. After spending so much time looking after the horse and no doubt developing a bond many if not all will see their horse off to a new home either as a riding or working horse. The reason most racehorses don’t end up in sanctuaries is that well they don’t need to be there when plenty of people would love to acquire a new riding horse fresh off the track with spirit and willingness. Horses don’t choose to run you say? Well then tell me how is it that a 100 pound jockey is to convince a 1500 pound animal to run? With a flimsy stick? With some encouraging words? No so. Horses are incredibly adaptable animals. It is amazing how such a large creature with such an advantage over us tiny humans will willingly give their efforts for us. It is amazing how true the bond is between a horse and a trainer a horse and a jockey. The trainer gives. The horse gives. It is a mutual relationship in which both parties benefit. Such relationships are not built on cruelty. Horses don’t love to run? Take a look at Ruffian. Take a look at Secretariat. Rarely have they needed to be encouraged with a crop. Ruffian was a beautiful filly who continued to run even after breaking her sesamoid bones in her last race. She did not run out of fear but to finish the race like she always did. Secretariat Northern Dancer all those horses who were retired would get frustrated and stomp their hooves if they could not get out onto the track to run. Thoroughbreds have had centuries of racing in their blood. Tell me again they don’t like to run? Oh sorry I didn’t know you’ve never been to meet an actual thoroughbred. Try is sometime they’re amazing creatures. Fiery willing spirited. Have you ridden one? Hard to control I’ll tell you as soon as you step foot on a track they’re pulling at the bit. Hard to drag them off as well. As soon as you put them in a field they’re off and galloping. Whether on a track or not these thoroughbreds are willing to give us everything as is conditioned in such wonderful animals. So the moral of the story is….so if most horses don’t make much money if being a jockey is downright dangerous if being a groom doesn’t pay well money and sleepwise if drug use is strictly monitored if being a trainer is frustrating if crops don’t do much and if the only one who is happy and pampered is the racehorse why would horse racing even exist? Why on earth would people even take part in it? There are thousands of jobs out there that don’t take nearly as much hard work and labor as well as paying more than five times the amount. It is for the love of the horse. Just as with any animal sport like barrel racing or eventing the money and prosperity exists in the bond between human and horse. It is not an easy sport every penny must be earned not given every hour is spent perfecting the craft. Every dime and every nickel goes to spoiling the horse. Every day is spent relishing the company of these beautiful and powerful animals. Shed rows are kept meticulous horse sheets are washed clean tack is kept fresh and neatly hung in the tack room. Visit the backside of the track see for yourself? Have you ever been there? I encourage you to go check it out! Talk to grooms and trainers. Meet some horses. Muck out some stalls ok so you don’t have to do that but it will give you an idea as to how hard as well as stinky the horse business is. I guarantee you these people love their horses as dearly as you love your pets and family. There is no need to bash unless you have experienced the hardships and worry firsthand. Not until you have bonded with your horse. Not until you wake up in the wee hours to clean stalls. Not until you face the aching disappointment of losing another race. Not until you spend your last dime originally meant for your vacation or a present for your spouse on a vet check or medical procedure for your sick horse. Not until you travel 50 miles out of the city to get the exact feed you know your horse likes. Not until you shell out your last ounce of love money and energy for your horses and your horses alone. How do I know this? I have experienced all of this for myself.

  • Liz says:

    For those of you who think Race Horses are treated like “kings” have not read anything that anyone wrote about the truth of it all. Like I said I worked at a race track and it is horrible. It should be called Horror Racing not Horse Racing.People working there have extreme dominance greed and control issues. They don’t give a shit about the horses in the end. Sure there are horse sanctuaries but only few make it. Normaly the tracks get rid of the horses after 3 years unless they are exceptional. Then they bring in a crop of new ones. If all these horses lived their would be millions of them! Nobbody has that much room for all these poor horses. Also they are difficult to train to be a trail horse or jumper because all they know is to run because they were forced to do so. Lets be real. This sport may be beautiful to watch but it is a ugly nightmare for the horses.

  • cb says:

    DBeas I too wish you to have such a pampered life AS PER YOUR REQUEST I hope someone will make you run while being whipped until you break a bone and then get euthanized. Good luck with that. That was your wishnot mine. “Horses love to run” Wow what insight. Of course they do when they choose to and as fast as they want. Not forced to by greed in a dangerous situation. “They get treated like kings from the time they arrive to the time they finish the race” lol right until they are hurtkilled or become a little slower. I think they would surrender your imposed “Royalty” for a longer less stressful life. Owner and trainers “love” these horses only for the moneystatus and career they provide. “beautiful Thoroughbred that puts their life on the line every time going on the track.” You act as though this is something the horse wants. No You are putting it’s life on the line. And by the way how much money do the deadkilled horses collect from the “retirement fund”?

  • DBeas says:

    Horse racing and the Derby is one of the greatest traditions in sports. It’s not going away. These horses are so well taken care of. I could only hope for such a pampered life!!

  • Angela says:

    Those of you who have ever been involved in racehorse rehabilitation will understand the immense cruelty that these poor animals have suffered at the hands of greedy assholes like Horsefan. Those that are not slaughtered after they’ve served their duties on the track spend the rest of their lives convinced that they’re going to get thrashed every time they see a human being. I own an exracehorse and can vouch for the emotional and physical damage caused to these animals. HORSE RACING IS TRUELLY DISGUSTING.

  • nick says:

    For anyone that really thinks horse racing is a quick trip to the slaughter house should really spend some time on the back side with these amazing athletes. And to say that owners have no respect and the trainers could care less about then just getting a pay check should really look into what this sport means to everyone who is involved. from the horses to the the trainer to the fan in the stand every aspect of this sport is out of respect for the beautiful Thoroughbred that puts their life on the line every time going on the track. They get treated like kings from the time they arrive to the time they finish the race. And about about the welfare after their racing career every race takes a cut from the purse to donate to the retirement fund along with millions that gets donated every year towards their retirement

  • Brad says:

    Horses love to run! Of course they don’t speak it out loud or sign a contract but anyone can see their passion for it.

  • June Marie says:


  • Derek H says:

    Horse live to run do you ever see a wild horse standing still I don’t think so. The reason for the deaths is not the running it is the use of steroids that add weight to the muscle and make them heal faster. It is the same as in humans. Say you are 190 pound baseball play you take roids and get to 230 that is 40 pounds that your body wasn’t designed to carry that causes bad joints and breaks.

  • Curtis says:

    Horse racing is horse abuse!C

  • Joanna says:

    Wild horses are bred for survival race horses are bred for MONEY!

  • Nuala Galbari says:

    Please let all of us pay tribute to Eight Belles and others that have died in this sport by doing our best to improve conditions for horses and help enact stronger legislation to prevent abuse. All species on our planet deserve our respect and care.

  • Val says:

    Janet and Kkckate The difference between people and animals participating in sport is CHOICE and the ability to make that choice.. Get it??? it is that simple. Speak for those who can not! Be Kind

  • Kim says:

    Makes me ashamed to be from Kentucky.

  • Susan says:

    Isn’t it amazing how those who profess to care about animals always seize the opportunity to refer to those who really DO care about animals as “wackos and bleeding heart liberals” and we’re admonished to “get over ourselves”. Excuse usit’s NOT ABOUT USIT’S ABOUT THE ANIMALS!! Humans do a pisspoor job of making decisions to benefit HUMANSdo you honestly believe that those who are driven by ego and greed would care about their animals and not deliberately place them in harm’s way? Horseracing is much like bullfighting except that the jockey carries a crop and not a sword and doesn’t deliberately try to “kill” his mount. They share the same arrogance ego and selfimportance. They call “hunting” a sport too. A sport for humans but certainly not for the helpless animals that are slaughtered for man’s bloodlust. “In studying the traits and dispositions of the socalled lower animals and contrasting them with man’s I find the result humiliating to me. Man is the only animal that blushes or needs to”. Mark Twain Following the Equator

  • Carla says:

    Rev Meg Brilliant!! Horse racing is a disgrace and serves no purpose but to fill the pockets of the greedy all on the horses expense… one by one they die in vien. When will we “get it”?

  • Cindy says:

    Wow Kkckate….you sound like Janet’s parrot. Have you not read any of the posts distinguishing human sport to animal sport? I see you both like the “Get over yourself” line. Are you tha same person? Rev. Meg great idea thatwould be a great spot.

  • Saucy says:

    kkk whatever your name is probably stands for Klu Klux Klan. We all do share the same pov it’s called Compassion it’s called Love Mercy Respect for God’s Creatures something you and you people know nothing about. Tragic! Get a brain. After that you might just grow a heart. And horsefan how dare you presume that PETA doesn’t print other points of view. Oh believe me they print all kinds of verbal vomit from animal haters like you who think and care only for yourself and your own selfish world. Pride and Greed that’s what your horses mean to you. the bad kind of pride On the contrary the depth of contempt we have for “your kind” often doesn’t make the page. Perhaps your talents would be better put to use at a horse slaughter house. That would be more on your scale of intellectual development but sadly prideful greedmongers like yourself rarely have the courage to look the truth in the face.

  • Cindy says:

    Wow Kkckate….are you Janet’s slower sister. Have you not read any of the posts distinguishing human sport to animal sport? I see you both like the “Get over yourself” line. Are you tha same person? Rev. Meg great idea that would be an great commercial.

  • Steve says:

    Kkckkate please see comments above addressing this point. Obviously horse racing fans are much slower than the horses they help abuse.

  • Emilie says:

    Rev. Meg Schramm thats an awesome commercial idea!! I also cant believe how many people are missing the HUGE point that animals dont choose to run around a dumb death track! PETA said horses would be injured and euthanized this weekend and they were right. How many horses have to die before people see this is totally wrong? And about the jockeys they get proper medical care they have lots of money to afford it they know the risks and put themselves at danger worst of all they knew the risks and put the animals in danger.

  • Kkckkate says:

    Horse racing is a sport. Would you abolish any human sport because humans get injured or killed? No you wouldnt. Get over yourself. You all share the same ridiculous point of view.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Here is another idea for a PETA commercial with credit to cb for the comment about euthanizing jockeys which gave me the idea Opening shot is of a race at a track and field event possibly the Summer Olympics. They are tearing around the track when suddenly one of the runners in the middle of the pack trips another runner who hits the dirt causing everyone behind her to do the same. Most are just dazed but one is screaming and clutching her ankle. Here come the medics who look at her confer and then produce a syringe the sight of which really makes her panic. They inject her take her pulse and then load her body on a stretcher and take her off the field. The race announcer than says ” It looks like the runner from the United States has run her last race. Don’t be shocked folks it happens all the time in horse racing and the new regulations state if we euthanize race horses we have to euthanize all seriously injured athletes. To get information on horse racing and other sports in which animals are routinely abused injured and killed contact”

  • Stephen says:

    To Janet Leber your argument is ridiculous. Of course every horseman goes into this sport knowing its risks. But every horseman also goes into it by choice. The horses do not. Perhaps you need to consider the risk to the horses those who are not able to make the choice to be in this ridiculous “sport.” When I get into a car that is my choice. If I were run to death on a racetrack I doubt that I would ever have made that choice to do so. People can choice to do what they do animals cannot make such a choice. That is the point that PETA has with the racing industry something you missed completely.

  • Shelly says:

    Janet If by “your kind” you mean the compassionate kind then you are correct. We have a CHOICE to get in a car and take a risk. It does matter if humans get hurt or killed but just like you said the horseperson has the luxury of choosing to get on the horse unlike the horse who has NO CHOICE. Nascar the driver’s CHOICE… NFL the player’s CHOICE… Do you see the pattern here? The collision was an accident? Uh yeah I see horses run into each other all the time in the wild.. Oh wait that’s right humans sitting on top of horses whipping the crap out of them doesn’t happen in the wild. Keep up the good work PETA hopefully very soon this cruel sport will be a past embarassement we can all learn from!

  • cb says:

    Are you really serious? Nice list of “risks” you put out there. Oh by the way you left out one little important thing….PEOPLE MAKE THE CHOICE TO BE JOCKEYS AND RACE CARS..HORSES DO NOT CHOOSE TO BE RUN TO DEATH AGAINST EACH OTHER WHILE BEING WHIPPED. When was the last time they euthanized a jockey because he broke his leg? If people choose to race be jockeys jump out of planes etc they are the ones calculating and choosing the risks for thrill and money…which many feel is a foolish one. Can’t remember ever seeing wild horses gather at a location to set up a sprint race between each other to see who’s faster.These peopleowners love the moneystatus the horse can bring more the horse. Sheeesh!

  • Janet Leber says:

    You obviously know nothing about horse racing. From the start every horseman knows that it is a risky business and so goes it. Just as risky as you when you get into a car everyday and drive on the highways. Going to “your job” is risky business. You might kill or be killed or injured on the roads. The same for the horse in the race. You never take the jokey into consideration. What if he falls and breaks “his” leg?? Your kind never worry about other risky sports such as NASCAR. I guess it doesn’t matter if humans get hurt or killed! All are sports and have risks!! Horse racing is a sport. Get over yourself!!

  • Horsefan says:

    Ok this has stooped to a new low. First of all if you are going to ridicule a sport at least honor those in it his name was STORMALORY. Second what happened with that collision was an accident and nothing to do with racing. It could have happened anywhere including in the wild. Third at least IWR was scratched you should at least acknowledge his owners compassion and nothing is wrong with him yet they are giving him a break just for HIM. And lastly my horse grabbed his quarter in the pasture last year so do you consider me abusive? My horse means everything to me just as Larry Jones’ horses do to him but you people are so ridiculous that you refuse to see that. And now because of you the sport is losing one of the most compassionate people I have ever seen. And most likely this wont show up because you refuse to see the other side.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    As I posted before on one of the links above “LEXINGTON Ky. Thoroughbred racetracks in the United States reported more than three horse deaths a day last year and 5000 since 2003 and the vast majority were put down after suffering devastating injuries on the track according to an Associated Press survey. Countless other deaths went unreported because of lax recordkeeping the AP found in the broadest such review to date.” httpwww.usatoday.comsportstopstories200806142327995797x.htm “According to the American Association of Equine Practitioners and they may be purposely lowballing itmy comment the racing industry suffers 730 catastrophic breakdowns a year or two a day.” httpwww.pittsburghlive.comxpittsburghtribsportss566948.html

  • Kathleen W. says:

    Horse racing and all “sports” involving animals i.e. rodeos pig races should be BANNED. This needless harming killing of animals MUST STOP! I will not attend fairs or ANY event where animals are used as “attractions”. I would not even attend a concert last yr. because it was at a fair where a rodeo was part of the events. People need to stand up and boycott these events!

  • Brien Comerford says:

    I notice that the very wealthy owners of racehorses rarely if ever make donations to any horse or equine sanctauries. It’s because they don’t love horses and neither do the trainers unless they can profit off them. Not to many vegetarian jockeys either.

  • mauilovesanimals says:

    i’m sooo disgusted with these people and their disregard to animals and their feelings. isn’t there something PETA can do to help stop Kentucky Derby??

  • Liz says:

    It just makes me so sad. A long time ago I worked at a race track as a hot walker. This was before I understood Animal Rights . They were treated as nothing but comodities and were pushed to exhaustion by the trainers and jockeys. The horses loved attention and wanted to be petted. They of course discouraged this and we were told they are not pets! The staff treated them like crap and would hit and yell at them. Of course when I spoke up the person went balistic and became threatening to me! Some horses were rightfuly very fearful of the people there. Nobody would answer where the horses went after retiring of course they went to slaughter. I couldn’t stand the whole thing it was so sad so I quit after just 2 weeks. I hate the horseracing industry and am shocked it is legal.