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Katy Perry’s New Year’s Resolution

Written by PETA | December 30, 2008
starpulse / CC
Katy Perry

We’re all about New Year’s Resolutions here at PETA. Mine is to quit eating so much delicious vegan junk food and start cooking healthier vegan meals. Pop star Katy Perry had a similar idea when she said, “I try to want to be a vegetarian ’cause I know it would be more of a healthier option for me.”

She’s right! On average, vegetarians and vegans weigh 10 to 20 pounds less than their carnivorous counterparts, and cutting animals from your diet solves all sorts of other health issues as well. So, if you were thinking about trying to lose weight for the New Year, taking our “Pledge to Be Veg” is a safe bet! Just to give Katy a little extra encouragement, we decided to send her a copy of Skinny Bitch and a basket full of yummy vegan food! Not only that, we sent her a list of vegetarian restaurants to visit on her January 2009 tour. It should come in handy when she’s trying to eat healthy on the road.

So kudos to Katy for a smart New Year’s Resolution! Not only would her new diet give her more energy to perform, but it’s an easy way to save energy, the environment, and animals as well. Happy New Year, Katy!

Do you have an animal-friendly resolution? Let’s hear it!

Written by Lianne Turner

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  • Bailey (the Meat Eater) says:

    I’m quite ofended on the quote of “their carnivorous counterparts”. What the heck? Does PETA try to just separate vegetarians to OMNIVORES. I agree cutting meat is good for you but if you’re a meat eater reducing your meat intake is also healthy. Sheesh. But yeah Good job Katy Perry love your music

  • Sue says:

    If you want to get healthy go low carb! You don’t have to supplement as all your nutrition is in your food.

  • Prof_Chaos says:

    I don’t hear music of fur wearing artists except for Britney Spears. I love it to hear music of vegetarian artists like Shania Twain and P!nk. I hope that more artists become vegetarians! Go Katy Go!!!!

  • Larry Sullivan says:

    Alicia Going VEG is the ONLY New Year’s Resolution I have ever kept. So yeah sometimes people do. Three years now….best thing ever…and I owe it all to a simple Peta Billboard.

  • Amanda says:

    BBR don’t put a personal attack on people! If you had just left the first part good for Katy Perry it would have been a nice comment! Congrats Katy Perry!

  • Amanda says:

    GO KATY!!

  • BBR says:

    Good for Katy Perry. John Carmondy you will buy her music IF she goes vegetarian? That’s kinda stupid. I highly doubt that all the artists you enjoy are all vegetarians. You must not listen to any music or watch any tv for that matter if that’s how you choose who you like. I really doubt she needs you to buyu her music anyway. She seems to be doing fine with out you.

  • Alicia says:

    Does anyone actually keep their New Year’s resolution? I doubt she will become one. And what was up with the zebra in her music video with the wedding theme?

  • Niki says:

    That’s wonderful news! Good job Katy… wishing you the best I’m sure PETA will help you out along the way though!

  • John Carmody says:

    This is great news well done Katie! Ill buy your music if you go Veg!