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Kentucky Derby Week Ends With Injuries and Death

Written by PETA | May 4, 2009

How anyone can still tune in to watch horse racing, especially after Eight Belles broke both her ankles and was euthanized at last year’s Kentucky Derby? Well, some mint julep–sipping, tacky hat–wearing folks still do—and for them, this past week was another showcase of horse horrors.

  1. Monday: Raspberry Kiss and Dr. Rap, two young Derby horses, were involved in a collision that resulted in a broken hip, and eventual euthanasia, for Raspberry Kiss.
  2. Friday: Stormalory, who was projected to win the American Turf, suffered fractures and was euthanized.
  3. Saturday morning: I Want Revenge, the Kentucky Derby fave, was scratched early in the day because of an ankle injury and is expected to be off the racetrack until at least summer.
  4. Saturday afternoon: The Derby’s projected winner, Friesan Fire, had part of his hoof ripped off right after the start but managed to finish the race, bleeding the whole way, 18th of 19 horses. (Somehow, I’m not surprised that Friesan Fire is trained by Larry Jones with Gabriel Saez as the jockey, the same duo who sent Eight Belles to her early grave last year.)


thedowneyprofile / CC
“He got hit real bad leaving the gate,” Larry Jones said. “He’s bleeding. If you see blood on the track, it’s his.”
Friesan Fire


All of the above occurred at just one track during just one weekend, but injuries and death are routine at racetracks.

Anybody want to guess what the upcoming Preakness and Belmont Stakes have in store for horses?

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Robert Johanansen says:

    Cindy just reda your post very powerful speech please join my abuse prevention organization. We need a good writer.

  • Robert Johanansen says:

    In response to horsefan So what if the humans get hurt it was THERE choice to participate in the sport if some guy wants to get in a car and drive around in circles at ridiculous speeds and he gets hurt it’s his OWN fault. Nobody shved him in the car and forced him to race to the death. If people must have this type of sport why can’t we just go back to good old hamster ball racing? Then again they would probably turn that into an abusive excuse for murder too.

  • JJ says:

    To Amy S Marie and Lorrie You said exactly what I was going to say. Horses are bred to run and nothing’s going to stop that. You’re probobly the most on target people here. Glad to see i’m not the only one. And to the people who are just blowing me and these guys off Come on!!! PETA is an amazing organization but that’s you’re big problem. The moment someone doesn’t agree with you then you just write them off as “hateful” or “stupid”. Horse racing can be a wonderful sport if we just work on improving it rather than simply ending it.

  • JadeLight says:

    I think that something was left out here In the horse racing industry breeding is also a commonality. Mares may be bred many more times than is natural in the wild. This injures their health. In some cases ovum are taken from quality mares and mixed with sperm from quality studs then the fertilized eggs are placed in nonquality mares as a surrogate. This is continued over and over again more often that would occur in the wild. Nonquality offspring are often taken away from the mare in order to be able to bred that mare again. You may question the veracity of what I am saying. I have seen this for myself because I was a breezer for a year in Virginia. That was enough for me to see the abuses that occur in the horse racing industry. It is far deeper than running horses in an unnatural setting whipping them to make them run faster and euthanizing them because that is cheaper and more humane that treating them. Not all horse want to race either but are pushed to do so by their owners. Otherwise there is monetary loss. It is about the money not the horse. Don’t think so? Look at the purses and then you will understand.