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Katie Holmes Is a Vegan …

Written by PETA | July 23, 2010

… in her latest movie, The Extra Man. Sure, she’s had lots of meaty movie roles, but it’s Katie’s latest nonmeaty (it’s not a word but it should be) casting as a dedicated vegan that has us jumping up and down on the couch. The quirky indie flick revolves around the relationship between Holmes’ character, Mary, and Louis, the carnivore who’s crushing on her (played by Fast Food Nation’s Paul Dano). Mary works for an environmental magazine, and we all know that there’s no such thing as a meat-eating environmentalist, so it all makes sense!

You can check out Katie in all her vegan glory when the movie opens on July 30. Don’t miss it!

Via Ecorazzi

Written by Amy Skylark Elizabeth

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  • Antoine says:

    Well said Jane. Especially considering that actors tend to research their roles and as Paul McCartney said “If slaughterhouses had glass walls everyone who is a good person would be a vegetarian.” So even if she had not been vegan before playing the role one would think that in doing her research and in learning about factory farming and its effects on the animals the planet and on human beings that she would CHOOSE to become vegan in real life. But such is where we are in society. Many Hollywood actors who usually go indepth in their research to play a role will not do so when they play a vegan. They will act based on a stereotype or an image instead which is bad character construction. So why would an actor deliberately do poor research for a role? Simple. We are not speaking of researching star trek fans or professional knitters. Veganism is a MORAL and an ETHICAL imperative and the actor knows that if she researches it well her REAL conscience will be affected. Just like actors who play a charity worker in a movie will then get involved with charities or actors who play politically active characters will then become politically active. However most actors are so AFRAID of actually being morally driven to become a vegan that they would rather play a mockery or a stereotype of a vegan for fear that the REAL research would awaken them. Recently there was a mention in this blog of another Hollywood starlet who played Joan Jett yet there was no indication that she researched veganism. In fact the character in the movie was not even vegan! We hear of actors going as far as driving cabs and working at coffee shops to research roles but they do nothing to research playing a vegan. They convince themselves that eating a tofurkey sandwich is enough! Many see a persons or characters veganism as incidental but it isnt. It is deliberate. And it is their own complicity that makes them see it as incidental. What these meateating actors who “play” vegans need to ask themselves is this If my meateating is justified then why am I so afraid to truly research veganism by watching Earthlings and by reading Peter Singer Tom Regan and others?

  • Jane Kerrigan says:

    Is Katie not a Vegan in ‘real life’ then? I wonder if she as many others do will ‘live the character’ then maybe will learn how easy it is to become one herself! Why does she have to be ‘quirky’ to be a Vegan? I see Vegans protrayed as emaciated quirky nut jobs the majority of the time shame an actual normal everyday vegan actress couldn’t have been cast. I mean what’s the point if the meat wagon is parked in the catering lot. So I guess I’m not at the jumping on the couch stage yet over this film!