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Kate Winslet Confirms She Doesn’t Wear Fur

Written by PETA | November 6, 2008
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Kate Winslet

The following is a guest post from PETA Europe’s Fish & Chimps blogger Alexia Weeks:

Avid Fish & Chimps fans were probably wondering why PETA didn’t jump in with teeth bared after Kate Winslet posed naked on what looks like a real fur throw in the latest issue of Vanity Fair. But behind the scenes, we were busy at work contacting Kate—the beauty we’ve never, ever seen wearing animal fur.

So we sent a note to Kate pointing out how shocked we were to see photos of her posing with fur. And we were right to be shocked! We had a very prompt response from Kate’s rep and we have been assured that Kate never wears fur (as we suspected!). She was actually told at the photo shoot that the very real fur was fake. And that’s not the first time that this sort of thing has happened! PETA US has heard from countless celebs that sneaky stylists at photo shoots can be rather coy when it comes to fur and whether it’s real or not. So it seems Kate was duped—and with so many convincing fakes out there nowadays, it is easy to mistake the dead animals for the fake ones.

So, who thinks Kate should get naked with a faux-fur throw for PETA?

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  • Gina says:

    I am starting to wonder what is the lure the attraction celebs have for wearing fur. Of course she knew it was fur just as Gwyneth Paltrow knew tod’s draped a dead animal around her. with all the money power aodration and the good they could do for animals in the world they choose the oppisite. what kind of pull does wearing fur have on them. Is it a type of mind control? Or are they just afraid to say no for fear of never gfetting another modeling gig again. If they said no would their careers go down the toilet is that what they think. I just don’t get why the word no is so hard for them to say to these mealy mouthed no good fur peddlers. Unless for all their big talk aboput not wearing fur they just don’t give a shit.

  • Kelley says:

    I disagree about fake fur being badI have two fake fur coats and I put “faux” pins on them. People ask me about the pins and the coats and really seem interested in the whole anti fur conversation. I can talk to civilians about fur at the bus stop in parking lots elevators wherever. I think any excuse to get people to think about alternatives to animal use is good. We may talk about faux fur but maybe later they think about leather down or what is on their dinner plate.

  • Jeff says:

    I agree.What good does it do to animalsexcept the animals who were saved from making the garmentwhen a model wears fake fur but everyone thinks that it’s real? Besidesfake faux fur can also have fur from cat’s and dog’s just like real fur can. The look of someone wearing any real or fake fur clothing isn’t one bit attractive to me.

  • Claire Abrams says:

    I believe that when you wear fake fur or fake leather you the wearer obviously know that it’s fake but the people who see you and think that your coat is beautiful most likely think that you’re wearing real fur.. and then it simply perpetuates the fashion and continues to support the killing of animals for clothes. What good does it do to animals except the animals who were saved from making the garment when a model wears fake fur but everyone thinks that it’s real!?

  • brittanys says:

    ive been a big fan of kates since titanic and i love her work. its good to hear she doesnt wear fur! i think it would be cool to see her do an add for peta! fur is disgusting!

  • Animal Lover says:

    Fake fur does glamorize real animal fur. People looking through a magazine and see someone posing with a fur looking garment cannot know if it is real or fake. Yes I do think Kate Winslet should pose for a PETA anti fur ad.And maybe Kate and those that don’t want to contribute to bloody animal wearing skinfur should also never trust when they are told a fur piece is fake.They are the ones doing the photo shootthey have a lot more say than to be forced to have a picture taken with a fur looking garment. Please people do not wear fake fur period! It still glamorizes bloody tortured real animal skin! There are so many other things to wear that really do not contribute to immense pain and suffering.

  • ratking says:

    Kate Winslet going furfree for PETA would be great also because she appears on many lists of famous vegetarians!

  • Elphaba says:

    bbr Did you actually bother to read the post? A polite letter looking for clarification is exactly what was sentperhaps you should take your own advice.

  • drew says:

    yes I also think that doing a shoot with something that looks like real fur even if it is fake still promotes real fur to many people and I should have mentioned that but I think she should be called on now to loudly denounce fur by putting an antifur video up front on her websites and doing something with peta that is tasteful and respectable….

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    I’m in agreement with the people who say fake still glamourizes and perpetuates the real stuff. When all fur fake or otherwise disappears for a decade or so maybe then fake could be reintroduced since fashion basically is just continual regurgitation. Movies or TV shows that use fur should only use fake and state that it’s fake in the credits.

  • Kelley says:

    I really don’t believe herfake fur and real fur have completely different textures. Anyone who has ever held or petted a cat or any animal knows what real fur feels like.

  • Anita50882 says:

    I’m not buying it. Sorry. The truth is that even fake fur that looks real causes people to buy real fur. She should have refused to shoot the pictures regardless. If she had to even ask if it was real she should have had the common sense to know that someone looking at a picture would have no way of telling. Sorry Kate I’m not buying your story. I’m glad you claim not to wear fur but a picture is worth a thousand wordsor in the case thousands of animal lives.

  • lynda downie says:

    Yeah it’d be great to have Kate do a Peta ad!

  • Curtis says:

    PETA doesn’t “always always always” assume the fur is fake. That’s why they sent Kate a letter and video of fur farms. They received a response from Kate representative that assured them that she does not wear fur. Didn’t you read the blog?

  • drew says:

    well she has a good opportunity to do something with peta now to show how she realy feels … and she can put a fur video right up front on her websites to show how awful she feels that it is and how she wants the public to join her in opposing such monstrous cruelty! so will she do that?

  • Stephanie Saeger says:

    It is a darn shame that Kate says she was lied to. But COME ON! are we really going to believe that she lay her nude body on the rug and just”could’nt tell it was real” PALEASE!! That is the most insane excuse for an excuse I have ever heard!

  • Nima says:

    Fake fur or Real Fur…it still sends out a message to the public that fur is stylish and fashionable and for those that don’t have a consciencestrong conscience regarding the cruelty in fur farming…they wouldn’t think twice about buying real fur as long it was in style. we first need to make sure that designers stop using fur and people progress and evolve and realize it is so sad to kill these creatures. once we reach this point then it might be ok for designers to start using fake fur.

  • bbr says:

    Well how about you send her a letter asking if the fur was real or not instead of being so shocked and blaming someone? How about that? Wow ya think you might have learned about “tact” by now. It’s not like she is some fur expert or something. Blame the person that should be blamed. “as you suspected” because in hindsight you’re always right eh?

  • Debi says:

    I would have asked! If it were me posing for anyone they would have known that I do not wear animals on my body and I would say …..”NO FUR FROM ANY ANIMALS ON MY BODY!!!!” that’s just me though….

  • Tori says:

    I can’t believe they would do that. Thats so horrible. People just don’t understand how big a deal this is. They are just ignorant i guess. I agree that it would be great for Kate to to and ad like that for PETA. And maybe say something about how you should wear your own skin. It is so disturbing to me to think about wearing someone elses skin. It is the same to me as human skin but yet nobody walks around wearing human skin.

  • beth says:

    I’m no ‘fur connoiseur’.. but I’m pretty certain that althoug some real fur can be mistaken on sight as faux fur.. you’re pretty hard beat not to be duped or fooled by simply touching or rolling the fur fibres between your fingers.. real fur or faux fur.. you should be able to distinguish by touch if not certain by sight.. real fur does not fraid it’s true feels more synthetic no matter how real it looks when you roll it between your fingers and real fur yes.. the real body part of a poor animal that lived a miserable life only to face a horrid violent death rolls more easily between the fingers.. and is more springey in bounce when you bend it.. if Kate didnt’ want to be duped.. she surely would have been able to distinguish.. and you can always make out the animal skin or leather in most cases at the base of the fur.. yes.. you have to be a bit of a ‘fur detective’ at times and not be duped fooled or misguided if you’re unsure and others tells you otherwise..

  • SASHA says:

    GO KATE GO! DARE TO GO BARE! She would be great for PETA!No matter what she doesI hope she will speak up for animals with PETA!!

  • John Carmody says:

    This would be great if Kate can get to do a naked advert for PETA would be good to tie it in with the sinking of the titanic which was a huge hit and which people will very much remember!

  • Aneliese says:

    Why does PETA always always assume that stars who “never ever” wear fur use real fur for photo shoots etc.? I know I know better safe than sorry and some stars do use real fur for photo shoots…but still.

  • Jess says:

    That’s horrible that they lied to her. Most people can’t seem to grasp how much of a big deal these things are. I did see that picture though and I’m glad to know she doesn’t support the fur industry.