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Kansas State Bans Chicken Toss

Written by PETA | March 4, 2007

Do you really need a letter from PETA and an official ban from your school administration to figure out what’s wrong with throwing live chickens onto a basketball court during a game? In the case of the moronic Kansas State fans who did exactly that during a game against rivals KU, the answer, of course, is yes, and despite my tone of outraged disbelief, I can’t honestly say I’m all that surprised. Especially given the attitude of KU Coach Bill Self, whose reaction to watching animal abuse take place in front of him was that he was glad he didn’t get hit by a chicken himself:

“My first year here one of them hit me. I’m glad we were on the other side of the court this year. It didn’t upset me. That’s tradition here that’s gone on many years, I guess.”

The good news is that, after receiving a letter from PETA, Kansas State has banned this tradition, and the story has received a lot of positive pickup in sports press. But seriously, how embarrassing is it to attend a school where your handbook has to have a whole section devoted to explaining why you shouldn’t throw chickens at people?

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  • peta says:

    hey when did chickens get rights?

  • Willie the Wildcat says:

    Hey PETA U mad?

  • fatty fat fat says:

    I could go for a big slab of bacon right now. Forget about the chickens.

  • Chris says:

    Do you guys really think that a letter from PETA and some rule from the school is going to keep some of these students from bringing chickens into the game next year and throwing them again? If you do I have some ocean front property in Manhattan Kansas that I would like to sell you.

  • Garth G. says:

    For what its worth KSU has probably been involved in the saving of millions of animals no doubtedly more than PETA thanks to its prestigious vet school. Hey but what the hell lets generalize about an entire school based on the conduct of two basketball fans.

  • veganbob says:

    You guys make me laugh. Is this where you take your sexual angst? Grow a pair and get a hobby. model ship building is a good time usage.

  • Stewart says:

    Yeah a state that worries more about aborting babies than it does about chicken throwing contests. I’m mortified to live here.

  • doug says:

    What I don’t get is in the article on FOX sports the school says thatthrowing live chickens tarnishes their image but they make no mention of harming defenseless animals. I always go back to Ghandi for this one “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” BOO KANSAS!!!

  • Nancy says:

    Hi Heidi That wasn’t my post. I come from a “hillbilly” family too… none of whom are idiotic enough to engage in chicken tossing. So NOT a hillbilly tradition. I can only assume the chicken tossing “tradition” is one of the more bizarre results of generations of human inbreeding not unlike the British royal family’s fox hunting “tradition”.

  • Heidi says:

    i think it’s great that this was stopped but i disagree with Nancy’s comment about ‘hillbillies’. Thats very rude and she obviously is too judgemental. She should look into the agricultural lifestyle before making assumptions. I come from a ‘hillbilly’ family and it is nothing like this. My sister is even a vegetarian! Tradition is not the same for every family and she makes us all sound bad. We are modernized and obey laws specifically those on animal cruelty. This was not a fair judgement.

  • Elizabeth Robbins says:

    Herein lies the problem. Why are people sooo stupid? Being kind to animals seems so basic to me. Good people do not hurt animals! People that throw chickens are not good people!!

  • kelly says:

    “Tradition” seems to be the hillbilly excuse for just about anything stupid like beating your kids starving your dogs throwing live chickens around If it’s backwards and from the Dark Ages they’ll call it “tradition”

  • Nancy says:

    “Tradition” has been repeatedly invoked to excuse all manner of cruelty and thoughtlessness. We’ve heard it from the seal slaughterers the fox hunters the Iditarod mushers and now these cretins at Kansas State. And it still holds no water. Why would anyone no matter how intellectually challenged assume our forebears were some sort of godlike creatures of unassailable virtue? Especially when there’s so much evidence to the contrary The brutal enslavement of human beings was once a “tradition” in this “land of the free” and elsewhere. Cannibalism has been a “tradition” among various indigenous peoples throughout the world. Female genital mutilation is a “tradition” still practiced in Sierra Leone and many other African countries… But hey as long as it’s in keeping with “tradition” right? Please. Just evolve already!

  • sarah says:

    yay!!! but yeah a little disturbing that people can be that stupid lol