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Kellan Lutz vs. Linda Bean Over Lobsters: The Claws Come Out

Written by Michelle Kretzer | November 6, 2013

Kellan Lutz will soon star as Hercules, and he’s getting into character with a Herculean effort to save lobsters and crabs. After he saw PETA’s undercover video footage showing workers at Linda Bean’s Maine Lobster slaughterhouse ripping apart fully conscious lobsters and crabs and dumping them, still alive, into either boiling water or the trash to die slowly, he sent an urgent letter to the L.L.Bean heiress asking her to stop the most egregious acts of cruelty.


©Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic

In his letter, Kellan pointed out that other readily available slaughter methods, such as electrical stunning or hydrostatic pressure, would quickly kill the animals before they are dismembered.

“Watching these animals writhe as their exposed internal organs were violently scrubbed off with spinning brushes made me wonder how you could possibly wait one second longer to spend a little of your profits on a machine that renders these animals unconscious prior to being processed,” Kellan wrote. “Even if you can’t relate to lobsters and crabs in the same way that you might to dogs or dolphins, they also deserve to be spared unnecessary agony.”

You Can Help!

Please help us flood Linda Bean with e-mails requesting that she switch to a far-less cruel means of slaughtering these animals. Let her know that if she is going to continue to rake in huge profits from the deaths of lobsters and crabs, it seems like the least that she can do.

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