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Would You Punch a Kangaroo in the Face?

Written by PETA | October 5, 2011

It sounds like a bit from a Jeff Foxworthy routine, but unfortunately, these rednecks aren’t kidding: The Piccadilly Circus is hauling around a diapered kangaroo named Rocky and forcing him to “fight” in boxing matches. PETA has asked officials in Pueblo, Colorado, the circus’s next stop, to enforce an ordinance that prohibits animals from being mistreated or abused and to stop the show from taking place. Regardless of where you live, please let Pueblo officials know that you expect them to pull the plug on this cruel show.

Rocky is clearly stressed and has charged people during photo shoots and chewed on his own arm, and although restrained, he has attempted to flee the ring during the act. Javier Martinez, the exhibitor responsible for this spectacle, has been cited by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for failing to handle a kangaroo in a manner that does not cause trauma, behavioral stress, physical harm, or unnecessary discomfort while in Pueblo in violation of the Animal Welfare Act.

At least two kangaroos used in Martinez’s “boxing” act have died while touring with a circus, including one who died from complications of a deadly bacterial disease called “lumpy jaw,” which can result from severe crowding, poor hygiene, poor diet, and stressful conditions.

Put the pressure on Pueblo officials by sending them an e-mail today and urging them to KO the kangaroo boxing act.


Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • Peggy says:

    Stop this stupid fighting, it’s great for people sucks for the poor animal.

  • Wowzers says:

    Let’s face it, making kangaroos fight humans (or it could be the other way around for all I care) in “kangaroo boxing” is so nuts I don’t care what them poor crazy kangaroos did to deserve this!

  • miguel ascencio says:

    Everytime I watch any video where people mistreat animals I convince myself that humans are the most stupid and horrible beings… There’s no doubt the world would be a much better place without us in it…

  • Susan says:

    How I so wish every animal on the planet was well respected and let to live as Mother Nature intended without ANY perverse human interference. Makes me so sad to hear about animal abuse and injustice.

  • sima niroomand says:

    If you are humam you would listen to these comments and Stop this cruel act.

  • Brad says:

    I sent an email a couple of days ago and begged Piccadilly Circus to immediately stop this cruel and barbaric act!!!!! I still cannot believe how cruel and barbaric many people are!!!!! These individuals (they are NOT people) should be arrested and tried for animal cruelty!!!!! I hope someone makes them get in a ring and fight it out with someone else!!!!! They are TOO COWARDLY to do that!!!!!

  • Pdoe says:

    Yes this needs to be stopped. It is not natural, and it clearly shows how he struggles. Boo to these people in the audience. Talk about people with no class. It is not cute or funny. People in Texas, take a stand and protest this stupid and cruel event to get it stopped.

  • Badheka says:

    Stop torturing this poor animals .. if this torture happens to the person who is torturing animals ,feel the pain …fear GOD

  • Sarah Rojas Escalona says:

    SENT! I am not a resident of Pueblo, but I felt the need to express my opinion on the the boxing kangaroo named Rocky that is part of the Piccadilly Circus. I honestly have a hard time believing that something like this happens. It sounds so incredibly cruel and barbaric, but I guess I have to believe that it’s true. I implore the officials of Pueblo to look into this horrendous cruelty and put a stop to it immediately. This kind of thing is not supposed to happen in the United States. We are supposed to be civilized, not torture animals. If someone did this to a dog, they would be arrested.

  • Rosa Herod says:

    It would take a bunch of sick people, mean in spirit, or both, to find this animal cruelty entertaining. I can only hope “what goes around, comes around” and it comes back on all who watch and support it.

  • Allan Yorkowitz says:

    Stupid,basically borders on the moronic.

  • beth williams says:

    This is cruelty–please stop NOW!! and shame to the spectators who cheer this on as entertainment. He is obviously distressed enough to chew on his own arm and clearly not intended to participate in these acts naturally. Shame on Pueblo!

  • Claudia Cuartas says:

    What a horrible entertainment! What a shame!

  • razzle123 says:

    send the place a message so they stop this! so sad:(

  • Brigitte says:

    PLEASE stop this cruelty immediatly

  • kangaroo friend says:

    Pueblo City Council members have received numerous emails from PETA supporters and at least one of them is working to end this. Because the event is being held at the Colorado State Fairgrounds in Pueblo, the Pueblo City Police have no jurisdiction, but county sheriffs officers and human society representatives are ‘monitoring’ the situation per the request of the City Council member and will enforce any relevant state cruelty laws (which may be too lax to be of any use). In any case, there is a promotional link for the circus on the Pueblo Chamber of Commerce website: contacting those folks might be useful as well.

  • Ana Rumbak says:

    It´s not funny, this is very sick entertainment. Please, stop this.

  • Claudette Babinaeu says:

    poor kangaroo he looks so tired .. this has to stop it’s not fair to force them into something that not natural for them .. stop the cruelty

  • Bella Fitzpatrick says:


  • Danuta Watola says:

    STOP this cruelty !

  • Zsuzsanna says:

    Stop it NOW,horrible and cruel!

  • michela says:

    Mark Twain: “Of all the creatures ever made he (man) is the most detestable. Of the entire brood, he is the only one … that possesses malice. He is the only creature that inflicts pain for sport, knowing it to be pain.”

  • Ilje says:

    PLEASE stop this cruelty! We should be protecting animals not use them for our entertainment ….. it is clear that the animal is suffering!! How would you feel if somebody dressed you in a diaper and asked you to dance, make a fool of yourself and chew your own arm!!!

  • jane hutchinson says:

    Unbelievable how abusive and cruel some people can be. How can this “sport” be legal?

  • R.Riley says:

    STOP this stupidity and cruelty. THis isn’t funny or entertaining. Welcome to 2011. ANIMALS….IT’S THEIR WORLD TOO.

  • Sam Schmidt says:

    This is in no way entertainment and those out there who think that it is are of the lowest intelligence. I can not tolerate any form of animal abuse and especially as an Australian I hate to see my National symbol being abused in this way. Stop NOW!

  • Amanda Thompson says:

    Oh how typical! A bunch of uncivilised, uneducated brainless men who can’t get a real job so have resorted to inhumane, brutal animal exploitation and abuse in order to make a few dollars. Time to grow up boys and enter the real world, get some self respect and get a real job. Stop abusing vulnerable animals in the hope of a few dollars you gutless bullies!

  • Shamona says:

    OMG. how are they getting away with this? Leave our kangaroos alone. That Sandra lady deserved that punch from Rocky. I hope someone with a louder voice and a higher power stops this.

  • Jocelyne Boudreau says:

    While some people laugh, most do not and I’m sure I’m not the only one writing to you asking you to force the circus to stop this cruel act. There are things that are worthwhile while others have no reason to be. This one has no reason to be. There is nothing cute or beautiful about this. I know, there are so many acts of cruelty towards people and other animals. Well, if YOU can stop just one act of cruelty, this is your chance. Please, I urge you to stop this cruel act of disgust.

  • Mainegal says:

    How can humans be so horrible, cruel, and ignorant? Doesn’t anyone there understand the poor kangaroo is distressed? This abuse has to stop!!

  • melissam says:

    Once again I am confused. Where is the appeal in beating a helpless scared animal. No one would pay to see people take their best shot at a dog.

  • sandra lenart says:

    Let this poor kangaroo retire and have a peaceful rest of his life.

  • Sarah says:

    Please show some compassion! There is absolutely no need for this – these poor animals! Humans do not have the right to torture other living things just because they can. When is the world going to open their eyes and realize all living things deserve to be treated with respect, dignity and compassion?!

  • george metaxas says:

    these actions must stop

  • rachelle says:

    i think this is disgusting and heartbreaking. animals deserve respect and to live a life that compliments their natural ways. i hope everyone takes a minute to write an email to get this stopped! it really just takes a minute!!!

  • Karine Schlup says:

    animals belong to the nature.this is not human ,this is torture,terrible to watch.shame on you people treating animals this way.i m from Switzerland and live in Greece

  • Shami says:

    Please stop this cruel nonsense. what does a kangaroo have to do with boxing with people?!

  • HELEN TSEGAS says:


  • Penny-Ann Singer says:

    This is entertainment? STOP this vile abuse of this poor kangaroo NOW! What is the world coming too?

  • stephen kemp says:

    its crazy barbaric plain stupid n small minded stuff , it has to b banned , must stop , must think of the animals

  • Bernard Servaes says:

    People = Shit

  • Sherry34 says:


  • Horrified says:

    This is stomaching turning and horrendous. When I clicked the link to send an email the link did not work. Does anyone have the exact email address?